How To Tell If Your Xbox Was Hacked

The Xbox One is a very hard console to hack, but anything is possible so how do you know if your Xbox account was hacked? I know how important online security is, so I researched the internet trying to answer this question.

To see if your Xbox was hacked sign in at, click on security and then-recent activity and you will see all the successful and unsuccessful login activity in your account. Contact Microsoft support if anything is suspicious so they can investigate further.

If your account has been hacked it is likely someone has phished your password, as the Xbox One has never been hacked, see my post here why

I will explain what to do IF your account was hacked even if you cannot reset your password with security measures! Read on to find out.

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How To Recover A Hacked Xbox Account

First of all, make sure you have two-step verification enabled with your Microsoft account, this adds another layer of security to your Xbox account as whenever someone tries to sign in with a device that isn’t trusted you will receive a security code to your email, phone, or authenticator app.

1.Contact Microsoft Support

According to the Reddit user beethibodeaux who got hacked 2 years ago, ) see there thread here) they called Microsoft chat twice and was told as they didn’t have the proper information to reset the account so they could not recover it.

PSN support will say the same thing when recovering a hacked PSN account(see post), so stay calm and be patient until you find the right person who wants to help you. beethibodeaux found that Microsoft chat support was better than on the phone, click here to access Microsoft chat.

2. Make Sure The Support Escalates Your Account

During communication with Microsoft, Microsoft should direct you to an account recovery page on their website, which is available to you after you try to sign in to your account.

Click the options that apply to you such as:

  • someone else is using my account
  • I do not have access to recovery options

You will be brought to a page where you need to tell Microsoft more information about you so they can identify you as the true owner of the account. This could be your birthday, mothers maiden name games you own etc

3.Receive An Email With An Account Recovery Number

This email will that you’ve submitted enough information to prove your the account holder, or that you did not submit enough information. I remember trying to recover my Hotmail account and TRUST me it is a pain.

The Reddit user beethibodeaux had issues with this step and only after the 7th day a Microsoft support worker told him his account was not properly escalated so make sure your account is escalated for swift account recovery.

4. Microsoft Will Email You With A File Transfer Link

Microsoft will send you a link to a word document, but nothing will show up in the file viewer.

You must create a Microsoft account that has nothing related to your old account preferable a fresh outlook account. Create one here. Do NOT associate a Gamertag to this account as you would need to start over.

How To Fill In Microsofts Transfer Link

  1. Create a new outlook account that is not associated with the old account or a Gamertag
  2. Click on Microsofts email and download the word document and fill it out
  3. Save the document and re-upload it back into the file viewer
  4. Reply back to the original email and contact Microsoft chat to ensure everything is going along smoothly.

5. Microsoft Will Approve The Transfer Link And Start Account Transition

After you complete step 4 the person in charge of your case will tell you your login credentials are being transferred to the new email you created this should take 24-72 hours to complete so if your games or gamerscore are not there straight away, don’t worry.

Add your account on your Xbox with your email email and everything should be back to normal, you must delete your old account from your Xbox to make everything switch over to the new account.

Everything should be perfect now but for the most secure account possible download Microsoft Authenticator. Everything you login to your Microsoft it is from the app and every 30 seconds the app will give you a random code in which you need to enter your password.

This is VERY hard to hard and should stop your account from ever getting hacked again.!

Has Xbox Been Hacked 2021?

The Xbox One so far has not been hacked as the Xbox One operating system is very complex as Microsoft is a software company. Microsoft even pays hackers for detecting issues via the Xbox Bounty program between $500-$20,000 for finding issues, as they are so confident the Xbox One cannot be hacked.

4 Reasons Why Xbox Is So Hard To Hack

As Microsoft is in the software business, it makes sense that the Xbox One is still unhackable whilst the PS4 got hacked in 2018(see link).

1. The Xbox One Can Only Run Code When It Is Not In Developer Mode

The Xbox One can only run code when it’s not in developer mode, click the link here if you want to know how to turn on developer mode. This means that the Xbox One can only play the same game code as everyone else.

This prevents the ability to load aimbot or maphack on the Xbox One whilst another game is playing, to see how you can sort of use aimbot in Xbox One using mouse and keyboard check my post here. Do you know the real hacks? Try to play any Call Of Duty Xbox 360 lobby and the hacks have made the games unplayable.

Even if you disassemble your console and connect it to a PC, whilst they could copy aimbot and other hacks onto the Xbox they can never run and be used as it can only run code when not in developer mode.

2.Apps & Games Are Separated For Added Security

Microsoft splits applications into an artificial sandbox so no app or game can read/write or modify other games or application files. Even if you created a custom aimbot for Call Of Duty and hid it inside another game and published it to the store; it still would not work as it cannot access the other games data.

This is intelligent thinking that only could be created by a software company, and that is exactly what Microsoft is.

3. Xbox One Has Excellent Virtual Machine Architecture

virtual machine is a software computer, just like a physical computer runs an operating system and applications. The Xbox One architecture for added security plays the application VM(virtual machine) and the game application at the same time.

Even if you hacked one of the VM you will not be able to access the other unless you find a specific exploit to leave the VM. Now it is not impossible to do this, but it is very difficult to do with the Hyper-V(Windows VM) as security is Microsoft’s top priority as a software company.

4. No Memory Exploit Has Been Found With The Xbox One

A memory exploit allows one app to rewrite another app’s memory, as Windows uses DEP(data execution protection) which randomizes where the data is stored into RAM(random access memory) and it is stored in a different place every time to make it more difficult to lack

Even if you found a memory bug overflowing or being run under an app, you would overwrite random unknown data in RAM which would not cause any hacks and be useless; worse for the hacker it would cause the app/game or operating system to crash.

To read more about the Xbox’s history with being hacked and if the Xbox One can be Jtagged(modded) please check my post here.

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