Xbox One Best Games & Accessories

Want to buy an Xbox but not sure if you want the powerful yet economical Xbox One S? Or how about the most powerful console in the game right now the Xbox One X? Wondering what the very best accessories for your Xbox One are such as a remote control to make your Xbox truly an all in one home entertainment system? Well, I’m here to give you the very best recommendations for everything Xbox One.

Although the console war was lost to Sony, Xbox still has a solid library of exclusives and perhaps the best deal in gaming 100+ games including AAA titles like Outer Worlds & Gears 5 all under $9.99/month and I will list the best games Xbox has to offer that you cannot get with PS4.

Xbox’s strength is it’s the best console to play third party games such as the masterpiece that is Red Dead Redemption 2 and Obsidians RPG Outerworlds.

Here Are The Best Xbox One Consoles

Xbox One S Check Out A Great Price On Amazon Here

The Xbox One S is superb value with its 4K upscaling of games and an Ultra HD blue-ray player that the PS4 lacks. It also has released a disc-less version for even cheaper which is not an issue if your abusing Microsoft excellent game pass subscription plan at only $9.99/month for 100+games some of which are fantastic triple-A games.

It might not be as powerful as the Xbox One X which is true 4K but it is far more ecological as it uses less energy and is far quieter, with high dynamic streaming & gaming. If you’re looking for a sleek and sexy console that is excellent value for money, the Xbox One S is your choice. It is comparable to the PS4 pro despite being around $100 cheaper.

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Xbox One X Check Out A Great Price On Amazon Here

If you want the most powerful gaming console ever made then the Xbox One X should be your pick. It is capable of real 4K and processes 4K and HDR directly whilst the Xbox One S upscales. It is the best third party console as all games run better on the Xbox One X than any other console. However, it all depends on what the third-party developers choose to do with the X as different games use the technology of the console to different levels. Usually, exclusives such as Gears 5 use the X to its absolute potential.

Although you are paying more for the X its price is comparable with the PS4 Pro but it is roughly twice as powerful. Microsoft will continue to launch games for the X as the console is built on PC infrastructure and has 19 years of backwards compatibility so you can still play 500+ of your favourite Xbox & Xbox 360 favourite games some in true 4K with dramatically improved framerates. The Xbox One has the best sound with Dolby Atmos sound and Dolby vision making everything look almost like a high-end gaming PC but at a fraction of the cost.

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Here Are The Best 5 Xbox One Accessories Right Now

1.Xbox Live (12-month subscription) Amazon Link Here

The most essential Xbox Accessory as without it you won’t be able to use online multiplayer which Xbox is known for. I suggest the 12-month membership for the best value for money, working out to be $5/month giving you access to regular discounts and free games each month via ‘games with Gold’ initiative which justifies the price point in itself.

2. Xbox Game Pass – Get It Straight From Microsoft Here

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This is arguably the best deal in gaming right now as over 100+ games are all available under one subscription. These games run from original Xbox games to current AAA releases from only $9.99/month for a standard membership!

I have several games on PS4 that I can simply sell because I don’t need them anymore as they’re all available in Xbox’s game pass. Honestly this a known brainer and it is worth purchasing an Xbox One just for this service.

3.Seagate 2 TB Game Drive for Xbox One

The issue with the game pass is you need ALOT of memory to handle all those massive files you are download, 1TB of memory would only last about 25 Xbox titles before you need to delete other files to make room. It also works for PS4 & your computer.

The Seagate Game Drive is the only XHD designed specifically for the Xbox One, you get a healthy 2TB of storage in a device small enough to fit in your trouser pocket. The performance is USB 3.0 allowing rapid performance and enough storage for around 50 Xbox One games. However, I recommend spending as much as you can for a better bang for your back as 8TB as by spending only $23 dollars more you will get DOUBLE the storage allowing you over storage for over 100 Xbox games meaning you will never need to delete another game again.

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Both the Xbox One S & X have the capability of playing 4K blue ray DVD’s and your Xbox One is truly is an all in one entertainment system. This Talon remote allows you to switch easily between playing games, watching TV/movies to watching sports and listening to your favourite tunes effortlessly.

This product is officially licensed and is around 1/3rd the price of the official Xbox TV remote with a gorgeous easy-grip design and does everything you need for a gaming remote.

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5.Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2(Amazon Link)

Whilst very expensive you get what you pay for as this controller has the superb build quality and excellent precision with the 40-hours battery life which is rechargeable for all your gaming needs. All the buttons can be programmed and everything from the back paddles and thumbsticks can be customised for better-performing alternatives. It also is built for Xbox new console Project Scarlett coming out in the festive season 2020.

Everything from the previous Xbox wireless controller is improved and an app is included allowing for complete customisation of the sensitivity of the thumbsticks and you can change the max and minimum values of your triggers and much much more. It also works fantastically for PC. Yes, it is very expensive and basically the cost of the console but you get what you pay for with is a truly premium controller that is simply the best controller out there right now.

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5 Of The Best Xbox One Exclusive Games

Although PS4 defeated Xbox One in the console wars this generation the Xbox still has an impressive list of games in its a library. I will list the top 5 in my opinion in any order and a few of them are included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription mentioned earlier. Any of them will be a wonderful addition to your Xbox collection

1.Gears 5

best xbox one games

Gears of War was one of Microsoft’s best exclusives last generation and this is still true today. The superb third-person cover combat with gory kills are as good as ever and the story is fantastic to match. You actually care about the new cast and the performances are all strong. On the Xbox One X, the game is true 4K and at times the visuals are absolutely breathtaking.

The multiplayer is still fantastic with a new mode called ‘escape’ which is a revamped hord mode where you might escape an enemies nest as efficiently as possible. This game is fantastic and is included in the game pass and is a must by for any Xbox One owner.

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2.Forza Horizon 4

best xbox one games

Forza features over 450 licensed cars on its gorgeous photo-realistic depreciation of the United Kingdom complete with dynamic weather changes allowing you to drive through a completely open world with snow rain, sleet, and more.

Forza Horizon 4 is an arcade racer allowing you to whip through the maps at your leisure. The map is action-packed with different events and places to see and you will gain experience in everything that you do to grant you upgrades to any car you choose. This is one of Xbox’s best exclusives and if you’re a fan of racing games it’s a must by.

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3.Halo 5: Guardians

best xbox one games

Halo has always been one of my favourite franchise and Master Chiefs latest outing is one of his biggest being custom build for the Xbox One. The graphics are gorgeous together with two character campaigns allowing you to see different versions of the expanded Halo universe. The campaign ends abruptly however but the ride is a good one.

The multiplayer is back with excellent game modes like team deathmatch and capture the flag available together with an excellent map design that is a staple for a Halo game. If you’re a fan of FPS’ or action games in general, you will not regret this purchase and a Halo game is a must for any Xbox owner.

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4.Sea OF Thieves(Amazon Link)

best xbox one games

Sea of Thieves is best played with friends as the gorgeous cartoony visuals will put a smile to your face as you face the harsh seas and get attacked by megalodons and a ship full of deadly skeletons all whilst playing seafaring Jiggs with your palls.

The game was quite barebones when it was released not having much variety, but this has changed with 5 free updates to the game and likely more updates coming. If you ever wanted to feel like a fully-fledged pirate then Sea Of Thieves should be on your list.

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5.Cuphead(Microsoft Store Link)

best xbox one games

If you long for your gaming experience to go back to the “old school” when games were punishingly difficult and one wrong move would prove your doom then Cuphead will be your cup of tea.

It is notoriously difficult yet never unfair and very rewarding and every boss fight how an ideal strategy on how you defeat them via trial and error. It is difficult but never feels impossible and if you like it’s early looney tunes style aesthetic and want a punishingly difficult 2D platformers then you owe it to yourself to give Cuphead a try.

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