Best 25 Xbox Accessories (Don’t Miss Out!)

As an Xbox One owner, I’m sure you want to know the best 25 accessories you can get for your hard-earned cash. But what accessories are best for you?

Don’t worry as I’ve compiled only the very best Xbox One accessories you can get for your money, but enough talking let’s cut to the accessories!

Xbox One Best Controllers

1.Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller – Black(Amazon Link)

Do you want the very best controller in gaming? Well, look no further than the Xbox Elite Series 2 which improved a lot on an already fantastic controller. The build quality is phenomenal and almost everything can be interchanged with programmable buttons, back paddles,humbsticks which can all be changed to meet the performance you want from your controller, which especially good for improving your FPS/racing game performance.

Everything from the original controller is still here from the superb d-pad and quick trigger shoulder buttons but with added customisation options. You can swap the functionality of every single button such as changing the d-pad input to something you can click without letting go of your controller sticks. Every button function can be changed to suit your unique personal playstyle and needs and even the sensitivity of the sticks can all be changed with an app for the controller.

It looks sexy and plays sexy and it’s a premium experience and best of all it will have complete functionality with all future Xbox consoles so not only is it premium it is futureproof and not only the best Xbox controller but the best controller for ANY system period.

Check out the review from the fantastic YouTuber Kevin Kenson down below.

2.Razer Wolverine Controller For Xbox One

If you want a premium controller for your Xbox One, the elite 2 isn’t your only option, that’s where the Razer Wolverine comes in. You have interchangeable thumbsticks and D-pads with the ability to swiftly change between a tilting or single d-pad layout

You have various extra buttons such as 2 remappable multi-functional numbers 4 multi-function triggers with a quick control panel allowing you to swiftly adjust game volume & mute players at your discretion. With remapping functionality, you can do new techniques such as moving and aiming with both thumbsticks! There is also a Razer controller with 6 Remappable Multi-Function Buttons and Triggers which you can buy here(amazon link).

It also comes with completely customisable lighting effects that will suit your style. Best of all it is completely optimised for hours and hours of gameplay with interchangeable parts so it can adapt to your unique hand’s size and playstyle.

Yes, it is expensive but if you want one of the very best controllers for your Xbox One/PC and even your PS4 then give the Razer Wolverine a try. Check out a review of the fantastic controller below

3.Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller For Xbox One (Amazon Link)

Do you have massive meaty hands, or do you yearn for the days when everything was simple and the world wasn’t fully connected via internet 24/7? The Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller aims to bring us back to those good times with a modern but nostalgic Xbox controller made for meaty hands, complete with even the original Xbox startup screenplay when you press the home button!

However, the only thing retro is the design, as the precision analogue triggers are snappy and responsive with the bumpers and all other buttons working exactly as they should. A 3.5mm headset jack is included with a 9ft detachable USB cable that you do need to use the controller as it is not wireless.

Like the retro life? Head on over to a review of the Hyerskin Wired controller right now.

4.Xbox Adaptive Controller(Microsoft Store Link)

Top down view of the Xbox Adaptive Controller with added accessories connected to the controller

Are you physically disabled or know anyone else who is? People are all created differently and there are no “normal” human beings and people love to play games and the Xbox adaptive controller is meant to help people access games who lack the mobility to use a standard controller.

Although an issue is a price as the main controller only has a d-pad and two buttons and although it works with a large variety of devices they all have to be purchased separately. Still, despite the price, Microsoft deserves the credit of making their devices more accessible to everyone check out my cool things your Xbox One can do here as I speak about other ways Microsoft is trying to make gaming more inclusive for everyone.

Just search Xbox Adaptive Controller to find it in the store. Check out a review of the adaptive controller down below

5.Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel + Logitech G Driving Force Shifter (Amazon Link)

Do you want the very best immersive experience for your driving games? Then look no further than the Logitech G920 wheel & pedals which gives you realistic steering & pedal action that is built to last, with leather stitching and durable steel ball barrings.

Forza Horizon 4 is rated 92 on Metacritic and is considered one of the best racing games ever made, so why not get the very best experience that you can? The wheel will work with future Xbox consoles and is made with premium materials, it just feels expensive which is a good thing.

You get feedback as you drive, making the racing immersion more real with the ability to accelerate, brake and change gears like a real car! Save money on driving lessons and learn with Logitech! All the controls you need are located on the wheel together with paddle shifters.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the detailed review below. Budget steering wheels just don’t cut it as they lack most of the. features which make the Logitech wheel special. There are other more expensive wheels like but for the bundle you get a fantastic product that will serve most of your needs.

Check out the review of both the wheel and force shifter down below.

6.HORI Real Arcade Pro.V Kai Fighting Stick for Xbox One (Amazon Link)

Do you want to get the very best fighting game experience that you can? Man, I love fighting games from Mortal Kombat 11 to Tekken 7 but the truth is a standard controller just cannot compete with an arcade stick. If your playing against someone with a stick they just have such an advantage over you, this is a fact.

Luckily, for everyone, the Microsoft officially licensed Hori Kai fighting stick brings you right back into the arcade with its sleek chassis and original Hori Hayabusa sticks which give you precise precision with the responsive Hayabusa buttons. It can easily be modded to suit your unique needs(just purchase parts from a site like and it works with Xbox 360 & Windows.

If you play fighting games to a decent level a stick is mandatory for putting your game to the next level, and Hori is one of the best brands out there. Check out a review of the stick.

Xbox One Controller Charging Options

1.AmazonBasics Play and Charge Kit For Xbox One (Amazon Link)

If you’re unlike me and have do not have dozens and dozens of AA batteries in the cellar just waiting for your Xbox One, some form of a play and charge kit is a necessity. The days of buying batteries are in the pas,t as simply charge your controller whilst you play and never worry about it dying.

Xbox has an official one but it’s more expensive than AmazonBasics and has it’s own problems and is basically the same thing anyway. A rechargeable 4 AA battery back such as this one from Energizer is also a fantastic solution as you don’t need a wire and simply can charge your batteries overnight ready to play in the morning.

2.Fosmon Dual Controller Charging Station (Amazon Link)

Do you just hate AA batteries? Or don’t want to charge with a play and charge kit or reply on unreliable rechargeable batteries? The Fosmon dual controller charging station is compatible with every Xbox One controller as it’s powerful 1000mah battery packs will provide you with a whopping 30-33 hours of playtime!

There is nothing to snap or plugin, simply place your controllers in the station and it will start charging automatically without needing to remove the battery! Cool right? A simple LED indicator will blink as the controllers are being charged and stay lit until the charge is finished.

Never worry about your controllers being dead ever again with the Fosmon charging station, as when you’re done simply let your controller charge overnight and your set for an all-day gaming session tomorrow!

Take a peek at the review of the charging stations below

Xbox One Controller Accessories

1.Turtle Beach Stereo Headset Adapter (Amazon Link)

Do you have a first-generation Xbox controller or have a broken audio jack for your controller or just want your expensive headphones to sound better? Well, the Turtle Beach Headset Adapter is our saviour. As you can now connect your headphones straight into this Headset adapter. Also, utilise Superhuman Hearing mode to easily pinpoint enemy footsteps in your favourite FPS to SEIZE that advantage!

You can choose game presets to customise your ideal sound based on the noise levels of the room your in and even monitor your mic to adjust the level of your voice in your headset, with an in-game chat and volume mix all from the comfort of your controller. Never have your voice not mix t with he game audio ever again!

It’s designed by Turtle Beach and they have been working with game consoles for years, according to this Amazon comment it makes headphones sound better!

“For the second time on my elite controller, the audio jack broke (a bit of a common problem). I wasn’t willing to fork out £120 for another controller so thought this would circumnavigate the problem. And it did. Headphones not only work but if anything sounds better. I use a non-turtle beach headset and it works with no issues”

Check out a review of the Turtle Beach Stereo Headset Adapter down below.

2.KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy Purple for Xbox One Controller (Amazon Link)

Have you ever wanted a little more precision for your controllers? Keep on getting killed from behind in Apex/Fortnite? Well the KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy Purple could revolutionise your gaming experience and get you those wins!

The pair of grips will increase your controller’s accuracy with an enhanced height of 6.55 mm on the left stick and 10.00 mm on the right stick. This greatly improves your aiming precision on FPS and would jump your K/D on games like Halo & Cod ratio right up but every game from racing games like Forza to Sea Of Thieves would benefit as you simply get more control from your controller

KontrolFreek has made custom sticks since PS3/360 and the sticks will reduce the general wear and tear on your controllers’ thumbsticks. If you play FPS/driving this is a MUST buy for your Xbox one and honestly it will improve your user experience no matter what game you play.

Check out this review of the sticks here.

3.Xbox One Chat Pad+Chat Headset (Plugs into ChatPad) (Amazon Link)

Imagine the horror of having to mentally type out the titanic 25 character redemption codes for Xbox Live, I shudder every time. What if it could be so much easier? Having the Xbox One Chat Pad gives you a handy keyboard at all times and makes easily typing codes and send messages to your Xbox amigos a snap. Hey, there’s only so much time in a day, right?

You can even send messages in the dark as the mini keyboard lights up! How cool is that? Yes, using your phone to type via the Xbox app is an option but the Xbox One Chat Pad just makes it that much easier.

Also, this version allows you to insert your headphones right into the ChatPad with included audio control straight at your fingers tips such as adjusting volume, game/chat mix, with mic mute.

See the review down below, it also works for PCs.

4.Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows  (Amazon Link)

Do you want to use your Xbox One controller for your PC AND use headphones at the same time! How about you forget relying on unreliable Bluetooth and connect to the Microsoft Xbox One adapter for Windows for a swift and stable connection

This device allows you to connect to Windows PCs, laptops and tablets and supports up to 8 different wireless controllers with 4 chat headsets or 2 stereo headsets if you somehow needed that much for whatever reason!

Having an adapter just improves the wireless connection experience tremendously and whilst Xbox controllers should have this level of functionality without the adapter, using it you just ensures you of the very best experience possible.

Check out a review of the product here

Xbox One Headsets

1. Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO For Xbox One (Amazon Link)

Gaming is becoming more and more cinematic and a headset is essential to experience what certain games have to offer. Turtle Beach has been making headsets for years and I remember my first Turtle Beach for my Xbox 360 and the Ear Force XO isn’t the most expensive whilst giving you excellent value for money.

It is both high quality and lightweight and comfortable for playing hours on end and it’s engineered to enhance the sound of your favourite games, movies and music. Would you like complete control over your game and chat audio? No problem, with the included audio controller and the mic, is removable and can be used with any mobile device.

Whilst there are better headphones out there you get a lot for the price and this headset will greatly improve your performance in FPS or any game where the sound is important. Check out a review of the headphones below.

2.Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp Pro (Amazon Link)

If you want a headset that is pure premium the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is here for you. Find your inner voice as your voice chat will always be crystal clear with the headsets professional multidirectional gaming noise-cancelling mic. If your a nerd like and have glasses the headset is designed with glasses comfort in mind to ensure l comfortable long playing sessions.

The large 50mm NANOCLEAR speakers will deliver Turtle Beaches signature sound and the headset is designed for luxury with swappable memory foam cushions designed to feel like fluffy clouds for your ears.

Turtle beach means quality and this is the companies top tier version and the SuperAmp gives extra functionality from changing the light of the amp to all the audio adjustment setting you would expect from a special smartphone app. Check out a review of the headset down below.

Xbox One Carrying Cases

1.USA GEAR Console Carrying Case Compatible with Xbox One/ Xbox One S/Xbox 360 (Amazon Link)

Ever needed to bring your Xbox One over to a friends house or want to make sure your console is safe & secure whilst your travel? Well, what you need is a carrying case for your console and USA gear has created an affordable robust carrying case that comes in black/black & green for every Xbox One model l and it would even fit a PS4 slim if you have both consoles!

You have to be careful with cases as sometimes your console just won’t fit, this isn’t the case(get it haha) with the USA gear console travelling case, as the main pocket will protect fully protect your Xbox One with Accessory Storage for Controllers, Cables, Headsets and a Padded Shoulder Strap for added comfort!

Whilst, this is more expensive than its competitors surely it makes sense giving your expensive trusty Xbox one all the protection it needs? It also looks very discrete and doesn’t look like an electronics bag at all. Honestly, what’s there to lose from protecting your pricey electronics for only around 1/6 of the console with a bag that’s built to last?

Check out a review of the USA Gear Console carrying case down below

2.Hermitshell Travel Case Xbox One X (Amazon Link)

Do you travel a lot and wish your Xbox One X could follow you around but you don’t want your baby damaged? The Hermitshell travel case is the perfect solution as the hard shell cover will protect your expensive console from dents, scratches, dust liquids and much much more as the outer case is water-resistant.

The case has 2 built-in straps to secure your precious Xbox One X with 4 removable compartments to store the different accessories like as the Kinect, controllers, headphones etc complete with 7 disc pockets for your physical discs.

Overall whether you buy a USA gear or Hermitshell travel case you are making a smart decision in protecting your expensive electronics which is a must if you travel and want to game on the side.

Xbox One External Hardrives

1.Seagate 2 TB Game Drive for Xbox One(Amazon Link)

As modern games get bigger us gamers need more and more space for all our games and DLC. If you don’t want to play the game of “what do I delete to make space” you simply NEED an external hard drive. 1TB of memory that is the internal memory of. most Xbox’s would only last about 25 Xbox titles before you need to delete other files to make room.

The Seagate Game Drive is the only XHD designed specifically for the Xbox One, you get a healthy 2TB of storage in a device small enough to fit in your trouser pocket. The performance is USB 3.0 allowing rapid performance and enough storage for around 50 Xbox One games. However, I recommend spending as much as you can for a better bang for your buck as with the Xbox Series S game files will only get larger. It also works for PS4 & your computer.

Check out a review of the game drive here

Best Xbox One Media Remote


Both the Xbox One S & X have the capability of playing 4K blue ray DVD’s to make your Xbox One ruly is an all in one entertainment system. This Talon remote allows you to switch easily between playing games, watching TV/movies, watching sports and listening to your favourite tunes effortlessly; it truly makes your console an all in one media entertainment system.

This product is officially licensed and is around 1/3rd the price of the official Xbox TV remote, complete with a gorgeous easy-grip design and does everything you need for a gaming remote.

Check out this fantastic cinematic review of the remote down below.

Best Xbox One Capture Card

1.Elgato Game Capture HD60 S For Xbox One/PS4 (Amazon Link)

What better way to remember your coolest killstreaks and gaming accomplishments than recording/streaming them at gorgeous 1080p 60FPS and keeping them forever?

If you want to be a gaming Youtuber or a streamer then getting a capture card is a must, as whilst the Xbox One inbuilt sharing system is decent it will never be as good as a capture card as you can only record 10 minutes of gameplay per recording.

Now, I know the Elgato sounds like Italian icecream but the capture card will record with way better quality than your Xbox sharing function and allows easy uploading to Youtube, Twitter, Twitch or Facebook at 1080p 60 FPS. What’s not to like?

If you want to know more, watch the review below

Best Xbox One Portable Monitor

1.GAEMS VANGUARD Personal Gaming Environment For Most Consoles (Amazon Link)

Wouldn’t it be great to play your lovely Xbox One out and about and not be confined to the walls of a house? The Nintendo Switch put portable gaming on the map but there is a solution, no matter where you are to still get the AAA home console gaming experience assuming you have a plug socket.

The GAEMS Vanguard comes with a non-reflection(screw you sun!) 19″ 720(1080pp upscaled) EL-Led display so your portable gaming will look crisp. Included in the box you get a PGE remote, PGE sling for portability, accessory storage customs, HDMI cable a power supply brick and much more.

If you ever wanted to play Halo 5 in your local Mcdonalds your dream has finally come true! Console portability is here to stay! Check out a review of someone who used the device for 4 years and is giving his thoughts about it

Best Xbox One X Vertical Stand

1.POWER A Vertical Stand for Xbox One X (Amazon Link)

I remember having my Xbox 360 vertical and having it fall destroying my prized copy of COD 4, don’t let this happen with your Xbox One! The gaming accessory giant Power A has created an officially licensed vertical stand that allows you to safely position your console vertical for better wi-fi connection, reduced space and better airflow.

It is designed to lock into the console to better-added security and comes in black and white. To see how the stand looks check it out below

Best Xbox One Services

1. Xbox Game Pass – Get It Straight From Microsoft Here

Image result for xbox game pass

Whilst it maybe isn’t an “accessory” it is the best deal in gaming right now as over 100+ games are all available under a Netflix like a subscription. These games run from original Xbox games to current AAA releases from only $9.99/month for a standard membership! Check out my article here to find out more.

I have several games on PS4 that I can simply sell because I don’t need them anymore as they’re all available in Xbox’s game pass such as OuterWorlds & GTA IV. Honesty this a known brainer and it is worth purchasing an Xbox One just for this service.

I never need to buy another game again! I am currently playing Witcher 3 & Halo 5 and have countless games in my back catalogue like Rage 2 and Alien Isolation. I believe Microsoft understood what poor business sense it is to be anti-consumer and the Xbox Game Pass is so pro-consumer with all the future big Xbox AAA releases coming out on the service it is a little ridiculous.

Simply get it! You will get regret it I promise you.

2.Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Membership (Amazon Link)

Xbox Live has been interchangeable with Xbox for more than a decade, I still remember scouring through my old games trying to find that special 48 hour Gold card so I could play online with friends! Although, did you know even if you don’t play online games all the time, there is still value in purchasing a subscription?

Having gold will give you weekly discounts to a wide variety of different games on the Xbox store including Xbox & Xbox 360 games due to Microsoft’s fantastic backwards compatibility!

Better still you get 4 completely free monthly games called “games with gold” where you can download and play for as long as your gold subscription is valid. Check out the games for January 2020, they do vary in quality but still free is free right?

3.EA ACCESS Game Subscription Service(Official EA ACCESS Link)

  Best Xbox One Accessories

The game pass isn’t the only Netflix like a subscription for Xbox One as EA access is better for the Xbox One than PS4 and for only $4.99 it has games such as Battlefront 2 & Battlefield 1(check out the entire list here). The EA library is massive and genuinely competes with Gamepass and you will find something for everyone.

Better still, the subscription allows you to play EA titles before anyone else and you save 10% on EA digital purchases on Xbox One whether DLC or full games. EA has a massive vault of its previous releases and these are available free to play for EA access members.

Having Xbox Gamepass & EA ACCESS gives you a bigger game library than you can ever finish. Check out a review of the subscription below.

4.Xbox $10/$25/$50 Gift Card(This Link is $25)(Amazon Link)

Ever been confused on what to get a gamer for Christmas or his/her birthday? Look no further than an Xbox gift card which can be redeemed for any game, movie, application and much much more. The issue with buying a game is well, they might not like it! With a gift card you know they will buy what they like giving you complete confidence with your gift.

Whether, who your buying for is a die-hard gamer or uses their Xbox more for home entertainment they can get something they fancy with this gift card. Anything from the best Xbox accessories, interesting apps or music or whatever else they desire Once you purchase the code you will receive the physical card and an email telling you the code.

The card is compatible with any Windows 10 device from PC, laptop to tablet and can also be used with Xbox 360 but gold is required.