Create a Minecraft Bedroom: In the Game and in Your Room

Here’s your guide to creating a Minecraft bedroom–in the game, and in real life.

How to Create a Minecraft Bedroom?

In Minecraft survival mode, having a bed has some advantages. A bed allows a player to sleep and skip the night and reset the spawn point.

You can place your bed anywhere in the Overworld, but it is ideal to have a shelter with a bedroom where you can place your bed. It’s a good idea to have your bedroom far from the outdoors. You don’t want mobs to prevent you from sleeping or to blow up your bed.

Avoiding mobs aside, creating a Minecraft bedroom is fun in itself. You can design your bedroom in whatever way you want. Your imagination is the limit.

In this section, you can get ideas on how to build a bedroom in Minecraft.

What to put in a Minecraft Bedroom?

A typical bedroom has a bed, a dresser or wardrobe cabinet, and a bedside table. You can also add other items such as a desk, a lamp, TV and other furniture.

How to Create a Bed in Minecraft?

To create a basic bed in Minecraft, you need three pieces of wool of the same color and three planks.

You have to get wool from sheep by shearing but you need to craft your shears first. One sheep can give you one to three pieces of wool. Killing a sheep will also give you one piece of wool. As sheep come in black, white, brown, gray, and rarely, pink, it follows that wool also comes in these colors.

If you want a bed in another color, you have to combine the wool with a dye. You can always check the recipe book for dye recipes.

To get planks, you have to place logs on your crafting table.

Once you have all the materials, open up your crafting table. Line up the three pieces of wool of the same color horizontally in the middle three squares on the crafting grid, and the three planks on the bottom three squares of your grid. Drag the resulting bed onto your inventory.

To place your bed, you need two blocks of space.

How to Create a Bedside Table

You can make a bedside table (or any table for that matter) out of any type of material.

The simplest way to make a bedside table is to just use a chest. To make a chest just place 8 planks on the outer grid of the crafting table.

If you want a sleek and modern-looking bedside table, put a piece of carpet over a block of stained glass. A carpet is made by placing two pieces of wool on the left center and center slots of the crafting grid. You can make stained glass by putting a dye in the center of the crafting grid and surrounding it with eight pieces of glass.

Another way you can make a modern bedside table is by simply using a slab of quartz and putting a carpet on top. You may even skip the carpet if you like.

For an industrial look, you can make a table using an iron bar. Simply put a trapdoor or a dark-colored carpet on top of an iron bar.

How to Create a Wardrobe Cabinet

You can make a simple wardrobe cabinet using 2 armor stands, 4 doors, and a wood slab. Place 2 armor stands side by side against a wall. Use the doors to surround the armor stands. Then put a wood slab on top.

How to Decorate a Minecraft Bedroom

Aside from putting bedroom furniture, you can also add decorative items in your room such as flower pots and flowers, lamps, carpets, painting, curtains, and more. You can find decoration recipes here.

Minecraft Bedroom Ideas: How to Make a modern bedroom in Minecraft?

Now that you know the basics of creating a bedroom, you can play around with Minecraft and create various bedroom designs.

You can find inspiration from the Modern Bedroom Build Tutorial below.

Here we have more build hacks and ideas for a Minecraft bedroom.

How to Create a Minecraft-inspired bedroom

Creating a Minecraft Bedroom in real life is easy because there are a lot of Minecraft-themed bedroom decors that you can find.

It is up to you if you want to just put some Minecraft decor here and there or if you go all out in creating a Minecraft-inspired bedroom.

The bed is the focal point in the room, so if you really want to make a statement, choose Minecraft bedding for your bed. Check out this bedding set featuring Creeper, Steve, & Alex. If you want a curtain to go with your bedding, then this bedding and curtain set might be the one for you.

You can also buy pillow covers separately. These TNT and creeper cover pillows are quite popular.

Decorate your bedroom with area rugs such as this creeper area rug.

Do you need additional storage? Then go for this Minecraft storage bin set including TNT, grass, crafting table, and creeper from Amazon.

If you want a touch of Minecraft without screaming Minecraft in your room, then this minimalist Minecraft Brownstone Torch Floor Lamp and Storage Unit is also a good choice.

You can also find Minecraft chests on Amazon but they are quite flimsy. If you have a knack for DIY, you can also create a Minecraft chest IRL from an old wooden toy chest. See this tutorial.

If you want a Minecraft lamp for your bedroom, you can find some options below.

Minecraft Orange Tulip and Poppy Flower Pot Mood Lights
Minecraft Yellow Bee Nest Block Desk Lamp with 3D Bee Puller
Minecraft Glowstone 14-Inch Corded Desk LED Night Light
Redstone Torch 12.6 Inch LED Lamp 

Final Words

One thing great about playing Minecraft is that you can get creative and think outside of the box. I hope that this post gave you lots of ideas on how to make a cool bedroom in Minecraft game and in your own room.

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