Observer Minecraft Recipe

An observer Minecraft block is a redstone component that can help you make advanced builds such as automatic farms, flying machines, elevators, traps, and more. In this guide, we will answer the question “what is the observer Minecraft recipe?”

We’ll also talk about how an observer works, what it can detect, and what structures you can build using an observer.

What is an Observer in Minecraft?

An observer is a block that emits a redstone signal when the block or fluid it faces experiences a change.

How Does An Observer Work in Minecraft?

There are three important sides of the observer: the front (face), the top, and the back.

The observer’s face watches the block directly in front of it.

The top has an arrow that shows the direction that the redstone pulse will travel.

The back sends a redstone pulse each time there is a block/state change. That pulse can power redstone dust, a comparator, a repeater, or mechanism components attach to it. The redstone signal is level 15 so can travel up to 15 blocks.

A block change occurs when a block is either placed or removed. A state change occurs when the state of a block changes.

If two observers are facing each other, the redstone signal will bounce back and forth.

Observers behave as both opaque and transparent blocks. That means that they block light and allow mob spawning on top, but do not block opening chests below, do not cut off redstone wire, and cannot conduct redstone power.

What Can the Minecraft Observer Detect?

A Minecraft observer can detect the following changes in Java Edition:

  • when a shulker box opens or closes
  • when a hopper is locked or unlocked
  • when land is plowed or unplowed
  • when sugar cane or kelp grows
  • when a potion is added or removed from a brewing stand
  • when a flower is added to a flower pot
  • when a redstone lamp is turned on or off
  • when fence gates, trap doors, or pistons move
  • when a book is removed or added to a lectern
  • when dry farmland changes its hydration stage (i.e. from dry to humid)
  • when grass spread to dirt
  • when a redstone repeater’s delay is changed
  • when the shape of fences, iron bars, walls, glass panes, etc changes
  • and many more

There are some difference in Bedrock and Java observers. For instance, the Bedrock observer can’t detect some things that the Java observer can such as the opening and closing of shulker boxes. On the other hand, the Java observer can’t detect the activation and deactivation of dragon head but the Bedrock observer can.

How To Use an Observer in Minecraft?

An observer is useful in constructing a variety of automatic structures, including traps, farms, aircraft, flying machines, and bridges.

When placing down an observer, the red dot will be facing you and the face will be facing away from you.

Farm automation is one of the most popular applications of the observer. Observers can detect if something is ready for farming and then trigger the harvesting mechanism. The tutorial below shows you how how you can make three types of farms with the use of observers.

Observers can be used in combination with slime blocks, honey blocks, or sticky pistons to make flying machines. Watch the tutorial for making flying machines using observers below.

Players can create traps with observers. The trap will only activate when the target does something specific. Here’s a video tutorial on how to make various traps using observers.

Another thing you can make using an observer are elevators. The video tutorial below will teach you how to make a working elevator in Minecraft using an observer.

How to Make An Observer in Minecraft?

To create an observer, you need six cobblestones, two redstone dust, and one nether quartz. Place them on the crafting table according to the observer Minecraft recipe below.

Summing Up

An observer is a very useful Minecraft block that can be used for advanced builds like automatic farms, traps, flying machines, and more.

To create an observer Minecraft block, you need to place cobblestones on the top and bottom rows of the crafting table grid, two redstone dust on the left and middle box of the middle row, and the netherquartz on the third box on the middle row.

Now that you know how to craft an observer in Minecraft, you can explore how to use it in your Minecraft builds!

Related Questions

What is a redstone dust? Redstone dust is what you get when you get when you dig a redstone block. It is used  for brewing, crafting, and in redstone circuits and can also be used to power redstone components.

What is a nether quartz? Nether quartz is a white mineral that drops when you mine a nether quartz ore. It is an ingredient in making observers, comparator, daylight detector, and other things in Minecraft.

Does an observer detect opening and closing of chests? No, an observer can’t detect when a chest closes or opens.

What are redstone components? Redstone components are blocks that are used to build redstone circuits which is a contraption that activates or controls mechanisms. Examples of redstone components are pistons, observers, redstone repeaters, and more.