What is the Difference Between PlayStation Hits and Normal?

PlayStation has sold 100+ million units, and many PlayStation games over the last several years, continuing the legacy of being one of the most successful consoles of all time. Although what exactly is the difference between Playstation hits and the normal titles?

PlayStation hits arestandard classic games re-released by Sony due to their commercial or critical success. Hits can be distinguished by the red strip stating ‘PlayStation Hits’ on the PS store or the physical game cover. There is no difference between the versions of PlayStation hits and normal.

In 2018, Sony came up with budget-friendly releases for the people who missed out on all-time best classics of PlayStation 4 so that they can enjoy some award-winning games without heavy expenditure.

PlayStation hits have a different packaging color, i.e., red instead of the PS brand ‘blue’ color. Hits lineup will be easy to identify with a red banner on the retailers’ shelves.

PlayStation HitPlayStation Base Game (Normal)
Re-released versions of the classic gamesOriginal releases of the games
Reduced prices ($19.99/copy)Release prices ($59.99/copy)
Critically and commercially acclaimed titlesFirst-time releases of the titles

But don’t rush into buying hits by just listening to that — There is a lot to learn about PlayStation hits before you make a decision of taking money out of the pocket.

I will guide you about how many PlayStation hits are there, do they come with DLC content, and select the best possible hits as a beginner. Stay tuned.

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How Many PlayStation Hits Are There?


There are 44 PlayStation Hits games in total, including Uncharted 4, The Last of Us (Remastered), Need For Speed, and Watch Dogs. Sony continues to release more award-winning PlayStation 4 Hits with some family-friendly titles.

The availability of PS hits games depends on the region. Usually, the US region gets early releases, while Canada and the UK regions are followed after.

The list of successful commercial and critical hits continues to grow as Sony releases new normal games every year. We can only wait to find out what’s coming soon as a low-priced hit in the next release.

When I say low-priced re-releases, what’s meant by that? And how much budget you should target for buying a PS hit game. Let’s talk about that.

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What’s the Price of PS Hits Games?

The price of a single PS hit game is £15.99/$19.99/€19.99. These prices are almost one-third of the game’s original cost, which is £50/$60. Players can enjoy PS hits games for reduced prices for excellent value.

Since we know, PlayStation’s new titles are becoming more expensive with time, and their price doesn’t get dropped easily just because they are extremely popular and the demand remains intact.

This is your chance to grab the best PS4 games — Some of the PS hits aren’t so old, and you can still enjoy the modern graphics and gameplay technology with low priced deals.

The PS4 has one of the best game collections of any console EVER. To see 42 off the best PS4 games ever made, a lot of which are PlayStation hits check out my article.

Do PlayStation Hits Include DLC?

PlayStation 4 hits do not include any downloadable content (DLC.) It’s different from the complete version of the game, and you’ll have to pay for DLC content separately. There might be some PS hits marketed with DLC content by Sony as a deal or pack.

Games publishers cash-in extra money by releasing DLC content for the PS4 users. Unfortunately, PS hits don’t come up with additional downloadable content.

The reason for it is simple — PS hits are already low priced releases. Although the games are a bit old, they are still pretty much in demand. So PS hits prices are reasonable, even excluding the DLC content from the deal.

PS hits are enjoyable even without the DLC content. Players who love playing classics, again and again, know the worth of these titles — I can spend hours playing Uncharted, Battlefield 4, or The Last of Us, without the need of buying DLC.

Some people confuse PS hits with GOTY or complete edition releases. They are only base games re-released at a reduced price, and it works the same as if you would buy the base game in a Christmas sale and get DLC content separately, paying an extra amount for that. 

In the end, it’s totally up to you whether you’re fond of buying extra content at the price of a few bucks or you’re happy with what you get at a $19.99 price.

If you really need DLC with the base game, I would recommend going for the GOTY edition, which will have a better value than a base PS hit game.

Here’s the last thing you need to know before buying a PlayStation’s greatest hits of all time, that is, be aware of the best PlayStation hits to date.

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Best PlayStation Hit Games

  1. Bloodborne (2 million copies sold)
  2. God of War (20 million copies sold)
  3. Fallout 4 (14 million copies sold)
  4. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (41 million copies sold)
  5. Resident Evil 7 (7 million copies sold)

Since the data is rough and continuously changes every year, it’s hard to calculate the exact number of PS hits sold but based on the rough data and my personal judgment, here’s my verdict:

If you’re new in the PS4 world, don’t go after the best-sellers of PlayStation. You will only end up getting overwhelmed.

Instead, go for your interest. If you are into racing, buy ‘Need for Speed.’ If you’re into stealth-based games, ‘Metal Gear Solid’ should be your choice. Sony is aware that people have different tastes when buying games for themselves; therefore, they have released PS hits from almost every gaming genre.

Otherwise, hardcore gamers like me try to build a gaming library, and they never miss out on a single title. If you are one of them, there might be a few titles in the list that you didn’t get a chance to buy. Here’s your time to buy PlayStation hits at affordable prices on Amazon.

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