The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Mo Creatures

If you love Minecraft and want to spice up your gameplay with some new and exciting creatures, then you need to check out the Mo Creatures mod!

In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything from what Mo’ Creatures are and how to install the mod to taming Mo’ Creatures Mobs and the different types of creatures.

Let’s get started!

What are Mo’ Creatures?

Minecraft Mo’ Creatures is an expansive mod for the popular video game Minecraft.

This mod adds over 50 different animals and monsters to your world, each with its own unique behaviors, abilities, and appearances, including chickens, horses, foxes, snakes, sharks, turtles, and even mammoths!

It also adds a variety of new items like saddles, food, and armor. Mo’ Creatures has been around since 2011 and has been updated many times since then, making it one of the most popular mods in the Minecraft community.

Mo’ Creatures isn’t just about adding new mobs, however. It also changes the way mobs interact with each other, adding a variety of unique behavior that can be observed in the game.

For example, some mobs will actively hunt other mobs, while others will become friends and follow the player around. Mo’ Creatures also adds an entirely new approach to farming, as some animals can be bred and tamed while others can be ridden and kept in stables.

The possibilities are endless with Mo’ Creatures, and getting lost in the various new features is easy. Whether you’re looking to fill your world with new creatures and activities or find a way to make your farming and breeding more efficient, Mo’ Creatures can take your Minecraft experience to the next level.

How to Install Mo’ Creatures Mod?

If you want to add a new and exciting dimension to your Minecraft experience, Mo’ Creatures Mod is a great choice to do so. This mod adds a variety of new creatures to the game, ranging from friendly animals to monsters and mythical beasts.

To install Mo’ Creatures Mod, you will first need to download the correct version of Forge, which is the necessary software for running mods.

Once you have downloaded the version, launch Minecraft and select ‘Forge’ from the Mods menu. Once this has been done, click on ‘Open Mods Folder’ and then drag the downloaded Forge installer into the folder.

After that, open the Forge installer and select the ‘Install Client’ option. This will install Forge onto Minecraft. Once the installation is complete, launch Minecraft again. You should now see a ‘Mods’ button at the bottom of the main menu. Select it and then find the Mo’ Creatures Mod within it.

Next, you will need to download the Mo’ Creatures Mod zip file. This can be acquired from the official site. Once it has been downloaded, unzip the file and copy the contents into the ‘Mods’ folder. This is typically found in the ‘.minecraft’ folder. After you have finished copying the files, you should be ready to launch the mod.

To do this, select the ‘Singleplayer’ option from the main menu and then click on the ‘Open to LAN’ button. You will then see a new window with an option to enable ‘Mods and Resource Packs.’ Enable this option and select the Mo’ Creatures Mod. Once you have done this, the game will launch with the mod enabled.

Now all you have to do is wait and explore! Be sure to be careful, as some of the new creatures in the mod can be dangerous. Have fun, and enjoy the new creatures and worlds Mo’ Creatures Mod offers!

Taming Mo’ Creatures Mobs

Mo’ Creatures Mobs can be tamed using a wide variety of items and tools, including raw fish, carrots, wheat, hay, leather, apples, and other items that can be found in-game.

Before taming, you’ll need to locate the mob you want to tame and make sure they’re not already hostile. Once you’ve found one, you can then begin the taming process.

Raw Fish

One of the most common methods of taming mobs is with raw fish. Each mob has its preferred type of fish, so be sure to check what type each one likes before attempting to tame them.

When trying to tame a mob with raw fish, simply cast the fish near the mob and wait for them to eat it. If the taming is successful, the mob will start following you around and behave in a friendly manner.

Carrots, Wheat, and Hay

Carrots, wheat, and hay can also be used to tame mobs, but they’re better suited for taming animals like horses, donkeys, and cows. Simply feed the mob with the item, and it should start to follow you around and become friendly.


Leather is another great item for taming mobs, and it’s best suited for taming wolves. Simply cast the leather near the wolf and wait for it to eat it. Once it’s eaten, the wolf will become friendly and will start following you around.


The last item on the list is apples, and they can be used to tame horses, donkeys, cows, and llamas. Simply cast the apple near the mob and wait for them to eat it. Once it’s eaten, the mob will become friendly and will start following you around.

Taming a mob using these methods requires patience, but the rewards are worth it once you have a loyal companion to accompany you on your adventures. With the right items, you can make friends with a wide variety of creatures in the world of Mo’ Creatures.

Types of Creatures

Minecraft Mo Creatures is a mod that was developed by DrZhark and released in 2010. The mod adds a variety of interesting and unique mobs to the game of Minecraft. This mod adds a wide variety of animals, monsters, and mythical creatures for players to interact with and explore.


One of the most prominent features of Minecraft Mo Creatures is the addition of many different types of animals. This includes land animals such as bunnies, turtles, and wild boars, aquatic animals such as dolphins, fish, and crabs, and even birds such as parrots, chickens, and owls.

Many of these animals can be tamed and interacted with, giving players a much richer experience within the game.


The Minecraft Mo Creatures mod also adds a wide variety of monsters. This includes many different types of monsters that vary in strength and size, such as wolves, zombies, and skeletons.

It also adds new bosses, such as the Kraken and the Ender Dragon, both of which require a great deal more skill and strategy to defeat. All of these mobs add a great deal of challenges and excitement to the game, making it a much more interesting and engaging experience.

Mythical Creatures

One of the most exciting aspects of Minecraft Mo Creatures is the addition of legendary and mythical creatures.

This includes creatures such as unicorns, pegasus, and manticores, all of which can be found in certain biomes or summoned into the game using special items. These creatures are often very powerful and provide players with an extra layer of challenge.

New Items

In addition to new creatures, Mo Creatures also adds a variety of new items to Minecraft. These include saddles, armor, and food for the new creatures. You can also find new materials, such as fur and hides, which can be used to craft new items.

Gameplay Changes

Mo Creatures also makes some changes to the gameplay in Minecraft. For example, some new creatures are hostile, so you must be careful when exploring new areas. You may also need to adjust your strategies when it comes to farming and resource gathering, as some of the new creatures can be a bit more challenging to deal with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ride all the new creatures added by Mo Creatures?

No, not all the creatures added by Mo Creatures can be ridden. Some creatures can be tamed and ridden, such as horses, but others, like the werewolf, cannot be ridden.

Can I breed all the new creatures added by Mo Creatures?

No, not all creatures can be bred. Some creatures, like wyverns, cannot be bred.

How do I tame a creature in Mo Creatures?

To tame a creature in Mo Creatures, you need to give it a specific type of food. For example, horses can be tamed with apples, while big cats can be tamed with raw fish.

Can I customize the creatures in Mo Creatures?

Yes, you can customize some of the creatures by breeding them. You can create new offspring with unique traits by breeding two creatures together.

Can I play Mo Creatures with other mods?

Yes, Mo Creatures is compatible with most other Minecraft mods. However, checking for compatibility issues before installing new mods is always a good idea.

Is Mo Creatures available on all versions of Minecraft?

No, Mo Creatures is only available on certain versions of Minecraft. You should check the mod’s website or forum thread to see if it’s compatible with your version of the game.

How can I find the new creatures added by Mo Creatures?

The new creatures can be found in various biomes in the game. For example, horses can be found in plains biomes, while wyverns can be found in desert biomes. Some creatures, like dolphins, can only be found in specific areas, such as oceans.

How do I uninstall Mo Creatures?

To uninstall Mo Creatures, simply remove the mod’s files from your Minecraft directory. You can also use a mod manager to uninstall the mod more easily. Be sure to save any custom content or progress before removing the mod.


The Mo Creatures mod is a great way to add more variety and fun to your Minecraft experience. It offers a lot of content and customization options for both casual and hardcore players.

Whether you want to explore new biomes, collect new pets, or fight new enemies, this mod has something for everyone.

No matter how you choose to play, Mo’ Creatures mod adds an exciting and enjoyable experience to the world of Minecraft. Happy crafting!