Is GTRACING Website Legit? (Is It Safe?)

You’ve heard of GTRacing and wondered if it is a good brand and place to buy much-needed gaming chairs? I feel you, hours upon hours gaming in a cheaper chair wreaks havoc on my neck and back.

However I understand the fears of being scammed, I have been scammed before even on well-known sites like Amazon and eBay but rest assured this is part review part detective mission piecing together everything I could find about the company.

GTRACING is a safe website to buy from with a 4.3/5 Trustpilot rating, with highly rated reviews on the website, YouTube and Amazon. It has been mentioned on Forbes and IGN. Founded in 2011 the website is jointly operated by the BTREE Limited and WUDI INDUSTRY ( SHANGHAI ) CO.LTD

I can assure you GTRACING is a legitimate website, you don’t get that many genuine people reviewing their gaming chairs on YouTube and Amazon if this was not true.

I will explain why the reasons why it’s a safe website to buy from and if their products are right for you. Read on to find out!

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Why GTRACING Is A Legitimate Company

GTRACING Has A Good Trustpilot Rating

Trustpilot is a danish consumer review website that’s aim is to ensure goods and services are legit, if you look at GTRACING rating above according to Trustpilot they have an excellent score of 4.3/5 stars with over 2000 ratings!

Also, they claimed their Trustpilot profile in April 2020 which allows the company to reply to customers and ask them to write reviews. This tells me GTRACING is a company that cares about how customers view them this is a good sign.

GTRACING Makes Good Products

On their website, GTRACING has numerous customer reviews on their website click this link to see them.

Yes you might say, how do I know these reviews are legitimate? Well, we need to look at other sites like Amazon and YouTube to see how the reviews compare.

On Amazon, many GTRACING products are 4.5/5 stars with some products having over 11,000 reviews like the RESPAWN 110, see all their products on Amazon here.

They could have faked the reviews on their website but I doubt the Amazon reviews are bought they’re is simply too much volume which suggests the company is legimate.

On Youtube GTRACING has numerous positive reviews and the only comments I saw talking negative about the company was speaking about UPS deliveries being missed, which is not GTRACING’s fault.

GTRACING Commits To Excellent Service

A company vision statement outlines what the companies main goals are with serving its customers, you can read GTRACING for yourself here.

GTRACING are a team of engineers, designers, and technology experts who are hardcore gaming, they claim to understand what’s missing in gaming chairs and created chairs to fill this need.

I don’t know about you, but I want my gaming chairs to be made by people who understand me! Big problem companies have is treating products like an engineer instead of as a consumer who buys their products.

GTRACING Product Promises

Ergonomic Design: All GTRACINGS chairs are designed to align with their neck and spine for optimal position whilst seated for a long time, knowing how bad sitting can be for your health(see wedmd article) having a chair that supports your lower back to keep your posture correct is very important.

GTRACING Arm Rests Are Adjustable: No matter your weight or height GTRACING understands that armrests must be adjustable for comfort regardless of body type. Not bad at all GTRACING, not bad at all.

GTRACING Chairs Recline By 170 Degrees. If you wanted to your GTRACING chair could go far back enough so you can lie on it! Giving you the flexibility to choose the best angle for your unique gaming set up.

Mesh & Cushion Support: GTRACING chairs come with mesh fabric that gives support and breathability with added comfort for long gaming sessions, your butt will thank you! But if your very heavy (over 210 Ibs) you might suffer some discomfort.

GTRACING Chairs Are Build To Last: Unlike cheaper plastic chairs, GTRACING chairs are build with a powerful metal frame that supports gamers of all weights. Again, I don’t see the chair breaking if your super over weight but it might be damaged over time.

GTRACING Chairs Come With Headrest/Footrest: All GTRACING chairs come with a comfortable cushion that supports your head, this is a big one for health and posture. Some chairs come with a footrest for added comfort whilst seated.

Clearly GTRACING as gamers have analysed every aspect a gamer might look in their chair to create the perfect budget gaming chair. The company takes pride in what they do, and every chair is build with love and chair and comfort for the gamers in mind.

Does GTRACING Have A Return Policy?

If a website did not have a return policy I would stay clear like the plague, but luckily for you, GTRACING says on their return page.

We pride ourselves on our product quality with strict quality control checks in place. To provide you with additional peace of mind, we also offer a comprehensive 30 Day return guarantee for each order. Buy with confidence and enjoy a great shopping experience!

A 30-day return guarantee is normal in most industries, but remember for a good to be returned refunded, or exchanged it must meet the following criteria.

  • New and uninstalled.
  • Items received in the incorrect size/color.
  • Faulty items damaged/broken or soiled upon arrival.
  • Unwashed, unworn, and unused item(s) that have not met your expectations within 30 days of receiving.     

Certain items cannot be returned, for the following reasons for free but you need to pay the return fee and GTRACING will charge you 15% on top.

  • Items outside the 30 days warranty time-frame.
  • Washed, worn, used, or misused items.

All returns must come with a Return Merchandise Form and authorized by GTRACING team in their support center.

Does GTRACING Have A Warranty?

GTRACING chairs offer great value but both me and you know how important a warranty is, especially with a product that every day like a chair! Luckily GTRACING offers a ‘no questions asked’ warranty policy.

According to their official warranty policy.

If for any reason your GTRACING products are damaged, malfunctioning or have any issues, GTRACING will take full responsibility for your product within 1 year after the purchase date on most items.Purchase on online store and subscribe to enjoy 2-year warranty.

Having a 2-year warranty on a chair if purchased online? That’s not bad, I reviewed the company Glorious PC gaming master race in my post here, a company that sells PC gaming accessories like mice and keyboards and their warranty is ONLY 180 days!

A 2 year warranty is good enough, but wait it gets better!

If you buy the GTRACING Ace series(product link) the warranty can increase to a total of 5 years! Sounds great right?

The ‘catch’ is you must do the following, you can see the various photos of people enjoying their GTRACING Ace series chair on their official Instagram here.

  1. Take a photo of your new GTRACING ACE Series Chair. 
  2. Post it on Product Review, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube or Twitch.they have to be set to Public
  3. Mail the Screenshot or the post URL with your Order ID to