Is Glorious PC Gaming Race Safe To Buy From? (Is It Legit?)

You’ve heard of Glorious PC Gaming Race and wondered if it’s a legitimate place to get all your much needed PC gaming accessories?

I feel you, I’ve been scammed before and it was a horrible experience, but rest assured this is part review part detective mission piecing together everything I could find about the company.

Glorious PC Gaming Race is a safe seller to buy from Based in Dallas Texas, they have made PC gaming hardware since 2014. They have a YouTube channel and Instagram a Privacy policy, a return policy with numerous products on Amazon with 4.5/5 star ratings, with various positive YouTube reviews.

I can assure you Glorious PC Gaming Race is a legitimate website, you don’t get that many genuine people reviewing their products on YouTube if this was not true.

However they do have some negative reviews but this is normal for a company of their size, I will explain why the reasons why it’s a safe website to buy from and if their products are right for you. Read on to find out!

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Why Glorious PC Gaming Race Is A Legitimate Company

According to Glorious PC Gaming Race(from now they will be GPGR) they have sold professional PC gaming equipment at affordable prices since 2014, so I decided to do some investigating myself.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Company History

I used the website waybackmachine a digital library that shows what different domains looked like way back in the day. The screenshot below is from September 2014 the same year the company was founded, showing early evidence of GPGR as a future PC gaming giant.

Doesn’t seem GPGR as a company has changed much, their wrist pads are still some of their best selling products ,not much has changed since 2014!

To see GPGR internet past for yourself take a look at the above link.

I take this as good evidence they are legitimate, there is solid evidence they have been around for as long as they said they have, unlike that Pizza restaurant near you that says 1965 that was really open 4 year ago!

Glorious PC Gaming Race Makes Good Products

GPGR claim was started by PC gamers for PC gamers and according to their about us page on their website they created the worlds best gaming mouse pads and wrist supports, and the world’s first Modular Mechanical Keyboard with hot-swappable switches.

So how do their products stack up? The Model O mouse for around $50 is a extremely budget friendly for a mouse of this calibre, see randomfrankp above video for a detailed review of the mouse.

On Amazon they’re mechanical keyboards are similar high rated at around 4.5/5 stars, but the highest rated product by far are they’re mouse pads a company staple since way back in 2014 with over 7000 positive reviews on Amazon!

I know Amazon reviews are not everything, but the sheer volume of YouTube reviews around the company, and ratings on Amazon suggest they are a legitimate company that produces good quality products.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Has A Strong Social Media Presence

As of this writing GPGR has 168k+ followers with over 1441 posts on their Instagram account, they have a YouTube channel(above video) and a TikTok with 4346+ followers with many videos.

Whilst their YouTube account doesn’t have many videos , it’s reassuring as consumer to see how active they are on Instagram. Companies understand how important social media is to grow a brand, and GPGR are no different.

Also, they have an official Glorious PC Gaming Race Discord Community! Where you can chat and game with like minded fellow PC gaming enthusiasts.

Be up to date on the newest product release, sales, giveaways competitions and more! Access the discord server here.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Has A Return Policy

If a website did not have a return policy I would stay clear like the plague, but luckily for you GPGR says on their return page.

PCGAMINGRACE.COM offers a ‘a 30-day money-back guarantee on all the Glorious products (subject to terms and conditions) sold through this website as long as products are returned in as-new condition and in the original packaging materials they were shipped in.’

However, unlike some sellers on Amazon that let you return things within 30 days no question asked, please make note of the following condition before initiating a return.

  • Products must be returned in original packagingundamaged, and free of any surface blemishes or scratches.
  • The return must be initiated within 30 days from when it was delivered.
  • The RMA or Order Number number must be clearly marked on the packaging.
  • Glorious is not responsible for the cost associated with shipping your product back to our warehouse for a refund.

Depending on their discretion they may offer a partial refund or a charge a restocking fee if an item is not returned in it’s original condition, is damaged or there are missing parts not due to the companies error.

Thing is normal as hard ware companies costs are always high, so GPGR cannot afford to give full refunds, if you have any questions contact their customer support here or alternatively email them at

Does Glorious PC Gaming Race Do Exchanges?

Yes, according to their exchange page here.

We will always replace any products that are defective or damaged within 30 days of purchase. We also offer replacements for any items that may become defective during the warranty period.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Exchange Policy

Does Glorious PC Gaming Race Have A Warranty?

As PC gaming accessories can be expensive, both me and you know how important a warranty can be. Imagine buying a fridge that has a months warranty!

You will be glad to know according to their warranty page any product you buy that becomes defective within 180 days of delivery will be replaced 100% free of charge!

Glorious PC Gaming Race Warranty

  • For any product or part that may become defective within 180 days of delivery, we will offer a replacement – 100% free of charge (including return shipping if necessary).
  • If any product or part becomes defective after 180 days of delivery (while still within the product’s warranty period), we will offer a free replacement, and you will only have to cover the shipping cost.
  • If you are not happy with a replacement, you can also get a store credit.
  • If you have purchased a Glorious product from a retailer and you have not been given any warranty options, we’d be more than happy to honor the warranty ourselves and offer a free replacement or a store credit, excluding any shipping associated costs.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Warranty Periods

Mice: 2-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase (depending on the product, certain conditions do not fall under warranty claims).

All other products: 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase (depending on the product, certain conditions do not fall under warranty claims).

I think Mice having a 2 year manufacturer warranty is very good considering how often you will be using your it, 1 year for accessories like mechanical keyboards is less good for 1 year is still a long time.

Note, GPGR says the ‘warranty only coves defects of products caused by manufacturing’, it does not cover regular use of wear and tear such as water damage or breakage by improper use! Also, only cometic packaging damage that is caused by shipping is not covered.

Just like eBay laws favouring the buyer GPGR warranty laws favour them which is fair enough, if you spill coke and ruin your GMMK  mechanical key board that’s on you.,don’t drink where you game!

To see more information about the company via their CEO Shazim Mohammad check out their company guarantee here.

Why Glorious PC Gaming Race Is Not Safe To Buy From

I did a LOT of research believe me on GloriousPCGamingRace and all I could find to see it wasn’t legitimate was a couple of poor reviews on Trust Pilot and Better Business Bureau.

Trust Pilot is a Danish consumer review website that rates how reliable a website is, it allows companies to ‘claim’ a profile on their site and respond to user customers criticism and questions. Currently(see above) GPGR has a review of 2.7/5 mostly about customers not receiving their goods and GPGR not respond to consumer emails.

Look, now responding to emails is never good as a company, but as GPGR is still a small publicly funded company perhaps they didn’t have the resources to respond or the products got lost in transit as they chip world wide.

Also, there was only 12 reviews with 3 of them being 5/5 and only people who had a BIG problem with the company will give them 1/5 stars.

With the Better Business Bureau a website attempts to accredit good businesses GPGR does better with only 19 total complaints in the last 3 years with 15 complaints being closed in the last 12 months(see below screenshot)

Again, people will write on these websites when they have a VERY bad time with the company, people are less likely to review whenever something went really well. Heck, I only left one Google review on Amazon EVER and what’s when a buy fixed my bike outside of his own house! You have to help local businesses out.

These negative reviews do not compare to the literal thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and the countless product reviews on Amazon. I’ve got scammed from Amazon and ebay multiple times and I still consider them reputable companies, so don’t get these bad negatives misguide you.

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