The Ultimate Candy Crush Pro Players Tips and Tricks

Released in 2012, Candy Crush quickly became one of the top games on Facebook. It’s been around for more than a decade, but the game still has lots of fans up to this day. The game is pretty simple, but can still be challenging especially in the higher levels. Read these ultimate Candy Crush tips and tricks if you want to step up your game.

What is the Game Objective in Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush is a switch-and-match game. You need to match three or more of the same candies by swapping candies on the board. The matched candies will be cleared from the board and replaced by new ones. Matching four or more candies will create unique power-up candies that will clear the board faster.

You will advance to the next level once you complete the goals for that level such as clearing all the jellies or other obstacles, getting all the required ingredients, collecting orders, etc. You will be given a limited number of moves to complete the task.

Where to Play Candy Crush Online?

You can play Candy Crush online through Facebook. You can also download the Candy Crush app on Google Play, App Store, Amazon App Store, and Windows Store.

How Many Levels of Candy Crush are There?

Candy Crush has 12,815 levels on the Windows App and 12,725 levels on other platforms as of the October 12, 2022 update. New levels are usually released every week.

What are the Different Types of Levels in Candy Crush?

Currently, there are four different types of levels in Candy Crush.

  • Jelly – Clear all the jellies on the board in a certain amount of moves.
  • Ingredients – Bring all the ingredients down to the exits
  • Candy Order – Collect all orders by collecting certain amounts and types of candies and/or making a certain number of combinations
  • Rainbow Rapids – Clear the path to collect rainbow candies

Aside from the above, there is also a mixed mode wherein the level has two different objectives across different level types: for example, clearing all the jellies and collecting ingredients.

The timed and moves mode had been removed from Candy Crush.

What are the Regular Candies on Candy Crush?

There are six regular candies on Candy Crush: the jelly bean (red), the lozenge (orange), the teardrop (yellow), the pillow (green), the planet (blue), and the flower (purple).

What are the Special Candies in Candy Crush?

You can create special candies by matching four or more candies in a particular shape.

  • Striped candy – match four candies of the same color in a line. Whether the stripe will be horizontal or vertical will depend on if you swapped horizontally or vertically to make the match.
  • Wrapped candy – match five candies in a T or L shape.
  • Color Bomb candy – match five candies in a line.

Aside from the above, there are also special candies that you cannot create and just spawn in the game in certain levels.

  • Jelly Fish
  • Coconut wheel
  • Lucky candy

How to Activate Special Candies in Candy Crush?

You can match the special candies with other candies to activate special abilities and help you clear your board faster.

  • Swapping a striped candy with a regular candy will clear the row or column depending on the direction of the stripes
  • Swapping a wrapped candy with a regular candy will clear the surrounding eight candies.
  • Swapping a color bomb candy with a regular candy will clear all the candies of the same color.

You can also combine two special candies to create a more powerful special ability. Below are the possible combinations of the special candies and their special abilities.

  • striped candy + striped candy — Both candies will detonate, with one always being horizontal and the other always being vertical, like a cross.
  • striped candy + wrapped candy –This will create one giant super candy which clears multiple rows both horizontally and vertically
  • striped candy + color bomb candy–This will transform all candies of the color of the striped candy to striped candies, alternating between horizontal and vertical in reading order. Then they will go off from top to bottom. 
  • wrapped candy + wrapped candy — This will create a mass explosion that will clear a 6×5 rectangle surrounding the two candies and then the two wrapped candies will explode again, clearing 5×5 square.
  • wrapped candy + color bomb –Every candy of swapped wrapped candy’s colour into a wrapped candy and activates all of them.
  • color bomb + color bomb–Clears the entire board of candies and then each explodes, though not affecting anymore candy surrounding it. It can affect all blockers in the latest version.
  • jelly fish candy + striped candy –Creates three striped fish which converts and activates eaten candies into striped candy
  • jelly fish candy + wrapped candy–creates three wrapped jelly fish which converts and activates eaten candies into wrapped candy
  • jelly fish candy + color bomb candy –creates three color bomb jelly fish which converts and activates eaten candies into color bomb candy
  • coconut wheel + wrapped candy–converts a whole column or row of candies into wrapped candies
  • coconut wheel + striped candy –converts three candies to Striped Candies, then reappears, turning another three candies into Striped Candies and activates them
  • coconut wheel + color bomb–Converts a whole row/column of candies into Striped Candy and activates them

What are the Power Ups or Boosters in Candy Crush?

A booster or a power up is an item that can help the player pass the level. There are many types of boosters, some should be used immediately and some can be stocked and saved for later. Some can be activated before the game starts, others can be activated during the game. Some boosters are also used as a consolation in a losing situation. Some boosters can only be used in certain level-type.

Boosters can be obtained by paying gold or by completing in events or watching ads. You need to unlock boosters first by completing a certain level except for the +3 extra moves.

  • Jelly fish — can be used in jelly modes only. Using this booster will add jelly fish candies into the candy mix that will summon three jelly fish to eat random candies with jellies.
  • Coconut wheel – can be used in ingredients modes only. Using this booster will turn three candies into striped candies
  • Lucky Candy -unlocks at level 131 and can be used in order and ingredients levels. This booster adds Lucky Candy to the candy mix, which will transform into useful candy when removed.
  • Party Popper Booster-unlocks at level 29. It clears the board when activated.
  • Lollipop Hammer– unlocks at level 7. Use it to smash a candy or jelly.
  • UFO Booster–unlocks at level 21. This is booster will summon a UFO that will put three wrapped candies on the board.
  • Striped Brush–unlocks at level 37. It turns a candy into an striped candy.
  • Bomb cooler — This is a consolation booster that only appears when there is a candy bomb on board. It adds five extra moves to candy bombs.
  • Free switch — It allows you to switch two candies that don’t match.
  • Striped and wrapped booster– This booster allows you to start a game with a striped and a wrapped candy.
  • Striped candy booster –It appears only in consolation message. When activated, a random candy becomes a striped candy.
  • +5 Extra moves — Adds five extra moves.
  • +3 Extra moves –Adds three extra moves. This booster is sent by friends. It lets you start the level with three extra moves.

What are Gold Crowns in Candy Crush?

A gold crown will be awarded to the player if they complete the level on the first try.

What are Sugar Stars in Candy Crush?

Sugar stars are used to mark mastery of levels and are awarded to the player if they achieve twice the score required for three star goals.

What are Blockers in Candy Crush?

Blockers obstructs matches and create obstacles by doing one or more of the following: prevent the player from accessing the candy, prevent the candies from taking up the space until the blockers are cleared, prevent a special candy from performing it’s normal function, replace candies, and other ways.

Most blockers don’t drop like candies and some can have several layers..

Here’s the list of the common blockers in Candy Crush.

  • Frosting – prevents candies from taking up space
  • Chocolate – multiplies and replaces adjacent candy when none is broken within a move.
  • Dark Chocolate – behaves like the chocolate, but tougher
  • Licorice Lock –locks candies, preventing them from being switched
  • Licorice Swirl –drops down like a candy, resistant to striped candy
  • Bomb–limits the number of available moves unless cleared
  • Magic Mixer -generates items on the board

How to Clear Jellies and Other Obstacles

To clear the jellies, match the candies on the square with the jellies or use special candies. For double jellies, you need to do the procedure again to clear them.

For other blockers like chocolates, meringue, and licorice swirls, you need to match the candies adjacent to them or use special candies that will affect them.

To clear licorice locks, you need to match a like colored candy to the one contained in the licorice lock or use a special candy combination.

How Long Does it Take to Replenish a Life?

You will start with five lives in the game. You lose a life every time you fail to pass a level. It takes 30 minutes to replenish one life. If you fail consecutively and run out of lives, you have to wait until one life is replenished before you can continue the game. You can also buy refill lives with gold which you have to buy with real money.

Top Candy Crush Tips and Tricks

  • Start at the bottom. Doing this will likely create chain reactions and crush more candies.
  • Think ahead. Don’t just match any candies. Try your best to create special candies and try to maneuver special candies to create combos. This strategy will help you win the hard levels. Combos will help you get to hard to reach places.
  • Take care of threats first. Chocolates grow back, so deal with them first if they appear on your board. Number bombs should also be prioritized especially low number ones. Likewise, other blockers prevent you from matching other candies so try to clear them out first if they are on your board.
  • Use your special candies strategically. Striped candies won’t affect the candies after the licorice. So better use the striped candies where it can be more useful.
  • Avoid moving ingredients to the edges where it is harder to make matches.
  • Clear the jellies on the edges first. Corners and bottoms are hard to get rid of so concentrate on them first as much as possible.
  • If there’s a row or licorice locks, it is best to use a striped candy to destroy them at once than to take them one by one.
  • Save your boosters for tough levels.
  • Accept gifts only when needed. When your life is at maximum capacity, don’t accept an extra life from your friend because that would only be wasted.
  • Play the daily spins to collect boosters.

Candy Crush Cheats

If you run out of lives and you don’t want to buy or wait for another 30 minutes, you can temporarily change the time and date on your device. Set the time forward by three hours on your phone to trick the program. Be sure to close your Candy Crush game first before you do this and wait for two minutes or so before you open it again.

If you are dealt with bad board, you can reset it without losing your life. This will work as long as you didn’t make any moves yet. Just hit the home icon and click exit. When you go back to the level, the board will be reset. This will work only on the mobile version of the game and not on Facebook game.

Summing Up

Candy Crush is a simple yet challenging game. Advancing to the next level requires both luck and skill. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you get better scores and reach higher levels.