Complete Guide To Xbox Power Cords

Taking care of your Xbox alone isn’t enough to keep it running perfectly, cleaning and taking care of the accessories of your Xbox is also important, there’s a lot you might not know about Xbox’s power cords and how they can impact the life of your console.  But to get you up to speed, I’m … Read more

Xbox Controllers Warranty The Complete Guide

Xbox One controllers are finicky beasts. One might last you four years, another might last four weeks. Given how expensive these controllers are, it’s important for you to take advantage of your controller’s warranty when it breaks. I’ve compiled everything you need to know about your Xbox One controller’s warranty down below, so give it … Read more

How to Fix Xbox Series X Controller Disconnecting

With new technology comes new bugs — The same is the case with Xbox series X controllers as they keep disconnecting for no obvious reason. However, you can fix this issue by using following the solution Update your Xbox Series X controllers firmware Charge your Xbox Series X controller Your Xbox Series X controller could … Read more

Why Does My Xbox Headset Keep Cutting Out? (How To Fix)

why does my xbox headset keep cutting out

Even the best-in-class audio performance headsets can have connectivity problems with your Xbox causing them to keep cutting out. But performing a factory reset will stop your Xbox headset from cutting out, here’s how to do it. Press the‘ Xbox’ Button Select ‘Settings’ Select ‘All Settings’ Select ‘System’ Select ‘Console Info & Updates’ Select ‘Reset … Read more

Does Clearing Cache on Xbox One Delete Saved Games?

Clearing cache on Xbox One is a great way to solve Xbox One software issues, as it resets your Xbox. But does this delete the saved games on the console? Let’s discuss. Clearing cache on Xbox One will not delete any saved games, media, achievements, DLC, games on demand, or arcade games. It only clears … Read more