How To Create Amazing Minecraft Fireworks Displays

Firework displays are an exciting way to celebrate any occasion, whether it’s a holiday or just a fun gathering with friends. In Minecraft, you can create amazing firework displays to wow your friends and make your world a more exciting place.

In this article, we will explore how to create an amazing firework display in Minecraft.

Step 1: Collect the necessary resources

Before you start creating your firework display, you need to gather the necessary resources. You will need gunpowder, paper, and dye. You can find gunpowder by killing creepers, which are the green creatures that roam the Minecraft world. Paper can be obtained by crafting sugar cane, and dye can be obtained by using various materials such as flowers, cacti, or lapis lazuli.

Step 2: Craft your fireworks

Once you have collected your resources, it’s time to craft your fireworks. You can craft fireworks by combining gunpowder, paper, and dye on a crafting table.

The number of gunpowder and paper you use will determine the height and duration of the fireworks. The dye you use will determine the color of the fireworks. You can create multiple fireworks with different colors and heights to make your display more impressive.

Creating a Basic Minecraft Fireworks

A basic firework rocket can be crafted using one piece of paper and one piece of gunpowder on a crafting table. This rocket can be launched into the air by right-clicking it.

Crafting Firework Stars

You can add firework stars to your rockets to make your fireworks more interesting. Firework stars determine the color, shape, and effect of your fireworks.

You will need one gunpowder and one or more dyes on a crafting table to craft a firework star. Combining different dyes will create different colors for your fireworks. You can also add an extra item to your crafting recipe to add shapes and effects to your fireworks.

Combining Firework Stars with Rockets

You will need to place your firework star on a crafting table to combine your firework star with your firework rocket.

You can add up to seven firework stars to one rocket, but each additional star will reduce the flight duration of your rocket by one second.

The flight duration of your rocket is determined by the number of gunpowder you use in your crafting recipe.

Step 3: Set up your launch platform

Now that you have your fireworks ready, it’s time to set up your launch platform. You can use any flat surface as your launch platform, but it’s best to create a dedicated platform to prevent any accidental fires.

You can use any material to create your launch platform, but stone bricks or obsidian are the best options as they are fireproof.

Step 5: Launch your fireworks

Once you have crafted your firework rockets, you can launch them into the sky by right-clicking them. You can also use dispensers or command blocks to automate your fireworks displays.

Dispensers are placed facing upwards and filled with firework rockets. You will then need to connect them to a redstone circuit that activates them periodically.

Command blocks are hidden and used to enter a command that spawns firework rockets at a specific location with specific properties.

In addition to dispensers and command blocks, you can also use redstone to automate Minecraft fireworks displays. Here are a few ideas:

  • Redstone Clocks: A simple redstone clock can be used to launch fireworks automatically at regular intervals. To create a redstone clock, place a redstone torch on one side of a block and a redstone dust on the other side. Then, place a block on top of the redstone torch and another block next to it. Finally, place a lever on the second block and flip it on. The redstone torch will turn on and off, creating a pulse that can be used to launch fireworks.
  • Player Proximity: You can also use pressure plates or tripwires to launch fireworks when a player comes near. To do this, simply connect a dispenser filled with fireworks to a redstone circuit that’s triggered by the pressure plate or tripwire.
  • Redstone Sequence: For a more complex display, you can create a redstone sequence that launches fireworks in a predetermined pattern. This can be done using a combination of redstone repeaters, pistons, and dispensers.

Step 6: Watch your amazing firework display

Finally, it’s time to sit back and watch your amazing firework display. Enjoy the beautiful colors and patterns created by your fireworks. Have fun and enjoy the show!


By using these methods, you can create amazing Minecraft fireworks displays that impress your friends and yourself.

You can experiment with different colors, shapes, effects, and patterns for your fireworks and see what looks best in your world.

So gather your resources, set up your launch platform, and let the fireworks fly!