How To Fix Controller Input Lag On PC (Two Easy Methods)

Having trouble with controller input lag while playing your favorite games on PC? Looking for a way to fix it, or at least figure out how to reduce it to an acceptable amount? The methods in this article are just what you’re looking for.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Press the Download button and extract the zip into a new folder. Open it, then open the DRIVER folder, where you’ll find Setup.exe – run it.
  3. On the top left part of the program there is a dropdown list, click on it and select “All” to display all connected devices.
  4. Find your device, click on the number it has in the bInterval column, and then click “Install Service”.
  5. Then click on the checkbox in the lower-left corner of the program where it says “Filter on Device”.
  6. Next to that is a dropdown list, select it and choose 1000.
  7. Unplug your controller and plug it back in – your Rate should now be 1000, exit the program and see if the controller is connected

Access hidusbf program here.

Keep on reading to find out more info on how to fix controller input lag on PC, as well as how to test input lag.

You’ll also learn what the best controller is, what counts as good input lag, and whether having your controller plugged in reduces input lag or not.

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Best Way To Fix Controller Input Lag On PC

Turning V-Sync off and installing an overclocking software called hidusbf represent the best ways to fix controller input lag on PC, reducing it as much as possible.

Turning V-sync off is a way to fix input lag although you have an Nvidia GPU then having a G-SYNC monitor is good, as it also has almost exactly the same effect on input lag as turning V-Sync off.

Those with AMD GPUs need not worry as FreeSync/Adaptive Sync monitors actually do a slightly better job at reducing input lag than G-SYNC monitors do.

Grab a ASUS Gaming Free Sync monitor for a bargain on Amazon if you don’t have one.

If you don’t have and can’t afford getting a G-SYNC or FreeSync/Adaptive Sync monitor, then your best bet, aside from turning V-Sync off, is to use an overclocking software called hidusbf.

Even though it’s labeled as software for USB mice, that doesn’t mean the program won’t let you adjust all devices connected via USB. Do note that using this may be somewhat risky.

How To Overclock Your Controller

Does Plugging Your Controller Reduce Input Lag?

Having your controller plugged in should reduce input lag, as data sent when pressing a button on your controller is sent faster via a plugged-in device than on Bluetooth, making your input lag more consistent.

Plugging in your controller should reduce input lag, but whether it will noticeably reduce it may vary. Maybe in some cases it will, while in others it won’t, though keeping it plugged in probably makes the experience more consistent.

How to test controller input lag

Controller input lag can be tested on websites like, where a program detects your controller’s inputs with a timestamp that increases whenever a button or analog stick is moved showing how long each action takes.

You can check out gamepadtest from this link, make sure to test your controllers input lag, lefore and after doing any of the steps in this article to see how much the lag has improved.

What is A good input lag?

Good input lag is anything below 40ms, while values between 40ms-70ms are considered average, and anything above 70ms isn’t good.

This may be somewhat subjective, but anything below 40ms can be considered a good input lag. Of course, the lower, the better, especially for fighting games, where you’ll probably want to hit values below 20ms.

What is the best controller to use for PC gaming?

The Xbox Wireless Controller is the best controller to use for PC gaming. It is an improved version of the Xbox One controller, featuring a better D-pad and textured grip, as well as a Share button that allows you to take screenshots and record gameplay.

Microsoft continues to offer comfort and quality controllers with the new release of the revised Xbox controller, which you can grab on Amazon for a great price.

Not only does it work with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Android and in the future, iOS, but it also works on Windows 10 PCs – for Windows 7, you’ll have to connect the controller via USB-C or use the Wireless Adapter for the best wireless performance; get the official wireless adapter from Amazon.

The hybrid D-pad and textured grip make Microsoft’s new controller feel great to use,  while the Share button lets you easily take screenshots or record footage of the game you’re playing.

Pressing the Share button takes a screenshot while holding it records the recent action. Unfortunately, the Share button doesn’t work on PC at this time of writing, but hopefully, it won’t be long before this fantastic feature starts working!

You’ll want to make sure your Windows 10 is updated to the latest version in order to use the controller wirelessly; the controller’s firmware should also be updated, which you can do via the Xbox Accessories app.

Aside from playing via Bluetooth, you can also play via Xbox Wireless using the Wireless Adapter, though you’ll have to make sure it comes included with the controller on purchase. It allows up to 8 controllers to be connected wirelessly at the same time!

If you prefer wired, then you can connect it with a USB-C cable, which you should also make sure is included with your purchase if you don’t have a cable to spare.

You can plug in headsets using the 3.5mm audio jack. 2x AA batteries are included, but unfortunately, you’re going to have to get rechargeable ones if you want to continue playing wirelessly, I use the fantastic PowerA Play & Charge Kit, get it for yourself on Amazon or check my review here.

Overall though, the Xbox Wireless Controller itself is a joy to use and is definitely one of if not the best controller for PC gaming.

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