How to split-screen Call of duty Cold War Xbox with videos

It used to be so easy to play split-screen on call of duty you just logged in with another controller and could play as a guest, sadly Activision has made it more and more complicated to play split-screen.

In this article, I will explain exactly how you can get set up playing split-screen on call of duty cold war on Xbox.

  1. Connect a second controller to your Xbox and sign into a second non guest Xbox account, create an account on activision attached to the second account
  2. Go to settings>personailisation>my home Xbox and make this Xbox your home Xbox you need one account with gold membership to play splitscreen
  3. On the second controller move to the right and press A to join the lobby when you see another soldier in the lobby you’ve succesfully connected to split-screen

You can create an Activision account here or create one on your Xbox.

To see a YouTube tutorial from my channel on how to do the above steps watch the video below, if you are interested in playing zombies on Xbox keep reading.

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How To Play Split Screen Zombies Call Of Duty Cold War Xbox

  1. Connect a second controller to your Xbox and sign into a second non guest Xbox account, create an account on activision attached to the second account
  2. Open zombies and go to ‘private’ and find a private zombies game
  3. After you find the game leave the lobby and press cancel otherwise you will get kicked out
  4. Then sign into your second controller logged in with a activision account by pressing A

It’s annoying. Activision has made it SO difficult to play zombies! I hope following the above steps and watching my videos above will allow you to have fun playing split-screen on Cold war.

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