10 Surprising Facts About Dragon Ball That You May Have Forgotten

The world of anime has given us many popular and iconic characters, with Dragon Ball being one of the most beloved of them all. From its original series to the latest installments, Dragon Ball has become a generation-spanning anime series that is known to many around the world.

Explore 10 surprising facts about Dragon Ball that you may have forgotten. From the origin of Dragon Ball to Goku’s age and power level, Vegeta’s character development, the warrior race of Saiyans, and so much more, there is always more to learn about this anime series.

Let’s dive right in and discover some of the most interesting facts about Dragon Ball.

The Origin of Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular and beloved manga and anime franchises in the world, but how did it all begin? The story of Dragon Ball dates back to 1984 when creator Akira Toriyama published the first installment of the manga series in Japan.

The series follows the story of a young boy named Son Goku, who embarks on an epic quest to search for the powerful magical orbs known as ‘dragon balls’.

Along the way, he teams up with his companions to battle fierce enemies and save the world from evil forces.

Through its captivating story, characters, and action-packed battles, Dragon Ball has become a global phenomenon and is sure to remain a classic for generations to come.

Goku’s Age and Power Level

For any fan of Dragon Ball, it goes without saying that Goku is one of the most powerful beings in the series. Despite how powerful he is, it may surprise you to know that Goku is far from the oldest in the series.

Believe it or not, he’s only in his late 30s by the end of Dragon Ball Z—much younger than many of his allies and enemies. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, given his power level, the answer is simple: Saiyans age slowly.

As for Goku’s power level, it’s actually difficult to pinpoint an exact number, as it changes from fight to fight. At the end of Dragon Ball Z, however, it’s said to be around 150 million—an increase from the 30,000 he had at the start.

Vegeta’s Character Development

Every good story needs a complex and dynamic character to keep the audience engaged. Vegeta, the Prince of Saiyans, is one of the most beloved characters in the Dragon Ball saga.

Vegeta’s story began as a villain who looked down upon humans, but he eventually softened and began to admire the human spirit.

He became more compassionate, often giving advice and protecting others from danger. This arc of his story may have been surprising to many at the time, but it made him into one of the most beloved characters of the Dragon Ball series.

The Warrior Race of Saiyans

The warrior race of Saiyans has been an integral part of the Dragon Ball universe ever since the first episode aired.

These powerful aliens possess the ability to increase their strength exponentially by harnessing the power of the seven mystical dragon balls.

However, there are quite a few surprising facts about this warrior race that some fans may have forgotten.

One of the most interesting facts is that the Saiyans can trace their heritage back to the ancient ruling families of Planet Vegeta.

This has caused some fans to speculate about a connection between the two. Another lesser-known fact is that the Saiyans are the only race in the universe with the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan form which is both a sign of great power and a way to showcase their warrior spirit.

Lastly, Saiyans have an incredible healing factor and can recover from most injuries within a short period of time.

Krillin, Goku’s Childhood Friend

Krillin is a character that Dragon Ball fans know and love. He’s Goku’s best friend and a faithful sidekick through some of the series’ most iconic moments.

But did you know that Krillin actually met Goku before he became a formidable fighter? It’s true – the two first bonded when they were kids!

Krillin was a bit of a bully, but Goku didn’t hold it against him and the two became fast friends. It’s a relationship that continues throughout the entire series and is one of the most touching aspects of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Gohan, the Son of Goku

The Dragon Ball franchise has been around for decades and has become an iconic piece of pop culture. But it can be easy to forget about some of the interesting and surprising facts about Goku’s son, Gohan.

For starters, Gohan was the first character to permanently transform into a Super Saiyan 2. This transformation made him far more powerful than ever before and was instrumental in the many successes of the franchise.

He also trained with Piccolo in the Room of Spirit and Time, a powerful training room that ran faster than the normal flow of time.

His training there helped him to become a powerful warrior and the only one of Goku’s sons to reach this level. He has been known to take on some pretty daunting foes in the series, including Perfect Cell and Kid Buu.

Gohan has been an integral part of the Dragon Ball universe and continues to surprise fans with his strength and bravery.

The Demon King Piccolo

Piccolo may be one of the most iconic characters in Dragon Ball history. As the main antagonist of the original series, He was a ruthless, cold-hearted Namekian who sought to subjugate the world.

However, there are a few surprising facts about Piccolo that you may have forgotten. For starters, Piccolo was actually the son of King Piccolo, the Demon King and one of the earliest villains in the series.

King Piccolo had an evil heart and a wicked streak, yet was able to father Piccolo as a result of a potara fusion he underwent with a god, Kami.

Piccolo was born as the result of a powerful fusion and went on to defeat his father, becoming the Demon King himself.

Secondly, Piccolo was initially planning to conquer the world for himself, however, after he met with his future rival, Goku, his motivations changed and he became a hero, fighting alongside the Z fighters.

Lastly, Piccolo is known for his power, but what many don’t know is that he spent countless days and nights training in order to hone his skills, eventually surpassing both Goku and Vegeta in terms of power.

Piccolo is one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball and continues to be a fan favorite.

Frieza and his Obsession with Power

One of the most iconic villains in the Dragon Ball universe is Frieza, who is known for his single-minded pursuit of power.

He hails from an alien race of power-hungry rulers and is considered one of the strongest adversaries in the series, with his ultimate form making him one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

Frieza’s thirst for power is so strong that it drives him to rule over others, and it is this obsession that eventually leads him to his downfall.

It’s no surprise then that Frieza still remains one of the most popular villains from the Dragon Ball franchise since he perfectly embodies the idea of evil, ambition, and power.

Cell and His Perfect Form

One of the most iconic villains in the Dragon Ball series is the evil android Cell. He may have been a menace to Earth, but few could deny the showmanship he brought to the series.

After Cell absorbs Androids 17 and 18, he transforms into his ‘perfect form’. In this form, Cell was at his most powerful and was a real challenge for the characters of Dragon Ball.

No matter how many times they launched attacks at him, he simply kept regenerating. His perfect form also had some notable features, including wings, four eyes, and an antenna.

He may not have been the main villain of the series, but he definitely left a lasting impression on the audience.

Goku Becomes a Super Saiyan God

Goku’s power seemed to have no limits. After successfully mastering the Super Saiyan transformation, Goku surpassed his limits yet again when he became a Super Saiyan God in the Dragon Ball series.

In a daring attempt to defeat Beerus, the God of Destruction, Goku achieved a form unheard of before. By surmounting the power of five pure Saiyans, he gathered their energy to transform into this impressive new form.

Goku managed to keep up with Beerus’ power and the Super Saiyan God form granted him strength greater than ever before. Only a few characters in the Dragon Ball series have achieved this form, thus making it an incredibly rare power-up.

This transformation was only featured in the Battle of Gods film and wasn’t seen in the original manga, but it’s still considered one of the most powerful and iconic transformations in the entire Dragon Ball franchise.

What’s even more incredible is that this transformation grants Goku immense power and abilities that make him virtually unstoppable, proving that even after all these years, Goku is still one of the strongest warriors in the universe.


Who would have thought that we’d learn so much about the world of Dragon Ball?

Whether you’re a fan of the series or just curious about its history, these ten surprising facts about Dragon Ball were sure to have caught your eye. It’s amazing to look back on Dragon Ball’s long and storied history.

Dragon Ball is one of the most beloved shonen anime of all time, and its legacy will undoubtedly live on for generations to come.