How To Make Banners in Minecraft?

Banners are very useful items in Minecraft. In this post, we’ll talk about what banners are and their uses and properties, and how to make banners in Minecraft. We’ll also discuss Minecraft banner patterns and designs that you can make.

Read on to learn more about Minecraft banners.

What are Minecraft Banners And How Are they Used?

Banners are tall, non-solid, customizable blocks that can be used in different ways.

The most common use of Minecraft banners is as an insignia to represent your base. They can also be used to customize shields or used as curtains or decorations. They can also be used as fuel in furnaces.

In the Java edition, banners can be used with maps to create markers on it. The icon of the banner will be the color of the base banner.

What are the Characteristics of Minecraft Banners?

Here are some of the characteristics of Minecraft banners.

  • They can be placed both on the ground facing in any direction or on a wall.
  • They gently sway as if affected by a breeze, regardless of dimension or location.
  • Banners have no collision mask as they are completely non-solid, so items and mobs can move through them.
  • The banner’s hitbox is only one block high despite the banner appearing two blocks tall. So it is possible to overlap another solid block on the top half of a banner for floor banners, or the bottom half of wall banners.
  • When a banner is placed on the side of a block, its position is set by the top block, and it is possible to place it so it appears half-buried.
  • Banners can also be placed in item frames, where they simply appear as their item model.
  • Water and lava flow around banners.
  • Banners cannot be moved by pistons.

How To Make Banners in Minecraft?

To make banners in Minecraft, you need a crafting table, 6 wool of the same color, and a stick. Place the wool in the six top blocks on the crafting table and the stick on the center bottom block to craft a banner.

You can create base banners in sixteen different colors. In the Java edition, once the banner is created you won’t be able to change its base color.

How To Obtain Minecraft Banners?

Minecraft banners can also generate naturally and you can obtain them by breaking them. You can break them without any tool but the fastest way is by using an axe.

Magenta banners can be found outside of End Cities. In the Woodland Mansions, you may find gray banners in the banner room, light gray banners in the master bedroom, and black banners in the altar room. Brown banners can be found outside of some houses, meeting points, and pillar fountains in savanna villages.

Ominous banners (Java Edition) or Illager banners (Bedrock and Education Edition) are carried by a raid captain. The mobs drop the banner upon death.

If the block the banner is attached to is moved, removed, or destroyed the banner also breaks and drops itself as an item.

How to Customize a Minecraft Banner?

Minecraft banners can be customized by using a dye or a banner pattern.

How to Customize Banners Using a Dye in Minecraft?

To customize a Minecraft banner using a dye, you need a loom. Adding a banner and a dye in the loom will show a list of patterns on the center part.

The patterns available in the loom are Base, Chief, Fess, Pale Dexter, Pale Sinister, Pale, Bend, Bend Sinister, Paly, Saltire, Cross, Per Bend, Per Bend Sinister, Per Bend Inverted, Per Bend Inverted Sinister, Per Pale, Per Pale Inverted, Per Fess, Per Fess Inverted, Base Dexter Canton, Base Sinister Canton, Chief Dexter Canton, Chief Sinister Canton, Chevron, Inverted Chevron, Base Indented, Chief Indented, Roundel, Lozenge, Bordure, Bordure Indented, Gradient, and Base Gradient.

Select the one you like and move the resulting banner into your inventory. For the Bedrock edition, you can also use a crafting table to apply a pattern on a banner.

You can create unique patterns by putting the banner that you have created back into the banner slot and then applying another pattern. A banner may have up to six layers of patterns using this method.

Many players have successfully created custom designs such as a phoenix, cat, bird, flags, zombie, landscape, letters, numbers, abstract designs, dragon, and a lot more.

The total number of possible unique banners is approximately 2.3×10^16 (or 23 quadrillion)!

If you change your mind about your banner design, you can wash off the top layer of a banner using a cauldron containing water.

In Java Edition, a banner can have up to 16 layers of patterns with the use of commands through the commands /give/setblock or /fill

How To Use Banner Patterns In Minecraft?

Applying banner patterns is another way to customize banners.

Banner patterns can be created on the crafting table by combining a piece of paper and another ingredient. Banner patterns can also generate naturally.

Here are the banner patterns you can create.

  • Paper + Enchanted Golden Apple = The Thing
  • Paper + Wither Skeleton Skull = Skull
  • Paper + Creeper Head = Creeper
  • Paper + Oxeye Daisy = Flower
  • Paper + Bricks = Masoned
  • Paper + Vine – Bordure Indented

The pattern must be combined with 1 banner and 1 dye in the loom. Upon usage in the loom, the banner pattern is not consumed.

Here is how to use a loom to apply banner patterns.

  1. Open the Loom. You will see three slots, two at the top and one at the bottom
  2. Place the banner on the top left slot.
  3. Place the dye on the top right slot.
  4. Place the banner pattern on the bottom box.
  5. Move the new banner to the inventory.

How to Put a Banner on a Shield?

To add a banner to your shield, place the shield and the banner on the crafting table. Just note that the resulting shield has only half the resolution of the banner. The shield must have no pre-existing patterns for this to work.

Adding a banner does not change existing durability or enchantments on the shield.

How To Copy Minecraft Banners

You can make multiple identical banners using a crafting table. Place the banner that you want to copy and another banner of the same base color without an existing pattern on it.

How To Obtain Wool in Minecraft?

To get wool, you need to shear a sheep. Shearing a sheep will yield one to three wool. Wool also drops from sheep when they die. But it is better to shear sheep than to kill them for wool as you would only get a single piece of wool from a dead sheep whereas it is possible to get more when using shears plus you can shear them again next time.

You can also craft a single wool block out of four bits of string arranged in a square in a crafting grid, or you can buy from shepherd villagers.

Aside from banners, wool can also be used to make beds, carpets, and paintings in Minecraft.

What Is A Loom And How Is It Created?

A loom is used to apply banner patterns to banners. It is also the workstation of a shepherd villager.

Looms can be crafted or naturally generated.

Naturally generated looms can be found in village shepherd houses. They can be mined and obtained without using any tool, though using an axe would be faster.

To craft a loom, you need two pieces of strings and two planks of any kind. Place the strings beside each other and put the planks under them on your crafting table.

How to Get Dyes in Minecraft?

Dyes can be created by crafting them from plants, by crafting dyes of different colors together, or by smelting plants. You can also get them by trading with a wandering trader.


Banners are decorative items in Minecraft that can be used in various ways such as insignias, window curtains, door curtains, decorations, and more.

They can easily be created by placing six same-colored wool and one stick on a crafting table.

What’s great about Minecraft banners is that you can customize them any way you want by applying patterns using a loom. The designs you can make on Minecraft banners are endless.