Did Nintendo Really Fix The Switch Dock?

I’m sure you heard rumours that Nintendo fixed the Switch Dock, I understand how awful it must have been to have a faulty Switch dock so I researched the internet to find out if Nintendo addressed this big hardware problem

Nintendo has not made any changes to the Switch dock, and the dock you can buy separately is identical to the launch Switch dock. Switches were getting scratched due to bents docks caused by production, not a hardware problem.

I will discuss a test on how to tell your dock is bent and where the controversy came from in the first place

You can see in this video where the YouTuber compares his launch Switch dock with one he purchased separately and it is exactly the same, showing Nintendo has not addressed the issue.


However, the best way to stop your Switch screen from getting scratched is to buy a screen protector such as this amFilm Screen protector from Amazon, to ensure your Switch screen can NEVER get scratched from the dock.

Nintendo Switch Bent Dock Test

Many Nintendo fans have argued the Dock doesn’t scratch Switches since it didn’t happen to them and Nintendo commented in 2017 that they are sceptical that the docks scratched screens. However, there is an easy way to tell.

  1. First look at your Switch and see your Switch dock isn’t perfectly aligned and straight
  2. If you can’t tell, get a penny or whatever coin and slide it up the dock it should smoothly slide up, if you feel resistance at the top then, unfortunately, your dock is bent so your Switch can get scratched

If you want to see the test in action take a look at the video below

How To Fix A Bent Nintendo Switch Dock

So you want to fix your bent Switch dock? Well, if your Switch is still under warranty your in luck! I will discuss what you can do if your warranty has ended so don’t worry if your Switch is not under warranty.

You can also fix your Nintendos Switch scratched screen, as it happened due to a workmanship defect from your dock, so it comes under your warranty.

All Nintendo systems “carry a standard 12-month warranty” with games and accessories sold separately carrying a 3-month warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing or workmanship defects and will be repaired without charge.

Luckily, unlike water damage (click here if your Switch gets water damaged) your dock will be covered under the warranty as the bent dock is a manufacturing defect so in 1.5/2 weeks you will get a new or repaired dock free of charge.

You can get your Nintendo repaired via issuing a repair request on this page where you need to input your warranty number to see if your Switch is still under warranty.

How To Fix Your Bent Switch Dock Yourself

What If your Switch is definitely not under warranty or you just want to fix it yourself? The solution is actually quite simple, but be warned it’s a temporary solution and your Switch dock could bend again.

All you do is get something big enough to force the dock to unbend, like a book or an old game/DVD case and your Switch should bend back into place!

Check the video below to see the method in action and the YouTuber actually does the penny test so you can see for yourself the Dock is bend back into shape!

How To Check If Your Switch Is Still Under Warranty

To see if your Switch is under warranty check, the bottom left of your Switch or you can access it inside the Switch itself( if it still works) check the video below for details.

Why Does The Nintendo Switch Dock Scratch Screens?

The Switch gets scratched easily because Nintendo decided to use plastic to cover the screen instead of a scratch-proof glass such as Gorilla Glass which is used for most smartphones and is why your smartphone screen doesn’t scratch easily.

Plastic is cheaper to mass-produce and since the Switch is estimated to cost Nintendo $257 to produce without Gorilla Glass they needed to cut costs to make a profit. Plastic is softer than glass and can change shape easily which is why it scratches.

The reason the Switch dock will scratch the Switches screen is that the latter is plastic so the plastic can scratch plastic. Whereas with a tempered screen protector such as the amFilm(amazon link) your Switches screen will be glass making it harder than plastic and thus impossible to scratch.

Nintendo likely were having problems in the manufacturing process and didn’t meld 100% of Switches docks plastic correctly. This led to a vocal minority making videos about having their Switches getting scratched by the dock, would made the issue seem worse than it was.

Nintendo commented in 2017 that they were sceptical the Dock scratched screens as you can see in this IGN video.

Also, popular Youtubers such as BeatThemUp initially didn’t think the Switches dock caused scratches, but unfortunately found out later down the line that yes it can cause scratches on the Switch

Just take the upmost care whenever you undock or dock your Switch and take measures mentioned above such as buying a screen protector.

Clearly, Nintendo had issues with the docks manufacturing process but it is still not clear that the Dock has been changed or rather the manufacturing process has been improved and streamlined to prevent further issues happening.

How easily does the switch screen scratch?

Since the Nintendo Switch Screen is made of plastic and not glass it can scratch quite easily and you need to be careful with it. Be very careful with taking it in and out of the dock.

To make sure your Switch doesn’t get scratched like with all electronics it’s important to have a screen protector. Get a 2 pack amFilm tempered glass screen protector from Amazon right here, Since the screen protector is glass and glass is harder than plastic, the dock cannot scratch it.

Do you need a screen protector for Nintendo switch?

I believe a screen protector is a necessity if you don’t want your Nintendo Switch screen to be scratched, as it’s plastic and can scratch easily. The amFilm tempered glass protector from Amazon(Amazon link) is one of the best you can get and will ensure your Switch is protected from any outside damage.

Will A Screen Protector hide your switches scratches?

Usually glass screen protectors will reduce the clarity of your Switches screen so screen scratches won’t be as visible, so yes it will somewhat hide your switches scratches.

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