Can A Scratched Disc Damage Your PS4?

A scratched disc is every gamers worst nightmare, but can it damage your PS4? I will answer all questions you might have.

The PS4 disc reader holds discs by magnetics so it does not make contact with discs in the PS4, but scratches on a disc may prevent it from being read but the scratches themselves will not cause damage, but any debris that enters the disc drive can cause a problem.

I will explain what happens if a PS4 disc is scratched, how you can fix a scratched disc, and if it is bad to leave a disc on your PS4. Read on to find out.

To understand more about how a PS4 disc drive works check out
video on a detailed look into the PS4 disc drive.

For proof of damaged discs not affecting the PS4 check out spllitz video of him inserting a damaged disc into his PS4, and his PS4 being completely fine afterward!

What Happens If A PS4 Disc Is Scratched?

If the PS4 is damaged or scratched it cannot be read by the PS4 disc drive so you cannot play the game, as the PS4 requires the game disc to be inserted to verify ownership of the game. You will not be able to play the game and need to replace the disc.

Game discs are only used for installation and proving to Sony that you own the game you want to play, it is a privacy measure from Sony. The disc is not used during gameplay as the game is being played straight from the hard drive.

If a disc has a scratch it will not affect gameplay after the game is installed, but if you delete a game off the hard drive for space and want it reinstall it later, you may not be able to if the disc is damaged stopping you from playing the game!

To see other ways to save storage on your PS4 without deleting your favorite games, please check my link here why run the risk of deleting games?

If your disc is completely unreadable then you need to buy the game again, as disc-free gaming is only possible with a digital purchase of a game. I personally own no digital games, to find out why check out my post here.

If you shopped at Gamestop they have a disc replacement plan that covers every physical purchase completely except theft! I recommend this plan if your discs have a possibility of getting scratched, like having small children. Making games stop a great place to buy games if you ever replace your discs because of scratches.

Can You Fix A Scratched PS4 Disc?

  1. With a microfibre cleaning cloth, clean in a circular motion with your thumb in the middle AND make sure there is no dirt or grime on the game disc
  2. Spread white toothpaste all over the game disc and wash the disc with water
  3. Dry off with the disc with a microfibre cloth making sure to spread the water throughout the game disc
  4. Wipe the game disc clean in a circular motion with your thumb in the middle, and be sure it is dry before inserting it into your PS4!

Using items around your house you an clean your game disc saving you cold hard cash! You need toothpaste which you SHOULD have at home and a microfiber cloth, the same one that cleans glasses.

If you don’t have the cloth get it for a great price on Amazon or use any cloth lying around the house.

Is It Bad To Leave A Disc In Your PS4?

Leaving a disc inside a PS4 will do no harm to the PS4 or the disc, only during transportation where the disc could get scratched or damaged by moving. Turning your PS4 on and off is worse than leaving it on or on standby as the heating/cooling of the console is bad for the electronics.

You can see in the above video the PS4 disc drive clamps the disc safely in place, so there isn’t a difference to having your disc in the PS4 or in its disc case.

Only issue with leaving the PS4 on the reddit user below knew people who’s PS4 tried to update caused a power outage and the PS4 data got corrupted! So be careful

I would suggest turning the PS4 off completely when you’re done with it. I’ve had friends where the PS4 tried to update and there was a power outage and it corrupted. That was at least a year ago so they may have fixed that

Only when moving your PS4 from place to place do you not want a disc in the disc tray as it can get scratched and possibly become unplayable.

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