Can You Transfer Your GTA Character From Xbox One To PC? (Find Out!)

GTA is an amazing game and a lot of people I know including myself have poured a lot of hours into it, but can you transfer your GTA character from Xbox One to PC? I decided to find out.

Rockstar removed character transfers from PC to after the March 6th, 2017 update, as hackers were modding accounts on PS3/Xbox 360 then selling them by transferring to Xbox One. Rockstar gave several weeks’ notice to players before the change happened. It is rumored to come back on the PS5/Xbox Series X.

It is such a shame how a couple of bad people can ruin the fun for everyone, I will explain why Rockstar made the move, and if you can transfer your character any other way.

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Why You Cannot Transfer Your GTA Character From Xbox One To PC?

As you know because of players hacking the Xbox 360/PS3 versions of GTA online, this allowed numerous hacks like getting a lot of money or accessing exclusive content and then transferring these accounts. The Xbox 360 was notoriously very easy to hack.

Microsoft used the security weaknesses from the Xbox 360 to create the extremely hard to hack Xbox One. If you want to know what makes it unhackable check out this post here for more info.

Before we understand why Rockstar made the decision we need to know the rich history Rockstar has with modders with their massively popular games.

Rockstars Rich History With Modders

GTA III/Vice City

GTA and Rockstar have a rich history with modders, with Rockstar fully supported the modders off GTA III/Vice City and even supported players uploading skins to the main characters of the games.

Developers were so involved with the modding process and even included and tools and mods that could completely change the game, from skins to total conversions that would add new story elements and even gameplay features!

GTA Sandreas “Hot Coffee” Controversy

GTA Sandreas one of the best games of all time, and the game is when the relationship between modders and Rockstar became sour. GTA Sandreas might be the most modded game of all time, as people still play it to this day, whether online which is only possible with mods or in modded single player.

One of the most popular or infamous mods was the “Hot Coffee” mod(see the above video) where the playable character CJ after a date could do some “overtime” with his different girlfriends let’s just say you could see EVERYTHING!

Strange how developers of a game full of violence could go crazy over something like that but that is a different question.


GTA IV my personal favorite the tale of Eastern European immigrant Niko Belic’s’ tragic failure of the American dream is fantastic, and it was supported by a large modding community which Rockstar started to compliment and it seemed Rockstar the modders were getting back on good terms.

This all changed with the release of GTA V Online.


Rockstar stated their primary focus was “keeping GTA Online safe”, and they meant it as in November 2015 one Reddit member of Five M(a modded version of GTA Online) posted he was was seen by private investigators given a phone and was a cease and desist order to stop Five M!

Sounds like something out of a movie right?

Rockstar was busy before as in August 2015 several members of Five M had their rockstar social accounts suspended! Read more about it here, interesting Rockstar elaborated for the first time on the subject of modders.

“The FiveM project is an unauthorized alternate multiplayer service that contains code designed to facilitate piracy. Our policy on such violations of our terms of service are clear, and the individuals involved in its creation have had their Social Club accounts suspended”


Another GTA online mod called GTA: multiplayer was given a cease and desist letter which is a document sent to a business or a person to stop illegal activity and not do it again(desist) in this case to stop the modding.

This was handled by Take2 Interactive a Rockstar legal department where every action was handled and approved by Rockstar.

GTA: multiplayer listened to the letter and stopped the mod, however, FiveM in rebellious defiance did the exact opposite and doubled down on the Modding and community as an up-yours to Rockstar a company that increasingly has prioritized profit over their fans in recent tears.

Take a look at FiveM’s amazing project in this link.

How A Hacker Was Sued $150,000 By Rockstar!

The hacker created a program called Elusive that allowed you to access exclusive in-game content that normally required hours upon hours of grinding for in-game currency to purchase or spending money on micro-transactions via cards called shark cards.

Rockstar’s main objective was “keeping GTA online safe” and a hacker was sued a then-record 150,000 dollars at that time, the highest amount ever rewarded in a case about video game copyright.

The hacker created a program called Elusive that allowed you to access exclusive in-game content that normally required hours upon hours of grinding for in-game currency to purchase or spending money on microtransactions via cards called shark cards.

Initially, the hacker was given a cease and desist order which he agreed to but then changed his mind and stopped communicating with Taking 2 Interactive altogether.

Shark cards allow you to purchase in-game currency for real cold hard cash, $3,500,000 in-game currency will cost you around $38! Not cheap at all.

The YouTuber Silent C0re worked out that it would cost $15,000 in real-world money to buy all the in-game content using shark cards! See his video above. This is frankly insane and is no wonder people have turned against Rockstar as their greed shines through.

Before he was caught the hacker sold the Elusive program for around $10-$30 per mod menu which allowed players to access the expensive content for free, but also to kill players everywhere in the map and ruin the game for innocent players; not cool.

Worse still, these mods even affected people playing in a single-player not connected to online! See the video above for more details but Rockstar had every reason to take this issue to court.

Ultimately he skipped court and in his absence was found guilty of paying $150,000 in damages to Rockstar the highest amount payable for copyright infringement in New York at the same, he was also ordered to pay a whopping $70,000 in legal fees to top it off.

No one knows how much he made but it was estimated he made around $500,000 selling the mod menus! Likely he didn’t go to court as he would have been told to inform the court of exactly how much he paid and who knows it could even be higher than half a million!

Assuming he sold the mod menus for $20 each he would only need to have sold 25,000 to reach the $50,000 mark. GTA Online is a HUGELY popular game at back in 2014 there were 33 million active players on GTA Online!

It would not have been 33 million active players at the time but still a massive player pool of players hungry for a way to get past the expensive Rockstar paywall.

Think what sounds better, paying $15,000 of your hard-earned cash to buy all the content in GTA online or pay between $10-$30 for a mod menu that allowed you to get everything you want for free?

It’s a shame other players spoiled it for everyone else, as it isn’t fair to ruin someone else’s experience. You can see how the history of modders is why you cannot transfer GTA characters for PS4/Xbox One to PC as there are just too many modders on Xbox 360/PS3 and the systems are too easy to hack.

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