Does The Nintendo Switch Lite Need Wifi To Play Games?

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the cheaper more portable hand held only version of the Nintendo Switch, but does it need Wi-Fi to play games? Read on to find out. The Nintendo Switch lite does not need Wi-fi to play games, as game cartridges come with the required updates. During the initial setup of your … Read more

Is Nintendo Switch Online Worth It For Animal Crossing?

is Nintendo online worth it for animal crossing

Animal crossing was a surprise hit for Nintendo being the highest selling animal crossing game of all time, with more than 22 million copies sold, but is Nintendo Online worth it for animal crossing? Let’s discuss. Nintendo Online only costs $20 for a years subscription and allows for you and other players to explore each … Read more

Nintendo Switch How To Lower Ping & Fix Lag!

Nintendo Switch How To Lower Ping

I’m sure you love your Nintendo Switch but hate how slow your internet speed can be sometimes and want to know ways to lower ping. I noticed how slow the switches internet can be, so here’s how to lower ping and make your download speeds faster! Use a USB ethernet adapter for a wired internet … Read more

Is The Nintendo Switch Lite Worth It In 2021

is the nintendo switch lite worth it

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a slimmed-down handheld-only version of the fantastic Nintendo Switch, but is the Nintendo Switch Lite worth it in 2021? I researched the internet, and used my own experience to find out. 2021 is the best time to buy a Switch Lite with tons of amazing first-party Nintendo games like Breath … Read more

Is it Worth Buying A Used Nintendo switch?

The Nintendo Switch is probably my favorite ever console, but is it worth buying a used Nintendo Switch? I bought mine brand new, so I researched the internet trying to answer this question. A used Nintendo Switch isn’t that much cheaper than a brand new Switch, but it is worth buying used if you get … Read more

Is The Nintendo Switch Worth It For Adults?

The Nintendo Switch is a true hybrid between console and handheld but is it worth it for adults? Nintendo is famous for games catered towards children and teenagers like Mario and Zelda so what does it offer to older gamers? I decided to find out. The Nintendo Switch has 2863 different games across all different … Read more

Is The Nintendo Switch Environmentally Friendly?

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing console but is it environmentally friendly? Game cartridges and game companies create a lot of waste, just how much waste does Nintendo create? I decided to find out. Nintendo in 2010 only scored 1.4/10 for its chemical, e-waste, energy policies in Greenpeace’s annual guide to greener electronics the worst … Read more