26 Best PS4 Accessories (Gamers Guide)

The PS4 is a fantastic console and it comes with literally 100s of different accessories for you to choose from. They vary from cheap to expensive but how do you know which one is best for you?

Fortunately, as my personal duty as thegamingman, I put together the most packed list of only the best 26 PS4 accessories out there, so enough talking let’s get to the accessories!

PS4 Controllers

1.SCUF Vantage 2 Controller For PS4

I personally like the Dualshock 4 but it is not perfect, the poor 8-hour battery life that only gets worse as your controller ages and the Dualshock 4 is quite small and it can get uncomfortable during longer gaming sessions

The Scuf Vantage 2 is shaped more like an Xbox One controller but it is officially licensed for the PS4. What makes it special is you can remap the entire controller such as back paddles allowing you to jump and shoot at the same time without releasing the joystick which is a massive advantage in games like OverWatch & Fortnite.

It also has it’s own buttons on the side called SAX buttons and you can completely change everything from the length of the triggers to the sensitivity & tension which is a must for serious FPS gamers. Most of the controller can be interchanged from the thumbsticks, d-pads triggers, paddles and much more.

Also, it has a built-in audio touch bar that allows you to easily adjust the volume of your game without needing to fight the couch monster for your TV remote

Now I know it is quite expensive, but it is the very best controller you can get for your PS4. If you are serious about gaming and what the absolute best controller with a tremendous amount of customisation from the settings to the hardware, the Scuf Vantage 2 really is the only choice.

Watch the Review below and Get it from Amazon here

2.DualShock 4 2018 Version

If your old PS4 controller is finished or you want another one to play multiplayer games then the newer Dualshock 4 is the ideal controller to play PS4. Although Xbox has always had the upper hand with controllers this generation of Dualshock 4 comes close despite they’re problems.

The newer version has better battery life, easier to press L2& R2 buttons a revamped lightbar and the ability to connect via the USB to reduce latency. The biggest issue I have with PS4 controllers is their longevity but despite this, they are fantastic controllers and third-party cheaper alternatives just don’t cut it.

Check out this comparison between the old and the new DualShock to get a better understanding or maybe buy another one so you constantly have fully charged Dualshock 4 ready to go with your charging station!

3.Nacon Revolution Pro Controller V3

Now do you want a premium controller to give you an edge in multiplayer games but don’t want to splash out on the rather expensive Scuf controller? Well the officially licensed Nacon V3 for PS4/PC is your saviour! It has Xbox One controller comfort and like the Scuf has the ability to adjust your game volume directly from the controller.

Both wireless and wired connections are supported with customisable sticks, shortcut buttons, directional pad and vibration motors and custom weights to suit your unique needs. You can completely remap the controller’s button layout and the sensitivity of the sticks. to help you BEST maximise those headshots!

Nacon really went all out with this controller, but check out the review below to get a better understanding before purchasing it.

4.PlayStation 4 Mini Wired Gamepad

Do you have little children? I remember when I used to play PS2 and my little 3-year-old brother was amazed whilst I played Spiderman 2 I remember giving him the controller and letting him walk up walls as Spiderman and seeing the pure joy in his face 🙂

The point is, kids, LOVE games and they have been proven to be mentally beneficial for the brain, don’t believe me? Check out this scientific study by the academic journal PLOS ONE as playing Mario 64 was proven to have increased brain matter in older adults!

The issue is the PS4 controller is quite small but with the Mini Wired Gamepad, you get a fully licensed Sony controller that is 40% smaller than the Dualshock 4 with an easy-grip with all the essential controls. So your kid can game happy, now it’s still a good controller for normal-sized hands but it lacks some features like a light bar and headphone jack so be mindful.

Check out a review of the controller down below, it’s recommended for ages 6+

5.Evil Controllers Totally Customized PS4 Controller

The issue with purchasing different skins for your Dualshock 4 controllers is whilst there’s some customisation something is missing no why can’t you build your own from scratch?

Evil controllers allow you to build a completely unique Dualshock 4 from the ground up, from the colour to change the back grip adding custom tactical buttons such as unique paddles and hairpin triggers and all the button colours can be changed. You can mod the control for rapid firing that is basically cheating in games like COD I don’t condone it but the option is there.

The firmware is constantly updated and you get a 90-day warranty with every purchase. The base controller starts at $69.95 and gets more expensive the crazier additions you purchase. Yes it can be expensive and there are other premium controllers but they lack the absolute customisation evil controllers give you.

Check out a review of the service down below


1..Razer Panthera Evo Tournament Arcade Stick OFFICIAL FOR PS4(Amazon Link)

Whilst you can play fighting games such as Mortal Komat 11 and Tekken 7 with a standard PS4 controller nothing will compare to an arcade stick. The Razer Panthera pro is one of the most responsive arcade fighter controllers you can buy today.

You can completely customise the controller’s parts and outwork to your heart’s content even right down to the circuit board! Any arcade stick will revolutionise your fighting game experience but Razer Panthera was built specifically for the PS4 and even includes a functional share button so you can brag to your friends about an amazing comeback with a TouchPad included.

2.Logitech Gaming Wheel with Responsive Pedals

Now I am not the biggest driving game fan aside from Motor storm 1 on the PS3 and GTA but surely it makes sense getting a gaming wheel for that truly immersive experience? This sony licensed Logitech wheel & pedals gives you realistic steering & pedal action that is built to last with leather stitching and durable steel ball barring.

You get feedback as you drive, making the racing immersion more real with the ability to accelerate break and change gears like a real car! Save money on driving lessons and learn with Logitech! All the controls you need are located on the wheel together with paddle shifters and pretty blue neon lights.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the detailed review below budget steering wheels just don’t cut it as they lack most of the. features which make the Logitech wheel special.

PS4 Controller Charging Options

1.AmazonBasics 10-Foot Micro USB Charging Cable

Now, this is not the most flashy accessory but if you don’t want to invest in a charging controller stand or you lack a USB port in your sofa like me 🙂 consider investing in AmazonBasics 10-foot USB charging cable it lacks a WOW factor but it charges just fine.

It’s long enough to fit most setups and allows you to charge your battery starved Dualshock 4 from the comfort of your sofa rather than sitting on the floor like a gaming peasant.

One problem people have with Sony this generation is the Dualshock 4 and a lot of people prefer the weighty more comfortable 40 plus battery life Xbox One controller. Although with the Gam3Gear Brook adapter you can use your Xbox One controller with your PS4 together with custom gamepads, joysticks, mouse & keyboard and racing wheels!

You can even completely remap the controller for your PS4 together with your own unique custom configuration that best benefits you. It also comes with a Bluetooth adapter for PS4 wireless play with no delay as it’s hardwired so rest assured and game in peace.

Check out a demo on how to use the product and a review down below

2.BEBONCOOL PS4 Charging Station

Ever had a dead PS4 controller that ruined your gaming experience? Well, the Beboncool PS4 charging station will stop this from ever happening again! Charge any 2 Dualshock 4 wirelessly in only 2 hours, and save space in your setup by proudly displaying any custom Dualshock 4 skins you have for everyone to admire!

Bebencool is the number 1 PS4 charger brand on Amazon and it’s so convenient always having one DualShock 4 fully charged ready to go. Buy from Amazon in the link above and check a review of the charging station down below.

PS4 Controller Accessories

1.Nyko Intercooler Grip For PS4

I remember as a teenager playing for hours on end and my fingers oozing with perspiration and sweat, yuck not a pretty sight but thankfully for teenagers now this can all be avoided with the Nyjo Intercool Grip for PS4.

The cooling systems attach to the base of your Dualshock 4 and a high-quality fan delivers fresh delicious cold air right into the palm of your formerly sweaty hands. Thankfully it does not deplete your Dualshock 4’s poor battery as it’s powered by an internal battery back and fits snug in your hands which does not affect your gaming.

If you find you sweat a lot and it interrupts your gaming session the Nyko Intercooler Grip should make those sweaty palms disappear, and giving someone a handshake after a gaming session will not be gross any longer. So gamers shake away!

Check out a review of the controller attachment down below

2.KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy

Have you ever wanted a little more precision for your controllers? Keep on getting killed from behind in Apex/Fortnite? Well the KontrolFreek FPS galaxy could revolutionise your gaming experience and get you those wins!

The pair of grips will increase your controller’s accuracy with an enhanced height of 6.55 mm on the left stick and 10.00 mm on the right stick. This greatly improves your aiming precision on FPS and would jump your K/D ratio right up.

KontrolFreek has made custom sticks since PS3/360 and the sticks will actually reduce the general wear and tear on your controllers’ thumbsticks. If you play FPS this is a MUST buy for your PS4 and honestly it will improve your user experience no matter what game you play.

Check out this review of the sticks here and get the best price from Amazon here


3.KontrolFreek Performance Grips for PlayStation 4 

Another issue the Dualshock 4 has is the grip. I’ve noticed the Xbox One controller has a far superior grip. The issue is when you get sweaty gamer hands your hands will start slipping from the grip and your gaming sessions will suffer.

These easy to apply KontrolFreek grips provide an added foam cushioning layer for improved comfort and support, whilst optimising airflow for keeping your sweaty gamer hands cool. They don’t leave a mark when removed so you can easily be swapped out & repositioned if you want to change controllers or give them to a. friend.

Check out a review of the KontrolFreek grips down below.


 4.eXtremeRate® 60 Light Bar Stickers For PS4 Controller

The Dualshock 4s lightbar is one of its distinguishing features but a lot of people think it’s too bright and it can get annoying even on the lowest settings. Thankfully the ExtremeRate Light Bar decal stickers come with 60 different colour prints for your controller to hide that blue light!

The designs are as gorgeous as they are varied and range from Call Of Duty, Marvel to Resident Evil. Since you get so many they make perfect gifts that any PS4 gamer would appreciate to spice up they’re controllers

Check out the official video from eXtremeRates Youtube channel to get a taste of how the 60 different designs look

5.DUALSHOCK 4 USB Wireless Adapter

Now if you’re like me you actually like your Dualshock 4 and wonder how best to utilise remote play for your PC and still use your Dualshock 4. Unlike Xbox One you need to purchase an additional USB wireless adapter and the best one is the officially licensed Sony wireless adapter.

Simply plug into your PC and you can play PC games with your Dualshock 4 right away. Check out a tutorial on the product down below

6.Gam3Gear Brook Xbox One Controller To PS4 Adapter

One problem people have with Sony this generation is the Dualshock 4 and a lot of people prefer the weighty more comfortable 40 plus battery life Xbox One controller. Although with the Gam3Gear Brook adapter you can use your Xbox One controller with your PS4 together with custom gamepads, joysticks, mouse & keyboard and racing wheels!

You can even completely remap the controller for your PS4 together with your own unique custom configuration that best benefits you. It also comes with a Bluetooth adapter for PS4 wireless play with no delay as it’s hardwired so rest assured and game in peace.

Check out a demo on how to use the product and a review down below

PS4 Headsets

1.HyperX Cloud – Official Playstation Licensed Gaming Headset for PS4 (Amazon Link)

I love bargains and official licensed HyperX Cloud headset for PS4 is one. Superb build quality with a detachable mic so you can use it in place of normal headphones on the go and it’s not called the cloud without reason as the headset will still be comfortable after hours playing games.

The sound is fantastic and the microphone is digitally enhanced with noise-cancelling giving you a fantastic in-game chat experience. You can also adjust the volume and mute the microphone right from the 3.5 mm cable that goes into your controller without using your PS4s menu settings.

Check out this review for more information but you won’t regret buying these headphones as they can be used for your PC Xbox One and your phone if it still has a headphone jack.

2.Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset

My first Turtle Beach was for the Xbox 360 and I was amazed at how the level of audio improved my COD 4 footsteps just became so loud! Get the modern version of Turtle Beach with the 600s and truly revolutionise your gaming experience at a reasonable price.

The headset can be used for both Xbox One & PC if you purchase a wireless dongle and they offer crisp virtual surround sound that gives you a truly immersive experience, this is a gamechanger and it’s hard to switch back once you hear headphone surround sound.

Turtle Beach is famed for comfort and they use breathable mesh fabric so your ears don’t burn hot like fire after a 5-hour gaming session. If you’re a nerd like me or have glasses they are designed specifically for you with glasses comfort in mind.

Check out this review of the headphones below

PS4 External Hardrives

1.WD 4TB Elements Portable External Hardrive

Anyone with a PS4 knows the horror of buying a new game knowing you need to delete one of your beloved games to make space. However, with the WD 4TB, leave all those evil memories in the past.

It is one of the most reliable versatile and convenient HDDs you can purchase. It is very compact as well being no bigger than a smartphone like the iPhone X and it looks like a mini mini PS4 so it will fit right at home in your home gaming setup.

Bigger is better for HDD’s as you get the best savings and better value with storage space. With 4TBs you have enough space for 50 AAA+ games and many other game DLCs and smaller games from the PS store. This will last you until the next generation even with tons & tons of game downloads. It is the best PS4 external hard drive today and is specifically built for gaming and can be used with the Xbox One and with PC/Mac so it has more uses outside your PS4.

Check out this review of the external hard drive to get a hands-on look and buy it from Amazon here

PS4 Carrying Cases

1.USA GEAR Console Carrying Case

Ever needed to bring your PS4 over to a friends house or want to travel with your console safe & secure with you? Well, what you need is a carrying case for your console and USA gear has created an affordable robust carrying case for every PS4 model and it even fits the PS3 and the Xbox One if you have both systems like I do!

You have to be careful with cases as sometimes your console just won’t fit, this isn’t the case(get it haha) with the USA gear console travelling case, as the main pocket will protect the PS4 with Accessory Storage for Controllers, Cables, Headsets and a Padded Shoulder Strap for added comfort!

Whilst this is more expensive than its competitors surely it makes sense giving your expensive trusty PS4 all the protection it needs? The upcoming PS5 will likely fit in this case as well if the bulky PS3 does, so what’s there to lose?

Check out a review of the USA Gear Console carrying case down below

2.ENHANCE Universal Gaming Backpack

Think a shoulder bag is too nerdy? How about a gaming backpack that can actually fit two different consoles! The backpack has dedicated storages areas, for everything from laptops, keyboards VR headsets and much more.

Need to organise the various accessories you have? No problem as the font storage compartment has various different places you can fit everything from gaming mice, gaming discs to controllers and more The bag is waterproof with a padded lined design that offers solid resistance against bumps and scratches, you don’t want your PS4 Pro to get damaged, do you!

All ENHANCE gaming products come with a 3-year warranty so know you’re not paying a premium for no reason. I believe with things like bags for your expensive electronic goods you’re better off paying more and a poor quality one could seriously damage your expensive electronics.

Check out the review of the bag down below

PS4 Console Accessories

1.Lyes PS4 Cooling Fan

A problem with all electronics, not just consoles is they often overheat and that’s likely why your PS4 sounds like a jet engine(check out how to fix it here) but the Lyes fan looks like it’s part of the console and greatly reduces the heat and how long your PS4 will last you.

Dust is a big reason for console decay and having an external cooling fan will stop both the dust and the heat. It has an automatic cooling mode when your PS4 gets too hot during intensive gaming sessions.

Check it out on Amazon here

2.Kingtop PS4 Cooling Vertical Stand Controller Charger

An issue with all electronics, not just your PS4 electronics usually gets quite hot which can cause internal problems with your machine. All versions of the PS4 have cooling fans but the Kingtop vertical stand has custom build fans that will improve the longevity of your console.

The vertical stand will have your PS4 upright which not only improves wifi connection but helps regulates the natural airflow of your PS4 and helps keep your gaming setup nicely organised, You can even charge two controllers with the stand. Convenience is beautiful and the Kingtop is the King of convenience!

3.Pandaren Ps4 PS1 Skin Sticker Faceplates

I never owned a PS1 but there no doubt it was one of the most important consoles ever and has some games that defined a generation like FF7 & Resident Evil and holds a big place in many gamers hearts.

The Pandaren skin includes precisely cut skins to fit your standard PS4(not pro/slim) and 2 controller skins to really give your modern machine that retro look. Easy instructions are included with easy peel and restick functionality.

Aside from buying the special 20 year anniversary collectors edition PS4 (which you can get here), this is the cheapest way to give your PS4 and 2 controllers that sleek grey retro look. Check out a review of the product below but for a small price, you will get a BIG WOW from your friends.

PS4 VR Headset

1.PS4 VR Headset Buy It Here with 2 Free Games included

The best and only option to have VR gaming right in the comfort of your living room. Most bundles will come with the Playstation camera included There are numerous games that have VR functionality but playing Resident Evil 7 alone by yourself in the dark with VR is a gaming experience that is unmatched. It might be expensive but it is the only option for VR console gaming and is worth the price.

As this console generation ends the PSVR has only improved with an impressive catalogue of games from Resident Evil 7 to Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and the headset is also a virtual theatre equivalent to a 226-inch screen and has a massive collection of free VR content inside Youtube and other apps.

It’s a true PS4 exclusive as the Xbox One has not created a Microsoft equivalent so check out the review here and embrace the exclusivity!

PS4 Capture Card

1.Elgato Game Capture Card HD60 S

What better way to remember your coolest killstreaks and gaming accomplishments than recording/streaming them at gorgeous 1080p 60FPS? If you want to be a gaming Youtuber or a streamer then getting a capture card is a must, as whilst the PS4 inbuilt sharing system is decent it will never be as good as a capture card.

Now I know the Elgato sounds like Italian icecream but the capture card will record with way better quality than your PS4 sharing button and allows easy uploading to Youtube, Twitter, Twitch or Facebook at 1080p 60 FPS. What’s not to like?

If you want to know more, watch the review below


25.PS Vita

Now the PS Vita despite being a commercial failure actually is a very powerful handheld and was let down by awful third party support with a lack of exclusives, but it has had a resurgence in the last few years and was built with the PS4 in mind.

Ever longed to play your PS4 but your significant other or child wants to binge-watch TV? Well the PS Vita solves this problem as it easily supports remote play so you can continue playing God Of War in the living room whilst the Witcher is in the background ahhhh technology! Never have a family fight over the TV again.

Check out this video by the popular PlayStation Youtuber Mystic on why you should buy the PS Vita. It’s his word, not mine! But I sure am tempted!