Should You Buy The PS5 Or Wait For PS5 Pro?

After 6 years from the launch of the PS4, the PS5 is finally here but is quite expensive $399 for the digital edition and $499 for the disc drive. Should you buy the PS5 now or wait for the eventual PS5 Pro later in the console’s lifecycle?

There is no guarantee Sony will even release a PS5 Pro, as the PS5 is a massive new generational upgrade to the PS4 in every way possible, the PS4 Pro came out in 2016, 2 years after the PS4 and the PS4 did not drop in price. You would miss excellent games with new generational hardware for no gain.

The PS5 is in a different world to the PS4 so it might not even get a mid generational upgrade, so you could be waiting for nothing! I will explain all the other reasons why you shouldn’t wait for the PS5 Pro. Read on to find out.

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Why You Should Not Wait For The PS5 Pro

Sony Might Not Release A PS5 Pro!

Mid console refreshes are a new thing, yes Sony has always released a slim version of their consoles starting with the PSOne on July 7, 2000 but the PS4 Pro released in September 7 2016 was the first time a mid upgrade purely for power happened.

Why did Sony do this? Mostly, it was to capitalize on consumers who wanted a 4K gaming experience, they did not want Microsoft to release a 4K console(the Xbox One X) before they did as the PS4 could not output a 4K display, but in reality, PS4 Pro is not true 4K it is checkboard 4K if your interested in understanding the difference see my post here.

With newer consoles, unless a lot of people get interested in adopting 8K displays in their living rooms a console refresh won’t happen anytime soon, as 8K TVs are EXPENSIVE! They cost around $3000-$4000 dollars and hitting 8K 60FPS is impossible with modern technology, for the PS5 and Xbox Series S 4K60FPS is the goal.

Sony mentioned in an interview with Famitsu that the Sony higher-ups would rather the PS5 be a console everyone could purchase but still has excellent performance, creating top of the line consoles to increase performance goes away from this business model.

I tend to believe this interview, as look at Sony pricing the full-power digital PS5 at a crazy $399! Clearly, they want to dominate the console market share, and Microsoft Sony’s main competitors are doing something similar with the Xbox Series S being sold for $299.

The PS5 is a super upgrade to the PS4, a complete overhaul on console architecture, improved resolution, and super-fast SSD it is superior to the PS4 in every way. To know about the upgrades in detail see Digital Trends article here.

So you might miss out on a fantastic new console generation, for no reason at all if the PS5 pro never comes out! Does that sound like a risk you want to take?

The PS5 Will Not Drop In Price

If you think waiting for the PS5 pro will make the PS5 more affordable(if it will exist) then sadly you would be mistaken.

I wrote about this in detail in my post here but the PS4 sold 111 million copies and Sony does not need to drop the price as even a $50 price drop will cause Sony to lose a lot of money per unit sold.

It’s crazy to think the PS4 even now with the PS5 out is still around $299 only $100 cheaper than the PS5 or when it originally came out priced at $399 way back in 2013!

The PS5 is such a big generational upgrade to the PS4 in every way I see the price changing even less, just think how much power you get at the small price of $399.

According to Bloomberg it costs Sony around $450 to make each PS5, losing money manufacturing consoles is nothing new with console manufacturers most infamously the PS3 cost $840.35 to make! I’m not making this up I swear!

If you think a PS5 pro coming out will make the PS5 more affordable even if it does come out you will be sadly disappointed.

Buying A PS5 At Launch Makes You An Early Adopter

Admittedly there are problems with buying a console at launch, unforeseen firmware and hardware bugs happen most infamously the Xbox 360 red ring of death but this comes at the cost of being an early adopter.

The PS4 first revision happened 1 year into the console’s release called the PS4 B, the base firmware was increased to 1.70 and the console was available in both 500GB/1TB versions also with an upgraded firmware transmitter

However imagine being one of the first people in the world to play a PS5, sounds cool right? You will be first in the line to play on a machine that represents a huge technological leap forward in gaming, especially with the controller and how advanced the vibrational technology is.

Why do people camp outside for the new iPhone? Because in a way it’s history in the making, but unlike the iPhone that barely changes year on year the PS5 is a HUGE improvement on the PS4, an improvement you will first hand if you don’t wait for the PS5 pro that might not ever come out!

You Will Miss Out On Amazing Sony Exclusives!

A big reason why Xbox lost the console war (see my post) is the PS4 consistently had an amazing library of exclusives, console sellers such as Uncharted 4, Persona 5, Blood Bourne and much much more.

Sony has confirmed many exclusives coming to the console, such as Ratchet And Clank Rift Apart God Of War 2, Horizon Forbidden West, and much more.

Why miss out on all these amazing games, and wait for a console that might never exist? You never know what life has in store, you could be married with 2 kids by the time the PS5 Pro( if it does) comes out! There is no time like the present to enjoy all the incredible exclusives that Sony has to offer.

You Can Always Sell Your PS5 Shortly Before The Pro Comes Out!

Luckily consoles don’t drop in price so you can still sell them for a hefty sum even years later! I want you to get the BEST possible price on your games & accessories so check out my video above on how to sell consoles on eBay for the BEST possible price!

I sold my base PS4 with an old copy of Fifa 18 and 2 controllers (one broken) on Facebook marketplace for $168 which was a fair price for both me and the guy I sold it to.

If we assume the PS5 pro exists it should come out around 2022-2023 as the PS4 pro came out 2 years after the PS4. If you buy the PS5 digital edition now it will cost you $399 and I assume the pro digital edition would cost $499, $100 more expensive than the base line mode.

I sold my PS4 6 years after it came out , so you should sell your PS5 for about $300-$350 as it still would be a fantastic system, only costing you around $149-$199 a massive savings compared to if you bought it new!

Now, you MUST sell your PS5 on Facebook marketplace or another similar site like Craigslist as eBay take a FAT chunk of your sales commission.

Should You Buy The PS5 Or Wait For PS5 Pro? Conclusion

Overall, I highly recommend buying the PS5 at launch the most glaring reason is there is no evidence to suggest the PS5 pro will even exist, and considering how competitive SONY priced the PS5 Digital edition I’d say it’s more evidence it will not exist!

After all, even if the PS5 pro will exist why waste all your years not enjoying an amazing console packed full of groundbreaking features and fantastic features? I know I won’t wait!

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