Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting? (5 Easy Fixes)

How To Fix Xbox one controller disconnecting

I’m sure you’re getting frustrated as your Xbox One controller keeps on disconnecting during play. It happened to me as well a few times, so I researched the internet trying to find a solution to this problem

  • Update your Xbox One controllers firmware
  • Charge your Xbox One controller
  • You could have a faulty or weak battery
  • Power cycle your Xbox One console(restart)
  • Replace the batteries

So these are the simple reasons why your Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting. I will go into detail with various methods and how exactly you can troubleshoot your Xbox One controller.

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How To Trouble Shoot Your Disconnecting Xbox One Controller

Power Cycle Your Xbox One Console

Power cycling is completely restarting your Xbox One, this is the first thing you should do whenever you’re having hardware or software problems with the Xbox or the controller.

Now power cycling is just a soft reset, so all your save files and games will be completely safe, rest assured.

  1. Hold your Xbox button on the front of your Xbox One console for around 10 seconds to turn it off
  2. Press the Xbox button on the console to turn it back on
  3. Check your controller and see if it has fixed your disconnection problem

Check out this handy video on power cycle your Xbox One if you prefer it explained visually

Update Your Controllers Firmware

Maybe your Xbox One controller has incorrect or outdated firmware which could be causing your disconnection issues. If you cannot use your controller at all, you will need to borrow or friends or get another controller to issue the update

  1. Connect a USB cable into your Xbox one and your controller
  2. Go the menu button on your controller
  3. Navigate to settings>Devices & Accessories
  4. Select the controller that’s having issues
  5. Select update>continue
  6. If your system says “No updates needed” your firmware is up to date, if not just wait for the update to complete
  7. Check your controller and see how if it works

Take a look at this video that makes navigating the Xbox one menu to reset your controller that much easier

Reposition Your Xbox Controller & Console

Your Xbox one controller may be disconnecting because you are out of range, try to bring your controller as close as possible to see if the connection issue is resolved.

Also, make sure your Xbox One is facing directly in front of your Xbox one controller to give yourself the best connection possible.

Replace Your Batteries Or Recharge Your Battery Pack

How To Fix Xbox one controller disconnecting

The lower your Xbox One’s controllers battery charges the more likely it will disconnect, use the home button to verify it has enough power. If you find your battery is always low, then your disconnection issues could be related to a faulty controller battery or batteries.

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Reconnect Your Controller

How To Fix Xbox one controller disconnecting

Reconnecting your Xbox One controller to your console is a way to rebuild the connection and ideally prevent your Xbox One controller from annoyingly disconnecting

With a wired controller, it is simple, as you just unplug the cable and plug it back in if the problem continues either try a different USB port or buy another cable such as this one from Amazon and see if the fixes the issue

Follow the following steps if you have a wireless controller

  1. Hold down the wireless connect button on your controller located on the back on the controller near the shoulder buttons, until you see the Xbox button flashes and then stays constant
  2. Press and release the wireless connect button
  3. Within 20 seconds press the wireless connect button again, if the Xbox button switches to a solid light then it’s connected
  4. See if your disconnection problem continues

Check out the video below for an issue way on how to do it

Try Another Controller

If you have another controller or borrow your friends try it on your console to see if you still have a connection issue. If your second controller works fine then you likely need a replacement controller which you can find the best price on Amazon here

If your second controller is having the same issue, your Xbox One console could be faulty and needs to be serviced, check out your standard limited warranty here in the official Microsoft website, this will differ depending on your country.

How Long Does The Xbox One Controller Stay on For?

Your Xbox One controller should last up to 30 hours of use when fully charged. This is similar to the Nintendo Switch Pro controller and far far better than the PS4 Dualshock 4 which is a pathetic 7 hours-ish hours.

How To Check Your Xbox One Controllers Warranty

Now you must go to this official Microsoft website and submit the serial number that you can find inside the battery compartment below the barcode

  • Your controller serial number will be 14 characters long and does not include dashes
  • Your controller must have been activated for more than 24 hours
  • If you have an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series, 2 the 14 characters serial number is the lower centre on the back of the controller

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