Will Any HDMI Cable Work For Nintendo Switch? (Don’t Waste Money!)

The Nintendo Switch comes with a special Nintendo branded HDMI cable, but will any random HDMI cable work with your Nintendo Switch, and if so does this affect the quality of the picture? Read on to find out.

Any HDMI cable works with the Nintendo Switch, you do not need a special Nintendo branded HDMI to connect your Switch with your TV.

I’ve connected my Switch to my TV with many different HDMI cables and they all worked just fine, the picture quality also didn’t change. See my video here for proof.

I will explain which Nintendo Switch can connect to the TV and if you can use a USB C to HDMI cable for the Switch. Read on to find out!

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Which Nintendo Switch Can connect To A TV?

The Nintendo Switch can connect to a TV using an HDMI cable and 1st party or third party Switch dock, the Nintendo Switch Lite cannot connect to a TV as it’s a hand held only console.

To see if a Nintendo Switch is worth it for adults see my post, to find how if the Nintendo Switch Lite, the handheld only Switch is worth it see my post here.

Can You Use USB C to HDMI Adapter For Nintendo Switch?

USB C to HDMI adapters work with the Nintendo Switch and connect to any HDMI TV. They are cheaper than the Switch dock, more portable, and also keeps your Switch charged whilst docked, they also work for laptops and other devices like televisions.

The switch dock needs a 15V power supply that can deliver 39W the Switch can only pull 2A at 7.5 W so it needs a lot of power whilst docked.

Whilst docked the Switch needs a 39W+USB-C power supply that can operate at 15V this is hard to find but the AC adapter included in the Switch(see it on Amazon) is your best option for powering the Switch whilst docked.

The switch charger has two modes it power the switch under, undocked mode, and docked mode. When the Switch is docked it ‘switches'(see what I did) to 1080p so it needs extra money and Switch runs it’s GPU and CPU at a higher mode.

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