Does PS5 Require A Internet Connection? (It Depends)

The PS5 is an amazing console that is a lot better when you play online with friends, but does the PS5 require an internet connection to work? A lot of people across the world don’t have a good internet connection so it’s an important thing to know.

Hideaki Nishino Sonys senior vice president told Digital Foundry that the PS5 can run discs without connection to the internet and patches are not mandatory except for ‘online-only titles’ so the PS5 does not require an internet connection but the PS5 Digital edition does.

You can see the eurogamers article here.

I will discuss the reasons why you should have your PS5 connected to the internet, and how you could get around not having an internet connection and still enjoying your PS5.

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Why You Should Have Internet Connection To Play PS5

Easy Access To Game Patches To Prevent Buggy Games

Many developers release games that are full of possibly game breaking bugs at launch that haven’t been properly vetted. Having an internet connection allows these games to be patched and the bugs ironed out.

On PS4 Dragon age inquisition frequently froze during launch and whilst Sony did release a firmware patch fixing the problem this was after a lot of other players lost their progress. See this list by gamerant for other games that were super buggy at launch.

You might be looking forward to playing God Of War 2 but be a victim to a game-breaking bug halfway through the game, and without the internet to update the game, you would be out of luck.

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Play Online With Others

The ability to play online with friends, and enjoy the fantastic Sony multiplayer experience is a big reason people buy gaming consoles in the first place.

Considering the quality of life improving the new Playstation operating system brought to the console, like seamlessly switching from the game your playing to a friends gameplay invite whilst STILL in game and then being transported to your friends hobby makes the experience even better.

Not having an internet connection making this fantastic gaming experience not possible, and your doing yourself a disservice not having an internet connection for the PS5.

Why You Don’t Need An Internet Connection For PS5

You Can Download PS5 Firmware Updates On A USB

Downloading Playstation updates using a USB has been done since way back with the PS3 and you can do the same with the PS5.

Simply go to download the files onto your USB and insert the USB into your PlayStation and follow the steps on how to install the update. If you don’t have a USB a highly recommend this 32GB Sandisk USB from Amazon here, I use it and it works perfectly for me.

This allows you to download a firmware in a place where you DO have internet like a somewhere with public Wi-Fi like a Coffee shop or library, and simply put the updates into your PS5!

Unfortunately, you cannot download game updates to the USB, as all game updates are designed to only work on the PS5.

You won’t be able to play games online, but at least you can download potential game PS4 firmware updates and keep your PS5 all nice and updated!

You Can Stream PS5 Games On Your Computer/Mac!

There is a way to play and update PS5 games even if you don’t have an internet connection at home? How you might ask? Well you must stream your PS5 onto a PC or laptop somewhere that has an internet connection!

PlayStation has a feature called PS5 remote play allowing you to stream your Playstation to any device that’s connected to the same network.

The BIG problem with this method? Well, if your doing this in a public Wi-Fi situation you would need to bring your laptop AND your PS5 with you!

Now the PlayStation is the chunkiest console for modern gaming it is roughly 15.4 x 10.24 x 4.09 inches (391 x 260 x 104 millimeters) and weighs about 9.9 pounds (4.5 kilograms)! That’s a hefty machine!

However outside of always bring your PS5 to a friends house to update your games, I don’t see another option to download your games firmware , or play PS5 games on the go.

Overall I recommend getting Wi-Fi connection for your house as the PS5 is a MASSIVE and heavier console making moving it around a real hassle.