How To Make a Minecraft Sugar Cane Farm

Sugar cane is an important plant in Minecraft as it can be used in making other things. In this post, we are going to learn how start a Minecraft Sugar Cane Farm.

What are the Uses of Sugar cane in Minecraft?

Before we go into the details of starting a sugar cane farm, let’s talk about the uses of sugar cane in Minecraft first.

Sugar cane can be made into sugar, which in turn is used in making other food and potions in Minecraft. It can also be turned into paper which can be made used to make maps and books. You can also use sugar cane in a composter for a 50% chance of raising the compost level by 1.

Where Does Sugar Cane Be Planted in Minecraft?

Sugar cane in Minecraft can be found or grown on different types of dirt-type blocks namely dirt, coarse dirt, rooted dirt, podzol and mycelium. It can also grow on grass blocks, sand, moss block, and mud. Said blocks must be adjacent to water for sugar cane to grow.

Does Sugar Cane in Minecraft Need Light to Grow?

Sugar Cane in Minecraft grows regardless of light level.

How Tall Does Sugar Cane Grow in Minecraft?

Each manually planted sugar cane plant can grow up to three blocks tall. Naturally generated sugar cane crop can grow up to four blocks tall.

How Fast Does Sugar Cane Grow in Minecraft?

Sugar cane grows 1 block every 18 minutes on average in Minecraft Java edition and 54 minutes in Minecraft Bedrock.

How To Speed Up Growing Sugar Cane in Minecraft?

In Java Edition, nothing can speed up the growth of sugarcane in Minecraft except cheats and commands. In Bedrock edition, you can use bonemeal to instantly grow sugar cane to three blocks.

How To Obtain Sugar Cane in Minecraft?

You can find sugar cane plants on riverbanks. Break the sugar cane and pick it up before it disappears.

How to Plant Sugar Cane in Minecraft?

To plant sugar cane in Minecraft, simply select sugar cane in your hot bar and then put it down on dirt, sand, podzol, grass, or any of the blocks mentioned above that is directly adjacent to water. In Minecraft Java edition, you can do this by right-clicking on the block. If you are playing on a mobile device, simply tap block. Press the LT button for Xbox One/Xbox 360; the L2 button for PS 3/4; and the ZL button for Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

How To Build a Simple Minecraft Sugar Cane Farm?

The simplest way to farm sugar cane in Minecraft is to simply plant sugar cane in riverbanks. But this method is not as efficient.

A more efficient way to do a simple Minecraft Sugar Cane farm is to dig rows of ditches two blocks apart and fill them with water. Plant the sugar cane in between the ditches and around the perimeter.

The layout will look something like this. This layout allows you to plant two sugar canes per block of water (in the middle).

(Image via

Watch the basic sugar cane farm tutorial below.

How To Build a Compact Minecraft Sugar Cane Farm?

Instead of planting sugar canes in rows, you can create a sugar cane farm in a grid pattern. This will allow you to grow 4 sugar cane plant per one water source.

Some downsides to this layout however, not only it is more difficult to make but it is also more difficult to harvest the sugar cane. One remedy is to use lily pads on top of the water blocks to make the sugar cane easier to harvest.

Here is a video tutorial of how to build a compact manual Minecraft Sugar Cane Farm.

How to Harvest Sugar Cane on Your Manual Sugar Cane Farm?

Break only the top and middle parts of a sugar cane plant and leave the bottom block in place. The bottom part will regrow to another sugar cane plant.

How to Make a Semi-Automatic Sugar Cane Farm in Minecraft?

In Minecraft Bedrock edition, sugar cane is uprooted as soon as the water source is removed. In Java, sugar cane is uprooted on the next block update or random tick after the water source is removed. Semi-automatic sugar cane farm uses this principle so that manually breaking the sugar cane won’t be necessary. However, the player still needs to pick up the plant manually.

Semi-Automatic Sugar Cane Farm Water Canal Design in Minecraft

To make a semi-automatic water canal design sugar cane farm in Minecraft, first, build a double row sugar cane farm. Then place dispensers containing water buckets to control the water flow. When you remove the water streams, the sugar cane will break and then you can pick them up.

How To Build Sugar Cane Farm Using Piston Harvester

To Build a sugar cane farm with a piston harvester, you need the following materials: chest, dirt (or grass, or sand), water bucket, sugar cane, hoppers, pistons, redstone, observers, and building blocks of your choice. The number of materials you need depend on how wide or tall you want to build your farm.

The first step is to place your dirt blocks on the ground. Then, surround the back side of your dirt blocks with your building block making sure you leave the row next to the dirt empty. Next, fill the empty space with water and then plant your sugarcane on the dirt.

Dig out the ground next to your sugar cane plants. In front of the trench that you have made, dig out another hole, this time just in the center part. Place your chest in here. And then place the hoppers in the trench going directly into your chest.

Next, place building blocks on top of the water. Place the pistons facing onto the sugar cane on top of these blocks. Then place the observers on top of the pistons, making sure that the eyes are facing forward.

Place building blocks right behind the pistons and then place red stone on top of the blocks, behind each observer.

The build is basically finished. Just wait for the sugar cane plants to grow and the piston will push them into the hopper.

You can build around using your building blocks to make the farm look better and to help contain the sugar cane drops better.

You can make this type of farm as wide as you want and as tall as you want. Here is the video tutorial.

How To Build Flying Machine Sugar Cane Farm in Minecraft?

Another way to a sugar cane farm in Minecraft is with flying machines. It makes use of pistons and slime blocks with hopper minecarts. This method helps you to quickly harvest sugar cane without much player intervention.

Here is a video tutorial for making flying machine sugar cane farm in Minecraft.

Here is another version of the flying machine sugar cane farm.

Minecraft Sugar Cane Farm Variations

There are many ways to build a Minecraft Sugar Cane Farm. The version in the video tutorial below uses slime blocks and less piston.

How To Turn Sugar Cane Into Sugar in Minecraft?

To make sugar from sugar cane, place one piece of sugar cane in the center of a crafting table.

What Minecraft Foods Require Sugar as an Ingredient?

The following food items can be made using sugar as an ingredient.

  • Cake – 3 x Milk Bucket, 3 x Wheat, 2 x Sugar, 1 x Egg
  • Fermented Spider Eye – 1 x Brown Mushroom, 1 x Sugar, 1 x Spider Eye
  • Pumpkin Pie – 1 x Sugar, 1 x Pumpkin, 1 x Egg

What Minecraft Potions Need Sugar?

Players can use Sugar at a brewing stand to make Mundane Potion (1 x Water Bottle, 1 x Sugar) and Potion of Swiftness (1 x Awkward Potion, 1 x Sugar).

How To Make Paper Using Sugar Cane in Minecraft?

To make paper in Minecraft, place three sugar cane pieces in the middle row of a crafting table.

What Kind of Items Can You Make Using Paper from Sugar Cane?

You can make the following items with paper: book, cartography table, empty map, and banner patterns.


Sugar cane is an important item in Minecraft. You can turn it into sugar and paper which in turn are used to make other materials in Minecraft.

Sugar cane naturally generates in areas adjacent to water like in riverbanks. You can also plant sugar cane in Minecraft.

Sugar cane grows in a variety of mediums including certain types of dirt, sand, and grass blocks.

There are many ways you can create a Minecraft Sugar Cane Farm.

The very basic way is to just plant sugar cane in the riverbanks, on a block that is directly adjacent to the water.

You can build more efficient farms by digging rows of ditches two blocks apart and planting in between and around the perimeter. Another way is to build a sugar cane farm in a grid pattern.

You can build a semi-automatic Minecraft farm by building rows of ditches and adding dispensers containing water buckets to control the water flow and automatically uproot the plant when the flow of water stops. You still have to harvest the sugar cane manually using this method.

You can also build automatic sugar cane farm in various ways. The easiest way is to use piston harvester. Other ways involve the use of slime blocks in combination with pistons.