Should I Sell My PS4 for PS5? (Is It Worth It?)

With the release of the PS5 console, the whole gaming community is excited — PS4 players are wondering if they should sell their PS4 to buy the PS5 or instead stick with their console.

PS5 is a better console than the PS4 in every aspect. You should definitely sell your current PS4 to enjoy super-fast loading times and 3D audio tech. Even if you don’t sell your PS4 now, you need to switch to PS5 by 2023 as new games won’t be compatible with the PS4 console. 

This is how gaming consoles work — Although they are remarkably cheaper than gaming PCs, they have a limited gaming life span.

Unless you don’t play games too often and stick with your favorites for a long time, you would be buying a PS5 console someday if you own a PS4 console.

Now the question is ‘when?’ — Is this the time to sell your PS4 and move on to PS5?

In this article, I will discuss when you should sell your PS4 for PS5, what your PS4 worth should be, and the future of PS4. Read on to find out.

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When Should I Sell My PS4 for PS5?

To get the most money possible, you should sell your PS4 console as you can to buy thePS5. As time passes, the worth of the PS4 will decline as the PS5 becomes readily available in the market.

If you’re waiting for a ‘perfect’ time to sell your PS4 — It should be in the summers. We all know that it’s the time when kids are out of school, and they need some activity to spend their leisure period. I can see the PS4 demand increasing slightly in that interval of the year.

You should expect novice gamers entering into the market. They are very less likely to buy brand-new PS5 consoles due to lack of money from their Therefore, you can make a good deal when selling your PS4.

Being a regular gamer, you might own several consoles at a time. In this case, you can sell the PS4 console as quickly as you can. When the PS5 console enters into the retail market with full-fledged availability, the PS4 console’s price will inevitably drop.

However, this could take a long time as scalpers have ruthlessly targeted the PS5 to make a quick buck reselling it on eBAY for inflated prices. I currently down own a PS5 despite trying my hardest to get one,

On the other hand, if the PS4 console is the only gaming device you own, you should be careful selling it before buying a new console. PS5 scarcity will haunt the gaming community for a few months until the supply gets settled.

You don’t want to spend months without grabbing a controller in your hands, do you?

In the end, it all depends on your priorities — If you want quick cash for buying a PS5 console, you shouldn’t wait for even a week. Otherwise, if you don’t have enough budget to buy a PS5 console, you can still enjoy a few more years with the PS4 console as it is going nowhere soon.

Still want to sell your PS4? Let’s discuss its selling prices.

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How Much Can I Sell My PS4 For?

PS4 ConsoleEstimated Value in 2021*Estimated Value In 2022*Estimated Value In 2023*
PS4 Original 500 GB$120$99$74
PS4 Original 1 TB$140$119$99
PS4 Slim 500 GB$150$129$109
PS4 Slim 1 TB$160$139$119
PS4 Pro 1 TB$170$149$129
PS4 Pro 2TB$189$159$139

*The prices are estimated according to Amazon, Flipsy, and eBay prices and are subjected to change according to market trends.

I’m sure that you can get a very good deal at those prices. But I hope you don’t get worse than that (That’s why I compiled this chart 😀 )

It’s a ‘rough’ estimate that I came up with thorough research on the internet; I looked into biggie e-commerce stores, GameStop trade-in, and many small marketplaces. And this was the average price of the PS4 I found for selling it. 

However, I would like to alert all of my gaming community friends from some online buying stores — They pay terribly low prices for your consoles. You should never be exchanging your console for peanuts.

Even worse are physical stores like GameStop, I remember selling dozens of DS and Game Boy Advance games as a kid for peanuts when they could have been sold on ebay for ten times as much! Learn from my mistakes.

There are several other options to go for instead of giving your console to these exploiting offers. You can list your console by yourself on certain marketplaces (Craigslist, Facebook, etc.) and can get a reasonable offer.

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How To Sell PS4 For A Higher Price?

Although there is no magic wand that instantly increases the value of your PS4 (especially when it’s damaged or in bad condition), you can still bundle up your console with the gaming discs.

I remember selling my Xbox 360 for nearly 20% more than the market selling price just because I sold all of my games with the console. You can also do that with your PS4.

Let’s say you are able to get a fair amount of cash in return for your PS4 console. What will you do with all the gaming discs? Since the PS5 release is here, the demand for those discs will decline as well as newer more up to date games come out.

It’s your best chance to cash in some extra money by selling gaming discs along with the PS4 console, but if you want the most money possible you should sell your games individually on eBay, I made decent selling a lot of my PS4 games.

However, always keep at least one game, when I sold my PS4 last year for $184 without a working controller it came FIFA 18. Fifa 18 was worth around $1 but the guy bought my PS4 for his brother; at least they had FIFA to play right? This the bundle look a lot better despite FIFA being more or less worthless.

Whatever you sell. make sure that your console is clean and looks good. The condition of your console has a major impact on the selling value.

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Can PS4 Be Useless After PS5?

PS5 is not useless when the PS5’s arrival as PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said PS4 will be supported 3-4 years after the PS5 launch until 2023-2024. PS4 games will be supported for a similar time, Shakedown: Hawaii a PS3 that came out on August 20, 2020, 7 years after the PS4s release date.

Since PS4 is with us for a very long time, I feel like we have some kind of nostalgic relationship with it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t move on to a better console like PS5.

Some cool gaming consoles collectors don’t like to sell any of their consoles EVER! They just keep playing them until a new one pops out and keep adding them into their shelves like a medal.

If you’re one of them, you wouldn’t probably consider selling your PS4 console. Even if it becomes useless after a decade or two, you’ll still cheer the memories of it…

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