Playstation 4 Best Games & Accessories

Interested in buying a Playstation 4 but not sure if you should get the PS4 slim or the powerful 4K PS4 pro? What about getting the very best accessories like Playstation 4 VR or the best PS4 exclusives that the console has to offer? This console generation Sony really went into there own and created something special and here are my top pics for consoles, console accessories and exclusive games for your Playstation 4.

These Are The Best PS4 Consoles Right Now

Playstation 4 Pro check out a great price on Amazon

If you still haven’t bought a PS4 this late in its lifecycle you should spend the extra money and get the pro. The 4K video output with a heightened performance compared to the original just makes it a more future proof investment. The other option would wait until the PS5 comes out in the festive 2020 season.

However, with the Pro, you are still getting a very powerful gaming machine that Sony has promised to continue the PS4 Pro until 2022 and after considering backwards computability a priority “We will leverage Backwards Compatibility to transition our community to NextGen faster and more seamlessly than ever before” meaning you can still play PS4 games on your PS5 so any games you buy can still be used on the next console.

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Playstation 4 Slim check out a great price on Amazon with a second controller

Coming at around $100 cheaper than the Pro the slim will be a great option. The biggest thing you will suffer compared to the Pro will be no 4K output and reduced power. However, with the Slim, you are getting the same console as the original PS4 but slimmer and sexier with a revamped controller. If you have the original PS4 and want to upgrade don’t buy the Slim buy the Pro but if you don’t own a PS4 the slim is a great choice.

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These Are The Best 5 PS4 Accessories Right Now

1.PS4 VR Headset Buy It On Amazon Here with 5 Free Games included

The best and only option to have VR gaming right in the comfort of your living room. Most bundles will come with the Playstation camera included. There are numerous games that have VR functionality but playing Resident Evil 7 alone by yourself in the dark with VR is a gaming experience that is unmatched. It might be expensive but it is the only option for VR console gaming and is worth the price.

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2.DualShock 4 get the new 2018 versions best price on Amazon here

If your old PS4 controller is finished or you want another one to play multiplayer games then the newer Dualshock 4 is the ideal controller to play PS4. Although Xbox has always had the upper hand with controllers this generation of Dualshock 4 comes close.

The newer version has better battery life, easier to press L2& R2 buttons a revamped lightbar and the ability to connect via the USB to reduce latency. The biggest issue I have with PS4 controllers is their longevity but despite this, they are fantastic controllers and third party alternatives just don’t cut it.

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3.WD 4TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive – USB 3.0 buy from Amazon here

Anyone with a PS4 knows the horror of buying a new game knowing you need to delete one of your beloved games to make space. However, with the WD 4TB external hard drive leaves those evil memories in the past. It is one of the most reliable versatile and convenient HDDs you can purchase. It is very compact as well being no bigger than a smartphone like the iPhone X and it looks like a mini mini PS4 so it will fit right at home in your home gaming setup.

Bigger is better for HDD’s as you get the best savings and better value with storage space. With 4TBs you have enough space for 50 AAA+ games and many other game DLCs and smaller games from the PS store. This will last you until the next generation even with tons of games downloads. It is the best PS4 external hard drive today and is specifically built for gaming and can be used with the Xbox One and with computers so it has added utility.

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4.HyperX Cloud – Official Playstation Licensed Gaming Headset for PS4 (get in from Amazon here)

I love bargains and official licensed HyperX Cloud headset for PS4 is one of those. Superb build quality with a detachable mic so you can use it in place of normal headphones on the go and it’s not called the cloud without reason as the headset will still be comfortable after hours playing games.

The sound is fantastic and the microphone is digitally enhanced with noise-cancelling giving you a fantastic in-game chat experience. You can also adjust the volume and mute the microphone right from the 3.5 mm cable that goes into your controller without using your PS4s menu settings.

Check out this review for more information but you won’t regret buying these headphones as they can be used for your PC Xbox One and your phone if it still has a headphone jack.

5.Razer Panthera Evo Tournament Arcade Stick OFFICIAL FOR PS4(Get it from Amazon here)

Whilst you can play fighting games such as Mortal Komat 11 and Tekken 7 with a standard PS4 controller nothing will compare to an arcade stick. The Razer Panthera pro is one of the most response arcade fighter controllers you can buy today.

You can completely customise the controller’s parts and outwork to your heart’s content even right down to the circuit board! Any arcade stick will revolutionise your fighting game experience but Razer Panthera was built specifically for the PS4 and even includes a functional share button so you can brag to your friends about an amazing comeback with a TouchPad included.

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5 Of The Best PS4 Games

The PS4 undoubtedly won the console war against Xbox One this generation. There are reasons for this but the biggest one by far is its massive catalogue of exclusive games , Microsoft simply couldn’t compete with. The top 5, in my opinion, will be listed in any order, and any of them would be a fantastic addition to your collection.

1.GOD OF WAR(Amazon Link Here)

God Of War was game of the year and the series dates back all the way to the PS2 and is one of the best third-person action game series in recent times. Excellent physical combat with a superb over the shoulder camera view brings you right up into Kratos’s action.

He conquered all of the Greek gods in the previous games so this time together with his Son he’s after the Nordic Gods. Check out the review down below but this is a must for your PS4 collection and is considered the best PS4 exclusive.

2.Horizon Zero Dawn (Amazon Link Here)

As soon as you see this post-apocalyptic machine dominated world you will be awestruck by its amazing presentation. The ‘realistic’ animal behaving machines with an interesting story of what happened to civilisation and what caused humanity to fall?

The third-person combat is both unique and fantastic with an RPG style levelling system with unique skills and abilities for Aloy(the main character). The game experience is unique and aside from boring side quests, it is one of the best third-person games I’ve ever played with around 60-80 hours of gameplay if you like being thorough and I’d recommend it to anyone.

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3.Spiderman Game Of The Year Edition(Amazon Link Here)

Superhero games are notoriously difficult to get right and the last good Spiderman game was all the way back in 2002, this has changed. Spiderman PS4 is one of the best superhero games ever made with a fully realised New York available to explore as Spiderman!

You really feel like your favourite web-crawling superhero with all his acrobatic abilities, wall-crawling and web-slinging antics are all available. The game of the year edition includes the 3 fantastic DLC content that adds new bosses enemies and content to play.

Check out the review below to get an in-depth look.

4.Bloodborne-Game Of The Year(Amazon Link Here)

The spiritual successor to Dark Souls you know what you’re getting with Bloodborne, an extremely difficult third party action game with gorgeous gothic environments and an arsenal of deadly weapons at your disposal.

It’s a big shame for Xbox gamers that they don’t have this fantastic exclusive and in recent years the lengthy loading times have drastically been reduced, making the masterpiece even better.

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5.Uncharted 4(Get it via Amazon here)

The uncharted series is like playing an Indiana Jones movie, with fantastic larger than life set-pieces and tense car chases together with real human drama and fantastic acting across the cast. Uncharted 4 graphics are absolutely breathtaking and look photo-realistic in certain scenes, with the Pro you will be speechless at some of the setpieces.

Uncharted 1-3 were key elements in the PS3’s exclusive lineup and Uncharted 4 solidifies Uncharted as one of Sonys strongest series and Naughty Dog being one of the best developers in the game. It is the fantastic final chapter to Nathan Drake’s story and finishing it is a gratifying end to Nathan’s character arc that you will always remember.

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