Glazed Terracotta Minecraft: Everything You Need to Know

In this post, we’ll talk about the decorative block called glazed terracotta Minecraft: how to get it, and what it is for.

What is Glazed Terracotta in Minecraft?

Glazed Terracotta is a special type of decorative block in Minecraft. While not the rarest, it is certainly one of the more attractive blocks to look at.

These blocks have the most detailed and colorful textures of all blocks in Minecraft, making them unique. They can be used as floors, walls, and pillars in buildings.

The block was added in update 1.12.

How to Obtain Glazed Terracota in Minecraft?

Glazed terracotta can be made by smelting a dyed terracotta block. Just put one colored terracotta and one fuel in a furnace. You can’t make glazed terracotta with regular plain terracotta.

Some types of glazed terracotta naturally generate and can be found as a building block in some village houses and underwater ruins.

Mason Villagers will sell glazed terracotta in exchange for Emeralds.

What is Terracotta Block in Minecraft?

Terracotta is a decorative building material in Minecraft. It generates naturally in badlands biomes in large quantities. It can only be gathered by using a pickaxe.

Players can also create a terracotta block by smelting a regular clay block in a furnace or blast furnace.

Terracotta can be dyed in many different colors by placing 8 terracotta blocks around the edge of a crafting table, with the desired dye in the middle square.

Unglazed terracotta is stronger than Glazed Terracotta, with a blast resistance of 21, while glazed Terracotta only has a blast resistance of 7.

What are the Characteristics of Glazed Terracotta?

Glazed terracotta’s hardness is slightly less than stone and its blast resistance is lower than terracotta.

Glazed Terracotta Minecraft blocks can only be picked up using a pickaxe. You will lose the block if you try to pick it up with anything else.

It does not stick to slime blocks and honey blocks so it can’t be moved by this method. It can be pushed by pistons and sticky pistons but it cannot be pulled by sticky pistons.

The glazed terracotta’s texture rotates relative to the direction the player is facing while placing the block.

If several glazed terracotta blocks of the same color are placed in a certain orientation in a 2×2 or greater area, the textures align to create a singular image.

Glazed terracotta can be placed under note blocks to produce a “bass drum” sound.

What are the Glazed Terracota Types in Minecraft?

There are sixteen different kinds of glazed terracotta, matching the sixteen traditional colors of dye. Each one can be carefully arranged into different patterns, depending on the direction you’re facing when you place it.

Six out of the 16 glazed terracotta Minecraft blocks occur naturally in biomes.


White terracotta has white, yellow, and blue patterns. They can be made by smelting white terracotta blocks. They can also be found in desert villages.


Orange glazed terracotta has orange and aqua patterns. They can be found in armorer houses in Savanna villages. Smelting orange terracotta blocks turns them into orange glazed terracotta.


Magenta glazed terracotta blocks have arrow patterns in them. They can be made by smelting magenta terracotta blocks.

Because they have arrows on them, magenta glazed terracotta blocks can be used to point to a direction instead of signs.

Light Blue

Smelting light blue terracotta will create light blue glazed terracotta. Naturally generated light blue glazed terracotta blocks can also be found in toolsmith houses in desert villages


Yellow glazed terracotta blocks have yellow and brown patterns. Naturally generated yellow glazed terracotta blocks can be found in mason houses in savanna villages. These blocks can be put together to form a sun.


These blocks have lime and yellow patterns on them. Naturally occurring lime glazed terracotta blocks can be found in desert village temples. They can be crafted by smelting lime terracotta blocks. Lime glazed terracotta blocks contain a crossbow.


These glazed terracotta Minecraft blocks have pink and dark pink patterns on them. They can be made by smelting pink terracotta blocks.


Gray glazed terracotta can be crafted by smelting gray terracotta blocks. They have gray and dark gray patterns on them.

Light Gray

Light gray glazed terracotta blocks have light gray and aqua patterns on them. They can be made by smelting light gray terracotta blocks.


Cyan glazed terracotta decorative Minecraft blocks feature cyan and dark cyan patterns on them. These blocks contain a creeper’s face. They can be crafted by smelting cyan terracotta.


Purple glazed terracotta can be crafted by smelting purple Terracotta blocks. They can also be found naturally in some underwater ruins. They have purple and dark purple patterns on them. Purple blocks contain the hilt and handguard of a sword.


Blue glazed terracotta blocks have blue and dark blue patterns on them. They can be created by smelting blue terracotta.


Brown glazed terracotta blocks can be made by smelting brown terracotta. These blocks have brown, dark brown, and aqua patterns on them.


Green glazed terracotta blocks have green, dark green, and white patterns on them. They can be crafted by smelting green terracotta.


Red glazed terracotta blocks have red and light red patterns and can be created by smelting red terracotta blocks.


Smelting black terracotta blocks will give you black glazed terracotta with black and dark red patterns.

Glazed Terracotta Patterns

When you look at most terracotta blocks in Minecraft, you will see that they have a centerpiece in one of the corners. For orange and withe glazed terracotta, there are flower petals, rings in the green terracotta, and the creeper face in the cyan terracotta. 

In general, the most beautiful 2 x 2 patterns are obtained by placing these centerpieces inside or by placing the centerpieces in the outer corners. For 2 x 2 patterns, you can make four possible combinations for each type of glazed terracotta block.

You are not limited to making 2 x2 patterns. You can experiment with arranging glazed terracotta blocks to create various patterns. You can also combine different types of glazed terracotta to create beautiful designs.


Glazed terracotta Minecraft blocks are a great building material that you can use in decorating your world. You can easily make them by smelting dyed terracotta. Some types naturally generate in certain biomes. You can also get them through trading with Mason villagers for emeralds.

When using glazed terracotta as a building material, keep in mind its characteristics. For instance, its blast resistance is lower than regular terracotta so make sure you have an adequate defense against creepers.

You can create varied and beautiful designs using glazed terracotta blocks so just go ahead and experiment.