30 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories (Gamers Guide)

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful consoles ever and has 100s of different accessories to choose from, ranging from cheap to quite expensive.

But what accessories are best for you? I have put together only the very best 30 Switch accessories you can get for your money, so enough talking let’s get busy!

Nintendo Switch Controllers

1.Nintendo Pro Controller (Amazon Link)

Now you will need a controller for your Switch and the Nintendo Pro Controller is the best in the markets, it is expensive but you get what you pay for with its fantastic design, excellent grip feel & lengthy 40-hour battery life and everything working out exactly as it should.

The controller just seems premium and I’ve had mine for a while and it feels like it will last a long time like a GameCube controller. The Bluetooth works from far away and connects to the switch without effort. Unfortunately, it does not include a headphone so bear that in mind.

The Pro controller is one of the best controllers I’ve ever had and can also be used for PC it makes the PS4 Dualshock 4 look cheap in comparison.

Check out a review of the controller here.

2..8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller For Switch/PC/Mac Os (Amazon Link)

Are you a retro gamer? I’m only 24 so I’m a bit too young for the nostalgia but imagine playing all those free NES/SNES games with a retro yet fully wireless and modern controller, sounds cool right?

The 8Bitdo will feed into your nostalgia and will work with your Switch, Android device, PC,macOS & Raspberry pie so you will have a controller for pretty much every device! It has 18-hour battery life with around 1-2 charge time and can also be charged with the attached USB wire.

If your looking for a retro-style controller as a fair price than look no further than the 8Bitdo, the days of schooling your friends on Smash with a retro controller have arrived! It’s a lot more portable than the Pro Controller for when your travelling to take it with you.

Check out a review of the Retro controller down below

3.PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller for Nintendo Switch (Amazon Link)

Did you ever own a GameCube? Then you remember how well made the controller was and it still holds up to this day, so how about an officially licensed modern version?

Power A offers all the expected motion controls with buttons for every Switch game together with the classic large d-pad of the GameCube controller, with 30 hours of gameplay and a 2-year warranty and it is completely wireless.

There’s a reason a lot of Super Smash players still use the GameCube controller as it simply WORKS. Check out a review of Power A down below.

4.Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons(Amazon Link)

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are a massive selling point for the Switch, the ability to have both as a controller only to split them into two is a cool design choice and seeing it advertised is a big reason why the Switch is doing so well.

Out of the Box you have 2 controllers but why not buy another pair of joy-cons so the number of controllers doubles? Now, whenever a group of friends wants to play Super Mario Kart or Super Smash everyone can play and not simply cry in the corner because they have no controller to join in on the fun.

Nintendo has released a lot more colour options from neon yellow to neon yellow/pink so if you want to brag to your friends with your funky new joy-cons feel free.

5.PowerA Wired Zelda Controller(Amazon Link)

Do you want a gorgeous officially licensed Zelda controller with 26 adjustable analogue caps for added control with a removable 10 USB cable? Well Power A has created a beautiful Zelda/Mario styled controller that ticks every box.

You can also connect it to a PC via USB and for around $16-25 it is a steal. when a pair of joy-cons is 2.5 times the price. Check out a review of the controller below but with Power A you expect quality but come on just LOOK at how sexy that Zelda controller is!

6.8Bitdo Lite Bluetooth Gamepad Nintendo Switch (Amazon Link)

8Bitdo makes some of the best controllers in the game and this is a mini version of the one I mentioned earlier. It works with every device from PC to Raspberry Pi with a fantastic responsive D-pad that is a must for fighting games and platformers.

It is super lightweight yet comfortable to use you even have larger hands, this makes it ideal for children or if you only want to use the controller in one hand if your sitting in bed. It is completely wireless with no input lag and has a customisable turbo feature for when you need to button mash.

All in all, it is a fantastic little controller but remember if your game needs an analogue stick to play properly, this won’t work that well. But you can use this for your PC or mobile phone so it has excellent functionality.

Check out a review of the controller below

7.Power A Wired GameCube Controller(Amazon Link)

Now if you don’t have any spare GameCube controllers or don’t want to spend too much the wired Power A controller is about 1/5th the price of the wireless version.

Everything is the same as it’s officially licensed with 2 years of warranty together with all the Switch buttons with full compatibility with all Switch games. The detachable wire is 10 feet/3 metres with a Velcro strap for added protection.

This controller is under $10 and offers fantastic value and you save money on batteries, what’s not to like! Take a peek at a review below.

8.Poké Ball Plus(Amazon Link)

Do you love Pokemon? Because I do, I’m quite a Pokemon nerd and spent many hours both watching the anime/movies and playing all the games. So how about you own a PokéBall for real?

The Poké Ball Plus acts as a controller for Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu; or Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee & Pokémon Go and it will actually light up and vibrate whenever you’re near a Pokemon or Poké Stop in Pokémon Go. Isn’t that cool!

You can take a Pokémon with you and actually earn XP in your day to day life and the Ball comes with Mew in Pokémon Let’s go!! No need for elaborate glitches or cheats to catch the rarest Pokémon ever again!

Check out a review of the Poké Ball Plus below and how it works in Pokemon Lets go. Either way, if you’re a Pokémon fan you cannot go wrong as having a real-life Poké ball has always been a dream for us.

9.HORI D-Pad Controller (L) (Zelda) Officially Licensed(Amazon Link)

One problem the Switch Joy-cons have is the D-pad is awful which is a MASSIVE problem for fighting games and platforms and makes them awkward to play. This gorgeous Zelda /Mario/Pokemon officially licensed product gives you the freedom to play all those games on handheld how they are meant to be played.

Remember this controller lacks the normal joy-con features such as being wireless and having motion controls/rumble but you don’t really need those features for those games anyway.

Check out a review from the fantastic Youtuber WULUFF DEN down below.

10.AccuPoint Active Stylus For Nintendo Switch (Amazon Link)

If you play games like Super Mario Maker 2 that are very touch-sensitive you will need a stylus, the AccuPoint has an ultra-fine 2mm tip that is comfortable for long sessions s with a beautiful design and 12 hours of battery life. Get busy drawing!

It looks and feels like a real pen and you don’t actually pair it with your Switch, instead, it emits electronic pulses that interact with your screen and give a realistic writing pressure that’s more like a real pen. The material is solid aluminium so it’s built to last in case your clumsy like me and drop it!

But don’t take my word for it, check out a video discussing whether you should buy a Stylus for Super Mario Maker 2 down below.

Nintendo Switch Carrying Bags/Cases

1.PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag(Amazon Link)

Power A speaks quality as the company is one of the biggest accessories manufactures in gaming, with products for the Xbox, Playstation, Switch and PC. With the Everywhere Messenger bag, you can carry everything from your Switch’s controllers to the cables, games and dock all on your shoulder in one bag.

Complete with custom skin editions for Black Of The Wild or Super Mario Bros and a small hard zip case for the Switch itself really you are getting 2 cases for the price of one. Considering your Switch is worth a lot paying a bit more for its protection simply makes sense and this good quality bag will protect your Switch & accessories for a very long time.

Check out this detailed review of the bag there.

2.PDP Nintendo Switch System Backpack Elite Edition(Amazon Link)

As gamers, we are considered quite nerdy but you know what’s even nerdier? A gamer with a shoulder bag! Luckily the PDP officially licensed backpack is stylish yet as durable as it is spacious. You can fit everything from your Switch to all its accessories and even a 15th-inch laptop!

The best thing is its design whilst fashionable even with the Nintendo logo, it does not scream “I HAVE A SWITCH STEAL FROM ME!” like other similar backpacks as it looks quite plain with the grey colour and the logo isn’t too obvious.

Keeping your electronics protected is key to making them last and considering how expensive the Switch and its accessories can be it’s a worthy investment. See a review of the backpack to get the in and outs.

3.JETech Protective Case for Nintendo Switch(Amazon Link)

Do you want your Nintendo Switch to get damaged or scratched? Whilst the Switch is reasonably sturdy it is still prone to bumps and scratches as you really need a protective case if you want to keep it in mind condition. Luckily the Jetech protective case has you covered!

It has protection all around the device and it will protect everything from dust to fingerprints and general everyday use. The case is comfortable and easy to grip but you cannot remove the joy-cons or dock with the case but it is easy enough to remove and put back on.

All your controls are accessible and it’s a no brainer if you have a Switch, just to increase your console’s lifespan. Check out a review of the case below

4.amFilm Nintendo Switch Screen Protector(Amazon Link)

You likely protect your Smartphone screen but why not do the same with your Nintendo Switch? Although the screen is relatively sturdy there is always the chance of screen damage occurring, but this will never happen with the amFilm tempered screen protector!

It is cheap but extremely effective and good value for money and you can still see your Switches screen in all its glory but have it protected at the same time. Docking your Switch without a protector has been known to damage the screen over time, as you repeatedly dock and undock the Switch but a protector solves this issue,

Check out a review of the screen protector below

Nintendo Switch Handheld Grips

1.Satisfye Nintendo Switch Grip (Amazon Link)

Tired of cramped sweaty hands whilst playing your Switch in handheld mode? The grip just isn’t good enough for long sessions but luckily the former Kickstarter product 5* on Amazon Satisfye Switch grip is here!

You also get an Elite case with a USB A-C cable with 2 thumbsticks and joy-con rail so you’re getting tons of value it’s not just a grip!

This grip will replicate the Pro Controller feel in handheld mode allowing you to play hours & hours in comfort. Satisfye studied all the competition and updated this grip based on everyone’s feedback with lovely anti-scratch silicone throughout. This is an excellent purchase for anyone who plays they’re switch in handheld mode.

See IGN thought down below.

Nintendo Switch Controller Accessories

1.Nintendo Switch GameCube Controller Adapter(Amazon Link)

Do you have any old GameCube controllers lying in some forgotten draw in your house? You can still use them for your Switch, all you need is an adapter!

You can connect up to 8 different controllers at the same time! The setup is simple and no driver is required, also it allows you to use your GameCube controllers on your PC.

This is a great way to save money but remember there are no -/+ buttons and it will lack motion controls but it’s still a fantastic way to give that hopefully still working controllers another lease in life! Check out a review down below.

2.FastSnail Grips For Joy-Cons(Amazon Link)

One problem with using the Joy-cons separately is they are quite mini mini and not ideal for long gaming sessions. Luckily FastSnail which is 5* on Amazon exists! The grip greatly improves your comfort as it makes the controller a lot bigger and they come in a pair with a variety of different colours to fit the newer Joy-con styles.

The grips have an identical colour to the joy-cons and look gorgeous with premium non-slip rubber giving you a way more comfortable grip. The rubber cover will protect your joy-cons from general wear and tear as they prevent dirt, grime and scratches from occurring.

Honestly, this is a no brainer if you use your joy-cons individually at all and makes them actual controllers. See a review of the Snail Grips down below.

3.Power A Joy-Con Grip(Amazon Link)

Whilst using both joy-cons in the grip is better than using individual joy-cons it still isn’t that comfortable with larger hands. Luckily Power A has created an officially licensed larger grip for added comfort so your hands won’t hurt after playing BOTW for 5 hours. Lucky right?

Before I upgraded to the Pro controller I used the grip but my hands did hurt after a longer gaming session so aside from purchasing an additional controller this is a good option, or buy it to give a friend a better gaming experience whenever they come over. Take a look at the review below.

4.Nyko Power Grip(Amazon Link)

Ever wanted to charge your joy-cons and even your phone or Switch whilst you game away? Well, now you can with the Nyjo Power Grip! The grip can easily attach to most smartphones so you can watch Youtube and game at the same time! This feature is meant to pair with Nintendo Online but Nintendo still need to work on the functionality.

The 3000 mAh internal battery charges the joy-cons and acts as a portable power bank for your phone as well! Better still you can still up to 7 Switch games in the grip and 2 Micro-SD Cards giving you rapid access to different games on the go

Remember the grip is extra chunky for added comfort and with all its features it offers great value especially when a standard grip is a similar price. Take a gander at the review below.

Nintendo Switch Charging Options

1.Anker PowerCore+ 20100(Amazon Link)

Now an Issue with the older Switches was they had a poor battery life so using a portable charger makes sense right? Anker is known for quality and other 3rd party power banks could harm your console and this product is officially licensed by Nintendo.

This will give swift charging and hours of additional play when you’re in a long car/plane journey and can charge other devices such as your phone or computer.

Check out a review right here

2.PowerA Joy-Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock Nintendo Switch(Amazon Link)

A problem with the Nintendo Switch is charging all your different accessories and keeping track of what is charged and what is not can be a challenge. Power A has solved this problem with an officially licensed charging dock that can charge one Pro controller/Nintendo SNES controller and 2 joy-cons at the same time!

Having one place to drag and drop to charge most of your devices cleans your setup and just makes things easier. 3 The LED will show your charging progress with all three being green meaningfully charged and the dock comes in black and is nice to look at.

Check out a review discussing if the product is worth buying or not?

3.PowerA Car Charger POW Block Nintendo Switch (Amazon Link)

Do you find your Nintendo Switch dies on you in long car journeys? Well the officially licensed Power A Car Charger makes this a thing of the past with its 5V/3A makes it perfect for high-speed car charging and with a USB-C that can charge many devices from your Switch to your Pro Controller/smartphone.

The cable design with the iconic POW block just screams Nintendo and at 6 feet long, it can reach throughout your car and no matter where anyone sits there device can be charged. So game happy and content that in your 5-hour car journey your Switch & accessories will stay happily charged.

Nintendo Switch Stands

1.Nyko Intercooler Stand Horizontal/Vertical Dock(Amazon Link)

Does your Switch often overheat or you wish it could be docked horizontally? Well, the Nyko Intercooler Stand that attaches to your Switches dock both increases airflow and allows you to dock horizontally!

You don’t want any electronics to overheat and the Switch can get quite hot if played for hours, this stand uses built-in sensors to regulate your Switch to the ideal temperature for it not to overheat.

Better still, if your gaming setup is quite cramped docking the switch horizontally can save a LOT of space and the stand attachment just makes the dock look cooler.

Check a review of the Nyko Intercooler Stand here.

2.Lamicall Adjustable Tablet Stand For Nintendo Switch & Tablets(Amazon Link)

Ever wanted to play your Switch in handheld with friends but found the Switches “Stand” just doesn’t cut it? Well, the Lamicall Tabletstand allows you to place your Switch or tablet in an adjustable stand so everyone can see the action and enjoy smash!

It also allows you to charge the Switch as usually the port is hidden because it’s at the bottom. Not anymore with a tablet stand as since it’s suspended in the air you can charge away!

The cool thing is it’s very portable and can fold into your pocket(if your a guy that is we all know about girls jeans pockets haha) so you could use it to play your Switch on the train or aeroplane without cranking your neck. There is a lifetime guarantee so anything happens you can replace it and it has a 5* rating on Amazon.

With its 270 degrees of rotation is it’s adaptable as the high-quality aluminium is durable. It looks quite slyish as well so it will fit right at home in your setup. Check out a review below

3.TFY Car Headrest For Nintendo Switch(Amazon Link)

Tired of screaming kids in the passenger seat whilst you’re on a long drive? The FY Car Headrest will use a silicon net that will not damage your Switch and allow it to be completely handsfree so anyone in the passenger seat can game away!

You still have perfect access to all the screen and buttons of the Switch and it can even fit 7-10.5 inch tablets so if anyone gets bored they can just switch to Netflix. Handy right? Better still, it works perfectly on a plane so you can game away ay 30,000 feet without fearing turbulence knocking over your Switch. Safety first am I right?

Check out a demonstration of the headrest strap below.

Nintendo Switch Memory Cards

1.SanDisk Ultra 200 GB microSDXC Memory Card(Amazon Link)

The Nintendo Switch only has 32GB of storage which will be deleted very rapidly as Breath Of The Wild takes up 40& of the storage capacity itself! The SanDisk ultra has performance up to 100MB/s so you won’t have to worthy about lengthy load times.

It really depends on how much memory you need but the more memory you buy the better value you get and you can always use it for your computer or Camera if you buy a bigger memory card. 200 GB will be plenty for a lot of games as the max a Switch cartridge can be is 32GB

Sandisk is a well -known brand and a memory card is a no-nonsense Switch accessory that you simply need if you want to play more than a few games for your Switch.

Check out this review of the SD card specifically for the Switch here.

Nintendo Switch Internet Adapters

UGREEN Ethernet Adapter (Amazon Link)

Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

Now I’ve written about why Nintendo Online is so bad before(here) but the standard wifi connection is particularly terrible. I remember playing Super Ultimate online was practically unplayable before I used the UGREEN Ethernet adapter.

It connects straight into the dock and changes your connection from wireless to wired just simply connect an ethernet cable and it makes a DRAMATIC difference I can tell you. All of a sudden Smash was playable and it’s a MUST buy if you plan on playing your Switch online as the wifi connection is just so bad.

Check out a review down below, it also can be used for most other electronic devices such as computers and Macs to improve their connection.

Nintendo Switch Headphone Adapters

1.HomeSpot Audio Adapter For Nintendo Switch (Amazon Link)

Nintendo does a lot of things right and a LOT of things wrong and the decision to release the Switch in 2017 without wireless Bluetooth support was and still completely ridiculous.

Thankfully Homespot has created a Bluetooth transmitter especially for the Switch that is simply plug in and play with simple setup. It comes attached with a Mic so you can have easy voice chat for a variety of games like Fortnite & OverWatch. It has very low latency so rest assured your audio will not conflict with your gaming experience like other Bluetooth transmitters.

Now it’s effectiveness varies with your headphones, Sony Bose and Apple Airpods work well so be careful and do your research before you buy. Check out a review of the product below

Nintendo Switch Fashion Accessories

Nintendo Switch Light Up Dock Shield by PDP (Amazon Link)

Ever wanted to spice up your Nintendo Switches dock? Well PDP have your back as you can choose from 2 different designs with 17 different colour/effect settings to transform your dock into a gorgeous glowing light display!

It is officially licensed by Nintendo and protects the dock whilst making the plan black dock look interesting. So wow your friends with this custom light show and make them envious! Have a peek of the review.

Nintendo eShop Gift Cards

Nintendo eShop Gift Card $20/$35(Amazon Link)

Ever bought someone a game they didn’t like and you think they secretly returned it behind your back? This is an awkward situation to be in, so instead buy someone or yourself a Nintendo eShop Card so you or anyone else can purchase whatever they want from the eShop.

Although this Card is for the 3DS/Wii U it can be used for the Switch, Follow the video below on how to activate the card.