How To Easily Fix A Water Damaged Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is an expensive console and not water resistant in any way, but is there a way to fix a water damaged Nintendo Switch? I decide to find out

  1. Unplug any power to the console, to reduce any possibility of receiving an electronic shock & to prevent the Switches components from getting damaged further, and turn off the Switch
  2. Wipe down all the excess water from the Switch, make sure not to rotate the Switch too much or turn it over to prevent water from entering different parts of the electronics
  3. Don’t shake the Switch or use a fan to blow into the Nintendo Switches fans, as this will cause the water to travel more inside.
  4. Do not attempt to dry the system by using a hairdryer or heater, this could damage the Switch beyond repair or press any of the switches buttons
  5. Let the system dry off for several days and don’t touch it during this time
  6. Store the console in a small box with silica gel the packets that say ‘don’t touch throw away!’ as silica gel is a desiccant meaning it absorbs moisture.

There you have it, if you need some silica gel buy some from Amazon here, I will explain other things you need to be careful with when repairing your Nintendo Switch like if Nintendo gives you a warranty.

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How To Repair A Water Damaged Nintendo Switch

It is possible fixing water damaged Nintendo Switch as you can see from the popular gaming YouTubers channel My Mate VINCE successful repair of a Switch, but it is not easy and you need technical experience to do it.

What To Be Careful When Repairing A Water Damaged Nintendo Switch

  • Do not open the console if you want to keep your Nintendo warranty
  • Do not plug your Switch to the power mains if the Switch is not turning on by itself, as this could be dangerous
  • The Switches battery can be removed but you need a screwdriver such as this one and the battery is very easy to get damaged if you try to fix it without knowing what you’re doing.

Does Nintendo Switch Warranty Cover Water Damage?

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch warranty does not cover liquid damage and according to the official Nintendo website “If the console has become wet or shows signs of humidity, the product will be considered irreparable since it must be reconstructed again “

My advice is to wait a few days and see if your Nintendo Switch turns on, if not you should send it to the Nintendo repair centre. If the repair centre has enough stock you should give another Nintendo Switch otherwise Nintendo will send you back your unrepaired Switch.

If the Switch is outside of warranty(or all water damaged switches) Nintendo will inform you via email how much the repair service fee is so you can arrange payment before Nintendo try to fi your console. You can get your Nintendo repaired via issuing a repair request in this page

Why Is The Nintendo Switch Not Water Proof/Resistant

is the Nintendo Switch waterproof

The Nintendo Switch is for its size is a very powerful hybrid console/handheld. The Switches GPU is the Nvidia’s Tegra X1 and is capable of reaching 1.0 TFLOPS (a unit of processing power).

is the Nintendo Switch waterproof

This power causes the Switch to get quite hot, so it needs air vents and a open fan at the top to let the air out to power the device. You can see the problem, as this makes rain or even a small amount of water potentially devastating for the Switch if it gets inside the holes/fans.

Yes, Nintendo could have manufactured a way to make the Switch water-resistant but it would cost way too much money and be very non-cost effective Also for the switch to be powerful as it is, it’s GPU WILL create a lot of heat so it simply needs a fan; making it non-water-resistant

Your phone is water-resistant because all of its components are internal; consoles and handhelds need so much energy so they must have fans that cool down their electronics, making them as water-resistant as a sponge.

How Do You Know If Your Nintendo Switch Has Water Damage?

Firstly inspect your Nintendo Switch, see if you see or feel any heat smoke steam bubbling, bulging or melting and avoid touching your Nintendo Switch.

If your Switch is on, turn it off. If you see your Switches screen flickering on and off then water has likely entered the electronics and it’s beyond saving.

Normally you would separate the battery from the electronic but it voids your warranty so do so at your own risk. Click here for a special Switch screwdriver straight from Amazon.

How To Check If Your Switch Is Still Under Warranty

Now all Nintendo systems “carry a standard 12-month warranty” with games and accessories sold separately carrying a 3-month warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing or workmanship defects and will be repaired without charge.

To see if your Switch is under warranty check, the bottom left of your Switch or you can access it inside the Switch itself( if it still works) check the video below for details.

How Durable is the Nintendo Switch?

I’ve had my Nintendo Switch for a year and I’ve dropped it NUMEROUS times and it has no bumps or scratches that I can see. Nintendo products are known for their build quality, and I expect a Switch will last a long time if properly cared for.

The switches durability and it’s a home console/handheld nature makes it the PERFECT family console. Check out this post where I explain if the Nintendo Switch is right for kids.

Look at this video where the Nintendo Switch is dropped from 1000 FT and is still functional! If that doesn’t say everything about the Switches durability I don’t know what will!

What you DO have to watch out for is the screen, the screen itself is covered by a strong plastic coasting but I highly recommend purchasing a tempered screen protector such as this one from Amazon to protect your expensive gaming machine and to just be on the same side. You don’t want the screen to break as it is very expensive to replace.

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