Dragon Ball FighterZ: Fascinating Facts About SSJ4 Gogeta Every Fan Should Know

It’s time to welcome the most powerful and exciting character to join the ranks of Dragon Ball FighterZ. SSJ4 Gogeta is the last DLC character of Season 3, joining the lineup of characters in the game.

SSJ4 Gogeta is one of the most powerful beings in all of Dragon Ball lore

Goku’s fusion with Vegeta while in their SSJ4 forms resulted in SSJ4 Gogeta, one of the most powerful beings in the Dragon Ball lore.

According to Dragon Ball GT: Perfect File, he could have defeated Omega Shenron with one finger, as he claimed himself in the anime. But as Dragon Ball fans may already know, this did not exactly happen in Dragon Ball GT.

SSJ4 Gogeta appeared Only for less than 15 minutes in Dragon Ball GT

SSJ4 Gogeta got only 13 minutes of screen time toward the end. His appearance may be brief, but it was a memorable one.

SSJ4 Gogeta defused earlier than expected

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta possesses immense power, so much so that his strength caused the time limit of the fusion to decrease from the standard 30 minutes to an extraordinary duration of only ten minutes.

He could have obliterated Omega Shenron with his second Big Bang Kamehameha

The first Big Bang Kamehameha weakened Omega Shenron and made him expel the dragon balls turning him back to Syn Shenron. However, during Gogeta’s second attempt to do his signature move, he defused into Goku and Vegeta.

He tricked Shenron Omega into saving the earth

Prior to his defusing, Gogeta managed to deceive Shenron into unleashing a destructive negative karma ball targeted at eradicating the Earth’s inhabitants. Following the ball’s release, he infused it with his own energy, effectively nullifying its negative nature and transforming it into a positive karma ball. The assault resembled a nuclear explosion but reversed the residual energy emanating from the other shadow dragons, ultimately aiding Earth’s salvation. However, because he spent considerable time taunting Shenron and didn’t know that his fusion time would be shorter, he wasn’t able to defeat his opponent.


SSJ4 Gogeta is an iconic character in the Dragon Ball franchise, captivating fans with his immense power and impressive moveset.

Through the fusion of Goku and Vegeta, SSJ4 Gogeta combines the strengths of both Saiyans, resulting in a force to be reckoned with in the game.

Whether you’re a longtime Dragon Ball fan or a newcomer to the franchise, SSJ4 Gogeta’s presence in Dragon Ball FighterZ is sure to leave an unforgettable impression.