PS5 How To Lower Ping Get Super-Fast Internet & Fix Lag!

Do you have a PS5 but wish your internet & download speed was faster? I’m here to help with that.

  1. Use a wired ethernet internet connection instead of Wi-fi for faster PS5 downloads speeds and a more stable connection
  2. Change Your PS5 DNS settings for faster internet connection
  3. Move your PS5 closer to your Wi-Fi router to get a faster download speed
  4. Download games in rest mode for faster download speeds
  5. Pay for faster internet service or switch to fibreoptic for a sharp increase in PS5 download speeds
  6. Move your Wifi router and PS5 away from brick walls and other Wi-fi devices to increase the Wi-Fi signal
  7. Only download one game at a time for more efficient downloads.

To make sure you get the fastest internet for your PS5 possible, and how to change your PS5s DNS settings to make downloads faster read on.

In most cases, upgrading to a better router that handles data more quickly will lower your ping allowing more devices to use the same network. I recently bought the NETGEAR 4 it covers 1500 sq. ft of up to 20 devices of Wi-Fi I couldn’t be happier with my lowered ping, click here get yourself one for a bargain on Amazon.

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How To Get Fast Internet For Your PlayStation 5

Wired Ethernet For Faster Connection

Wired internet will get you the most reliable connection for online gaming. Although Wi-fi connection has come along way in recent years, the waves Wi-fi uses are reduced by many factors.

  • Obstructions in your home such as walls(especially brick), doors, and floors
  • Distance between your router and your PS5
  • Inferences from other devices using the same wi-fi connection, such as your smartphone or another console

These factors will reduce the “packets” (data transfer) or cause the packets to be delayed which is called latency, which will reduce both your download speed and internet speed.

With an ethernet cable(buy a super-fast one from Amazon here) the internet travels via a physical cable meaning everything mentioned above will not affect your internet connection, giving you far smoother gaming experience. Check out this post here for more information.

If you want a handy tutorial on how to set up internet for your PlayStation 5 both wired and via wi-fi check out this tutorial down below.

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How To Change Your PS5’s DNS Settings For Faster Internet

Now changing your PlayStation 5 DNS settings could have a MASSIVE impact on your download speeds, no matter if you’re using a wired or wireless internet connection,

Before you change the DNS settings make sure you do the following steps

  • Disconnect your PlayStation 5 from a Wi-fi booster as wi-fi directly from the router has the best connection
  • Remove wi-fi power setups
  • Move your console into more open airspace away from other electronic devices that are using the Wi-fi
  • Move the PS5 away from brick walls
  • Try to position the PS5 in the same room as the router or the room directly below it
  • Try to limit the number of electronic devices using the same Wi-fi as your PS5

How To Change Your PS5 DNS Settings Quick Method

This method will dramatically improve your internet connection but there is a more effective method that I will discuss later on.

Both will work, but the more advanced one will make a bigger difference but it’s a little more complicated to set up but this one is still very effective.

  1. Go to settings>network>test network connection ( to test your network connection so you can compare the changes
  2. network>setup internet connection>select either Wifi/Lan> go to your router(press the options button to see if your router is on 5Ghz this is ideal when your router & PS5 is in the same room and will give you better speeds, 2.4Ghz will give you slower speeds but it has better wi-fi range
  3. To set up 5ghz press the options button whilst over your Wi-fi network>wi-fi frequency bands>select 5Ghz only
  4. For Ip settings select automatic>DNCP host name>do not specify>dns settings>manual
  5. For primary and secondary DNS settings input the settings depending on where you’re from in the paragraph below

US** Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: *

*Europe** Primary DNS: Secondary DNS:

Now that’s it for the quick setup! Your PS5 should have considerably faster download & upload speeds. Although if you want the VERY BEST connection possible I recommend you spend a few minutes and read the next subheading

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How To Change Your DNS Settings Advanced Method

All you need is a computer that is running on the same connection as your PS5 preferably with a wired connection that is running Internet Explorer/Google Chrome

This method will give you the best DNS settings for every device from an Xbox or a computer

  1. Turn on your PC and navigate to this website which is Googles DNS Benchmark tool
  2. Download and extract the “namebench” program which matches your operating system for Mac it will be the one at the top(namebench-1.3.1-Mac_OS_X.dmg), for Windows the one directly below it “namebench-1.3.1-Windows.exe
  3. Remember for best results have your laptop/computer directly connected to the router via an ethernet cable as this helps eliminate any external factors that could interfere with your DNS settings to get the best results possible.
  4. Make sure you tick the two options near the nameserver and have the health check performance as “fast” I recommend having the number of queries as 250 which will take longer but give you much stabler results
  5. Now this will take between 20-30 minutes so start playing your PS5 or do whatever in the meantime
  6. An internet explorer tab will open up giving you various forms of data avg (ms) of Ping, the difference between mini & max-min, and much more
  7. Ideally, you want to find the most stable ping that has the smallest difference between max and min, choose that one for your primary DNS & the second-best for your secondary
  8. Navigate back to DNS settings and input the primary and secondary DNS settings you found in the explorer tab
  9. Restart PS5 to make sure all the DNS settings are calibrated
  10. Test your network connection and compare your new results to your older results
  11. Repeat this 1-3 months to ensure you get your very best DNS settings as it will evolve and change over time
  12. Enjoy your super quick improved PlayStation 5 internet connection!

Related questions

How do I increase my ps5 connection speed?

Now there are various ways to improve your PS5s connection speed, the biggest change follow what’s mentioned in this article but here are other ways to improve your connection

  1. Use a wired internet connection instead of wi-fi
  2. Download updates/games using rest mode to increase download speeds
  3. Update your PS5 to the latest firmware
  4. Change your DNS settings
  5. Change your router settings to 5Ghz or 2.4GHz depending on where your router is compared to your PS5
  6. Upgrade your internet service

Why is my ps5 internet so slow?

Your PS5 internet speed is based on many factors, such as brick walls in between your router & your PS5 causing the Wi-fi connection to be weak.

Also having multiple devices using the same internet will dramatically reduce your PS5 internet speed

What is a good connection speed for ps5?

Ping is the most important statistic the less ping you have the better for internet speeds, 50ms ping is very good, less than 100 is good to average and 150 is when problems with games will start arising and more than 150 you could experience lag and have issues with games.

For internet connection 10Mbps download, speed is good enough as even if another person in your home is using Netflix or streaming your gaming shouldn’t be affected.

Even in countries such as Bangladesh with terrible Wi-fi low Mbps speeds are still perfectly serviceable, Ping is the most important factor and 2MBps is more than enough for online gaming

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