Is CDKeys Legit? I Decided To Find Out

CDKeys is an online site to buy cheap game keys, unique activation codes to download a certain game for cheaper than retail prices but can you trust the company? How can it be so cheap, are the keys even real? I decided to find out.

CDKeys is rated 4.5 on Trustpilot with over 50,000 reviews, it’s is owned by Omnyex E-Commerce DMCC a digital gaming distributor based in Dubai. CDKeys have a full terms & conditions available on their website that protects consumer rights, CDKeys has numerous positive reviews on YouTube and Reddit

I understand your concerns but as game keys, websites go CDKeys is the most official you can get, see CDKeys official trust pilot rating here.

I will explain why CDKeys is a legitimate company, and where do the companies get their game keys?

Why CDKeys Is A Legitimate Website

You might think, sure YOU are saying CDKeys is legitimate, but where is the proof? I agree it’s hard to believe CDKeys amazing bargains are legit but it’s true they are!

I bought Cyperpunk 2077 on CD Keys and received my code on launch day, see my review of CD Keys up above.

Trustpilot is a danish consumer review website that’s aim is ensuring goods and services are legitimate, and if you look at CDKeys rating above according to Trustpilot they have an excellent score of 4,5/5 stars!

These reviews are all based on reviewer feedback and take many things into account such as the number of reviews and review ages. According to CDKeys About Us page, has “over 20 years of combined industry experience” so rest assured your information is well protected.

CDKeys terms and conditions are on the website for you to read as CDKeys are fully transparent with what they do with customer information and they detail everything they do with the information.

CDKeys are owned by Omnyex E-Commerce DMCC a digital gaming distributor located in Dubai, you can see this information at the beginning of their terms and conditions.

CDKeys terms and conditions allow anyone who thinks material on, by or linked to CDKeys is violating any copyright they will terminate a users access if a “user is determined to be a repeat infringer of the copyrights or other intellectual property rights” so they product legitimate keys and have strict criteria on what they allow on their sites.

CDKeys might ask for your phone number in order to identify you, and even a copy of a valid ID in order to verify you identify, and they have the right to decline or refund any order they think is fraudulent, sounds quite legit huh?

You see how amazing their insane deals are checking out their sales page and daily deals for bargains bargains and more bargains!

Where Do CDKeys Get Their Keys?

CDKeys management team has over thirty years of combined experience in gaming, this gives them a massive network of suppliers and contracts to source keys. They buy globally to get the cheapest price possible and pass the saving onto the consumer.

You can see CDKey’s official response to the question on their frequently asked question page here.

Unlike other key networks like with CDKeys you are buying from the store itself, not from user, this what separates CDKeys and makes them the most legitimate key website.

Other marketplaces like G2A and Kinguin you buy from individual sellers, not a reputable business, this always runs the risk of buying an illegitimate key obtained from illegal methods, to read more about a hacker’s personal experience on G2A check this post.

Using stolen credit cards to purchase keys isn’t exactly common on other sites but there is a serious risk of it happening, so your running a lottery of you being scammed and supporting illegal activity!

Whilst you can never truly know if your purchased keys from CDKeys are legitimate, the excellent reviews on Trustpilot and numerous positive comments about the company on reddit and YouTube makes me think you can put your trust in the key being obtained through legate and lawful methods.

Whilst perhaps stolen keys are inside the CDKeys database I think whenever you buy a key from a third party even on sites like eBay this carries a risk, but CD keys are the most legitimate out of all key resellers due to their business status.

I bet your keys are far less likely to be banned if you buy from CDKeys instead of illegitimate sites like G2A and Kinguin. Imagine playing a game for month with hours upon hours of progress only to have your key banned? Oh man the horror!

The reality just like other businesses CDKeys get massive saving by buying in bulk, so CDKeys purchase keys from official developers like Sony and Microsoft directly and buy the keys in bulk. CDKeys are cheap, because as a big company they get a lot of leverage by buying so many keys so they receive cheap legitimate keys straight from the developer.