Do PS5s come sealed? From A PS5 Owner

PS5s is the most in-demand console in recent times it’s beautiful as well as very powerful. I’m sure you want to know if the PS5 comes protected and properly sealed?

I received my PS5 in February 2021 and have a video below showcasing my PS5 unboxing for you to see exactly how the PS5 comes packaged.

PS5s is wrapped in a plastic bubble wrap and is protected by a paper pulp cushion tray which stops the PS5 from moving . It’s sealed in a cardboard outer box with card inserts.

You can see how PS5 come sealed in the below image (the PS5 is in the middle) or watch my PS5 inboxing video down below.

To learn about how PS5 are packaged please keep reading.

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What Packaging Does PS5 Come In?

The PS5 packaging is a branded PS5 cardboard outerbox with card inserts, the PS5 is protected by paper pulp cushions trays. Sony avoided using polystyrene, plastic trays, plastic cable ties, plastic protection bags, and plastic display windows.

See for yourself how the PS5 is packaged in my unboxing video above.

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Does PS5 come wrapped in Plastic

The PS5 comes wrapped in plastic bubble wrap protected by paper pulp cushion trays. The PS5 is packaged in a cardboard outbox with card incerts. The material used for the PS5 and accessories are fully recycabele depending on the product, the PS5 packaging per unit is between 93-99% plastic-free overall (by weight).

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