Is ExtremeRate Safe To Buy From? (Is It Legit?)

You’ve heard of ExtremeRate and wondered if there customized gaming accessories are legit and the ExtremeRate is safe to buy them? I feel you, no one wants to get scammed so I did the hard work for you, this is part review part detective mission piecing together everything I could find about ExtremeRate.

ExtremeRate Limited is a safe seller to buy from, it is a Chinese company that has sold gaming modding supplies since 2009. ExtremeRate has a YouTube channel, a Privacy policy, a return policy, and 7 Amazon stores in different countries all with high ratings.

I can assure you ExtremeRate is a legitimate website, being based in China shouldn’t matter as everything is made there right?

Want to get the very best gaming accessory mods for a bargain price? Gaming Cobra is a parent company of Extreme Rate offering the exact same amazing products, see the numerous modding accessories Gaming Cobra has here.

I will explain why it’s a legitimate company, and if the products are right for you. Read on to find out.

Why ExtremeRate Is A Legitimate Company

eXtremeRate Limited Company History

Extreme Rated Limitedaccording to them is one of the best gaming modding supply companies in the world since 2009, so I decided to do some investigating.

I used the waybackmachine which is a website that is a digital library of different domains and provides a snapshot of what the website looked like way back in the day. I couldn’t find a snapshot of 2009, but the closest I could find was in 2011 with early evidence of Extreme Rated future modding expertise, a modded Xbox 360 controller.

To see extreme Rated internet past for yourself take a look at the above link.

I view this as good evidence that Extreme Rated is legitimate, I’ve been to the city they’re based in(Shenzhen) and it’s basically the Silicon Valley of China with numerous tech startups originating there, including Huawei, One Plus, and Xiaomi; Extreme Rated is just one of these companies.

eXtremeRate Makes Quality Products

Extreme rates products are all high quality and they provide you with all the tools you need, with missing screws. Whilst not expensive to find on sites like ebay or Amazon it’s a nice touch from the company.

See Air Bears review of ExtremeRates DIY PS4 controller in the above video, get 31 different buttons for your PS4 controller as seen in the video for the best price right on Extreme Rate here.

Ever wanted your gaming accessories to look as nice as possible? ExtremeRate allows you to choose any colour from their various controller shells, buttons to make your prized gaming accessories look how YOU want them to look.

For example get a glossy red PS4 controller set with chrome gold buttons, or a shell with chrome gold buttons, or chrome red buttons etc! The choice is yours!

ExtremeRate focuses on replacement controller shells, buttons LED kits controller and console skins and ensure to fully test all their products and they take pride in offering the best console accessorizes mods in the industry, with a commitment to rapid shipping giving you what you spent hard-earned money for on time!

eXtremeRate Has A Strong Social Media Presence

eXtremeRate has a YouTube channel at the time of this writing with 6.2 k subscribers with over 80 videos that explain in detail the process of modding various accessories including, PS5 controllers, Switch Joy-Cons Xbox controllers, switch skins, and much much more. Take a look at their featured products here.

I see the YouTube channel showcasing they are a company that CARES about their consumers. They are very active on YouTube and routinely respond to customer comments, about specific accessories mods and general product questions.

As a business owner myself, I understand how important consumer communication is, so I respect what eXtremeRate is doing. If you have a problem with one of their mods, simply send them a tweet at their official twitter page , or comment on any of their YouTube videos and they will swiftly respond.

ExtremeRate Has A Return Policy & Why By From Us Policy

According to ExtremeRates official ‘buy from us’ page you should buy their products for the following reasons

  1. We specialise in offering the best quality controller shells, without any color fading or pin holes or scratches there.
  2. Normally all the items are in stock and can be shipped within 24 hours since payment confirmed, 3 – 4 working days by DHL to worldwide.
  3. Payment by PayPal, with safety payment terms, and make you be protected. Other available methods: T/T; Western Union.
  4. Return policy: free replacements if there is any quality problem! we are confident in our products.

Paying by PayPal gives you strong purchase protection, see the rights in detail here. Also, you have the option of paying via Western Union(see rights here) and bank transfer to their account in China.

ExtremeRate Return Policy

See ExtremeRates return policy on their website but I will explain the main points in detail

  • Products with quality problems if you notify them in 7 dates from when you received the product they can be returned and refunded, you need to send the products back and then you will get the refund
  • If you receive a different product or products with quality problems within 30 days of receiving the product, they can be returned and replaced
  • ExtremeRate pay all the necessary shipping fees for the replaced products that are shipped
  • Products with quality problems if notified within 1 year can be returned and repaired, they will pay all shipping costs for replaced products
  • ExtremeRate will not give refunds for quality problems like ‘I am satisfied with the product’ ‘this product is not what I’d imagine it to be’, but they will deduct a certain amount of the handling fee based on your total order and give a partial refund
  • Products must back via registered air mail such as via UPS, access it here

ExtremeRate Return Address

Return Address
Attn: Lin Xiao Qiong
Address: A1416, Building A, FeiYangShiDai, #66 HuaFa South Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Post code: 518000
Tel: +86 755 8272 7920