Where is Zur? Get Exotic Armor, Weapons, And Items For Destiny 2 this Week

Are you looking for the best exotic armor, weapons, and recommendations for Destiny 2 to buy from Xur? We’re here to help.

We’ll tell you where and how to find Xur and what he sells so you know exactly what to look out for.

Destiny 2 and Zur

Destiny 2 is a popular multiplayer first-person shooter game that has been enjoyed by gamers around the world since its release in 2017.

One of the key aspects of Destiny 2 that players love is the wide range of exotic armor and weapons available in the game.

Zur is an enigmatic character in Destiny 2 who appears every weekend to sell exotic weapons and armor to players.

Zur is known for offering some of the most powerful and sought-after exotic items in the game, which can only be obtained through him for a limited period.

Where Is Xur?

Zur can appear in the Tower, the Reef, or wherever he can find unsuspecting Guardians. Knowing where Xur is located can be tricky, as he moves around the map quite often.

However, Bungie tends to announce his location on its website and social media feeds, so be sure to keep an eye out for the latest news.

How to Find Xur

Players can find him by looking for an icon on the destination map that represents his location.

Once players find the icon, they will be taken to a specific destination. Xur can be found in public spaces, landing zones, or lost sectors. He may also appear in social spaces like the Tower, The Reef, or The Farm.

Once players find Xur, they can view the items he has for sale in his inventory. It is also possible to preview items without purchasing them, though Xur will only accept legendary shards as payment.

Once players decide on an item that they want to purchase from Xur, they can purchase it using their legendary shards.

Xur’s inventory changes each week, so players should check back often to see what new items are available for purchase.

What Does Xur Sell?

Xur is a vendor in Destiny 2 that sells exotic armor and weapons. He appears at different locations on Fridays and is gone on Tuesdays.

He offers a rotating stock of exotic weapons and armor each week, so it’s worth checking his location and stock every

Friday to find the newest items available. He also sells one Fated Engram every week, which contains one random exotic item.

Xur usually offers a selection of five exotic weapons and three exotic armor pieces for each class. He also has a choice of Exotics for Power (the latest expansion).

Weapons usually cost 29 Legendary Shards, and Armor pieces usually cost 23 Legendary Shards.

Xur’s stock is often tied to current events, including Moments of Triumph, the Festival of the Lost, and Iron Banner.

In addition, Xur often brings one weapon and one piece of armor from a previous expansion, giving you the opportunity to obtain a weapon or armor piece you may have missed out on earlier.

Xur also occasionally sells exotic consumables like Three of Coins, which increases the chances of getting an exotic drop in the world and public activities.

He also offers Strange Coins and Motes of Light, which can be exchanged for rewards from vendor vendors.

Xur is a great source of exotic weapons and armor, as well as other exotic items. He offers a rotating selection of items each week, so it’s important to check in each Friday to see what he is offering this week.

Where is Zur Today? (March 31-April 4)

Zur is currently on the EDZ at Winding Cove until April 4.

What does Zur Currently Sell?

  • Trinity Ghoul–Exotic Combat Bow
  • Gwisin Vest–Exotic Chest Armor
  • One-Eyed Mask–Exotic Helmet
  • Apotheosis Veil–Exotic Helmet
  • Hawkmoon–Eye of the Storm
  • Dead Man’s Tale–Moving Target

Visit Zur Before it’s Too Late

Zur is an important character in Destiny 2 who appears every weekend to offer players a chance to purchase unique exotic gear.

By knowing where to find him and how to access his inventory, players can obtain some of the best weapons and armor available in the game.

This week’s selection includes the Trinity Ghoul, Gwisin Vest, One-Eyed Mask, Apotheosis Veil, Hawkmoon, and Dead Man’s Tale.

Each of these items offers unique perks and benefits that can help players succeed in various game modes and situations.

Whether you’re a Hunter, Titan, or Warlock, there’s an exotic item out there that can help you become an even more formidable force in the game. So be sure to visit Zur this week and check out his inventory!