How To Connect A Xbox One Controller With A PS4

Have you ever wondered if you can connect an Xbox controller to your PS4? The Xbox controller is a fantastic controller so I’ve researched the internet to see if it’s possible to connect the controller to the PS4.

Xbox One controllers can connect to a PS4 using a USB gaming adapter like the Gam3gear. This allows gaming with an Xbox One controller without any lag on the PS4 but only with a wired connection, as the PS4 driver lacks the necessary Bluetooth drives for this to happen.

I will detail the process of connecting your Xbox controller to your PS4 using the Gam3gear connector, and what other controllers are compatible with your PS4 that you might not know, and how to connect your PS4/Xbox controllers to your android/IOS device!

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

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How To Connect A Xbox Controller To A PS4

Now, Gam3Gear promises simple plugin and play functionality, all you need to do is the following

  1. Plugin your Gam3Gear into your PC and check for the latest firmware update
  2. Plugin your Gam3Gear dongle into your PS4
  3. Connect a USB to USB C cable into the controller you want to use and the Gam3Gear dongle in your PS4
  4. Hold the Xbox home button and you should be all set!

Simple right? If you don’t have a USB C cable you can purchase the official Microsoft Xbox One USB charging cable here(amazon link) but any standard USB C to USB cable will work.

Now, this device is fully compatible with gamepads, joysticks, racing wheels and works with both PS4 & PC. Your button layout is as close as possible to the Xbox with the R1/L1 R2/L2 being swapped with the Xbox shoulder triggers and the other the X/Y/B/A being swapped to Square/Triangle/Circle/Cross in the same position.

Rumble is fully compatible and you can remember up to 4 different controllers, unfortunately, headset/headphone support is not supported and since you need a cable to connect to the dongle you cannot use the controller wirelessly.

Now, if you prefer a more visual guide on how the Gam3Gear dongle works, or want to see it working for first hand, check out the Youtube tutorial down below.

What Controllers Are Compatible With PS4?

The PS4 has various controllers that are compatible with the console. Check out my list of top PS4 accessories here which includes the best controllers for your money right now

However, did you know you can actually use your PS4 controller to connect your old PS3? This is useful if you want to play your old PS1/PS2 games whilst using your superior PS4 controller.

How To Connect Your PS4 Controller To Your PS3 Wirelessly

  1. Connect your PS4 controller into your PS3 via USB(it automatically will work!)
  2. Head on over to “Settings” > “Accessory Settings” > “Manage Bluetooth® Devices”. Click “Register Device.” You should see the controller
  3. Remove the USB from your controller
  4. Press and hold the “share button” and PS button at the same time until your PS4 controller blinks
  5. You should be connected! Have fun playing your fourth-generation Dualshock on your PS1/PS2 games but be wary as it won’t work for al

Now, if whatever reason these steps don’t work you can simply purchase a long USB cable for your PS4 controller and when it’s connected it all always work. Get one from Amazon right here

Check out this tutorial to get a more visual explanation

Are There PS4 Controllers That Look Like An Xbox Controller

What if you want to use your controller wirelessly and actually use headphones/headsets with your device? No problem as there are several PS4 controllers that are shaped like an Xbox controller.

They vary in price but one of the most affordable is the OUBANG which you can buy from Amazon here. Everything from the multi-touch clickable touchpad to a light bar is here, with motion controllers that you wouldn’t get using the Gam3Gear adapter.

It’s a lot cheaper than a standard Dualshock 4 with a lifetime warranty, and a handy 900mAh battery which can swiftly be charged by plugging into the PS4 with the included 3.3 ft charger which is great to see.

Check out a swift review of the OUBANG controller down below

How To Connect Your PS4/Xbox Controller To Apple/Android Device

Did you know that due to Apples recent software updates and Android 10 they have made it super easy to pair your controllers to those devices!

This is very useful if you play mobile games that should be played with a controller like Fortnite/Call Of Duty Mobile, and certain games will actually have native support for your PS4/Xbox One controller’s button layouts.

Now the steps will vary depending on what system you’re trying to connect with or what controller you’re using, but they follow the same simple patterns

Place Your Controller Into Pairing Mode

  1. Put your controller into pairing mode, with the Dual shock 4 press and hold the “share button” and “PlayStation” button for several seconds until the light bar starts to blink.
  2. With the Xbox hold down the “Xbox button” and once it lights up click and holds the connect button the top of the controller located near the bumper until the Xbox logo blinks

How To Connect Your Controller To IOS

  1. Click the “settings ” application then click the Bluetooth option near the top. Once your controller is in pairing mode you will see it either as “DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller” or “Xbox Wireless Controller”
  2. Click the option you need. When your PS4 controller is successfully paired the light bar will flash pink, whereas the Xbox controller backlit middle button will stop blinking with the light showing
  3. If you’re using an iPad follow these same steps to connect either controller

How To Connect Your Controller To Apple TV

  1. Open the “settings” application on your Apple TV home screen and scroll to “Remotes and Devices” and click that option
  2. Find “Bluetooth” and then click the option. If your controllers are in pairing mode they will appear under “other devices” section of the Bluetooth connection screen.
  3. Once your controller is connected you can use it instead of Apple TV included remote.

How To Connect Your PS4/Xbox Controller To An Android Device

Since Android 10 Googles update has made it easier than ever to connect your controller to an android device.

Even better, if you use a Dualshock 4 the touchpad can be used as a mouse pointer for the operating system as well as in-game so you don’t need to move around with the analogue stick! Cool right?

Note: These steps will change depending on the device that you use that they will be somewhat similar.

  1. Go to “settings” and click “connected devices”. Pair your controller by selecting “pair new device” and your Dualshock 4 will appear as “Wireless Controler” whilst your Xbox will be called “Xbox Wireless Controller”
  2. Your DualShock 4 light bar will turn blue to show it’s fully paired, whilst your Xbox controllers light will stop blinking and will remain illuminated showing it’s connected.

If you want a more visual walkthrough on how to connect your PS4/Xbox One controller to your Android/Apple device, take a look at the two videos down below.

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