Anda Seat Kaiser Vs Dark Wizard(Which One Should You Pick?)

Are you a big tall guy or girl looking for a gaming chair that lets you game for hours in comfort with a chair full of useful features that will last a long time?

Both the Anda Seat Kaiser and Dark Wizard are fine choices but which one is right for you? In this review, I will discuss the features of both to help you decide as a gaming chair is a big investment.

Anda Seat KaiserAnda Seat Dark Wizard
Seat styleRacing/ Bucket seatRacing/ Bucket seat
Recommend Height5’6′- 6’8′ (Max 7’1)5’1”- 6′-5” (Max 6’9”)
UpholsteryCarbon fiber/ PVCCarbon fiber/ PVC
Color optionsBurgundy, cherry redBlack
Dimensions21.65 x 23.23 x 51.77”21.65 x 23.03 x 54.33
Weight Limit>350 lbs- 441 lbs>310 lbs- 430 lbs

Anda Seat Kaiser Vs Dark Wizard Comparison

Anda Seat Kaiser & Dark Wizard Which Is Better For Big & Tall People?

Are you a bigger taller person looking for a gaming chair that is well made and will last you years? Both chairs fit that purpose and can support weight up to 430 lbs(195kg) with the Kaiser slightly edging it at a 441 lbs(200.45kg) weight limit.

If your a shorter heavier person you have to go with the Dark Wizard(Anda Seat), the Kaiser shown in the below video requires a footrest like this one from Amazon if your 5’8 or shorter as your legs will tangle over the seat. Doesn’t sound too comfortable, does it?

The big issue with the Dark Wizard is unlike the Kaiser the base of the chair is thick plastic, whilst the Kaisers base is strong aluminum metal, the build quality is just better and more substantial.

You have to ask yourself, will it hold up for 2 years + as bigger girls and guys can be known to break chairs? The guy in the above video only had it for 3 months and had this concern.

Anda Seat warranty for all products covers a lifetime warranty for the steel framework on all chairs and a period of 2-year warranty for the following.

  1. missing materials from the Products at the time of delivery;
  2. defects in the manufacturing of materials used for the Products at the time of delivery;
  3. failure of the Products to correspond with the description in the applicable contract of sale at the time of delivery; and
  4. major defects in the functionality of hydraulics, armrests, backrest recline, and casters,

According to this if the base of the Dark Knight fails to support your weight after a certain time it will not be bound by warranty, so if your a bigger taller guy or girl without a doubt go for the Kaiser

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Anda Seat Kaiser Vs Dark Wizard Comparison Which One Has Better Features?

Both chairs come with the following features, I will discuss what seperates them after.

  • PVC leather: Anda Seat previously made cars for BMW & Benz and use the exact same high-quality flexible tear-proof material for their gaming chairs. Unlike other poor quality synthetic leather, this leather is breathable and will last a long time
  • Double Layered Padding For Comfort. Both chairs have 1.5” of memory foam and 2.5” high density cured foam, this fits your unique body type so you can game for hours in comfort.
  • Both chairs can recline to 160°! This allows you to put your chair all the way back(see above video) and even take a quick 15-minute power nap all in the comfort of your chair! At every angle, the chairs can be locked, read this gaming chair user manual by chairsfx for more info about how to position your chair, 100-110° is deal for working.
  • Neck and lumbar pillows for comfort. Neck and lower back pain are very common when gaming with a cheap chair, both chairs attack this issue with support pillows containing Viscoelastic Foam that adapt to your unique body shape whilst keeping shape, and your spine in natural alignment. However, the Dark Wizard headrest does not come with a strap so it often comes apart when you leave the chair.
  • 4 D Handles. Both chairs handles can be tilted side to side, in and out, and up and down! This gives complete freedom for you since you can adjust the chair depending on how long your arms are giving you the freedom to adjust the chair length to different furniture sizes around your house. A desk is too small or big for you? That is all in the past now my friend!

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Anda Seat Kaiser Vs Dark Wizard Feature Differences

5- Point Base Differences

The Kaiser 5 point aluminum t base was designed for durability and stability and feels super sturdy, the static load is 3000 lbs (1500KG) with a dynamic load of 1320 lbs (600KG)! That’s a lot of load!

Whilst the Dark Knight 5 point base is plastic instead of metal this is a big problem as you expect expensive gaming chairs to last a long time especially as the warranty is only 2 years! That’s not long for something you use every day.

Now Joker(big guy in the video) only owned the chair for 3 months and didn’t see any issues with the 5 point thick plastic base, but why risk your chair breaking when the Kaiser is only $30 ish dollars more expensive? I think it’s a no brainer to go with the Kaiser to get that added support.

Winner. Kasier, get it for the best price straight from Andaseat here.

Anda Seat Kaiser Vs Dark Wizard Which One Is More Comfortable?

Seat Width & Height

Both chairs use high-quality PVC memory foam leather, but the Dark Wizard seat is just under 22 inches wide giving enough support for a larger frame without your body hanging over the edges, giving enough space to sit without the arms of the chair cutting the inside of your body in any way whatsoever; as so wants that?

The Kaiser seat width is only 18 inches makes it more uncomfortable for a larger person to the Dark Wizard, but the arms on the Wizard are very short making it uncomfortable to rest your arms on the chair unless you have short arms, but if you had short arms you wouldn’t be buying a big chair would you!

Both seats can go to 23 inches but the Kaiser height of the chair itself doesn’t increase that much more(see above video). Both chairs can be adjusted up to 160 degrees with no squeaking unlike cheaper bargain chairs that are like a squeak farm everything the chair is adjusted.

The Dark Knight back rest is strapless so whenever you leave to go the toilet or whatever it will fall down needing it to be readjusted every time back into position. Sounds like a hassle right?

General Comfortability

If your used to sitting on any generic office chair, both chairs will be like planting your butt on a beautiful soft cloud of comfort.

Both chairs will be super comfortable for longer gaming sessions, and whilst the Dark Knight chair wings are made of cheaper vinyl material the arms cannot move inwards or outwards from the body so it’s more awkward to rest your elbows in a comfortable way

Winner? Kaiser

Anda Seat Kaiser Vs Dark Wizard Comparison Is Easier To Assemble?

Both chairs come with wrenches outside of the box, all you need is unscrew each screw with the key that is sent, for the Kaiser the instructions are very clear an it only takes about 20 minutes to set up.

According to Joker in the above video, the Dark Knight was harder to assemble he needed his girlfriend to help him install it as the back of the chair does not slip over the metal brackets to screw into place. You need someone to hold it and it doesn’t align properly, even with another person it was awkward to assemble.

However, maybe it was Joker himself as I know I need I am NOT handy with DIY but the clear winner is Kaiser, since Appsolutely Geek’D had no trouble assembling the chair and did it in under 20 minutes whilst filming b-roll for his review!

Winner? Kaiser

Anda Seat Kaiser Vs Dark Wizard Comparison Which Will Last Longer?

Both chairs are made out of similar high quality PVC leather but the BIG difference is the alinmum 5-point base of the Kaiser compared to the cheaper plastic base on the Dark Knight.

What is a chair that has a broken base? A piece of junk that’s what it is, whilst there are no signs the Dark Knight will break easily buying the Kaiser gives the peace of mind KNOWING the base will last past the two-year warranty whilst the Dark Knight plastic base doesn’t full you with the same confidence.

Winner? No contest the Kaiser

Overall Winner Anda Seat Kaiser

There’s a reason why the Kaiser is always out of stock!

If your looking for the best gaming chair you can buy for under $500 Anda Seat Kaiser chair is exactly what you’re looking for. Whilst the Dark Knight is still a fantastic option, aside from seat width the Kaiser is better in every single category and will last way past the 2 year Anda Warranty