Is 825 GB Enough For PS5? (It’s Surprising!)

So you want to get a PS5 or are curious about getting one but wondering if 825GB is enough for the PS5? I don’t blame you, that’s not even 1TB of memory and games files are just getting bigger and bigger. Don’t worry, I will answer any questions you have.

PS5 825GB space is enough for roughly 10 PS5 games as the reserves around 20% of its internal SSD for the PS5 operation system leaving around 664GB for usable storage, Demon Souls takes 66GB of space. To get more space you must purchase an expandable PS5 SSD for $115 for 500GB of space.

A lot of people think next-generation games files will be smaller because of better optimization methods, but look at Spiderman’s ultimate edition(105GB) on PS5 taking up 1/7 of all the PS5 memory! I will explain why the PS5 has 825GB and how many games the PS5 can hold.

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Why 825GB Is Enough For PS5

Sony checked customer data and made the memory big enough to hold as many games as the average person player plays with a console over a period of time, which is around 10 titles, with 60GB being the average PS5 game size.

I wrote here about if 500GB is enough for the PS4 and a lot of what I said is relevant for 825GB and the PS5. It really depends on how many games you expect to play in one given time.

How many games do you have on PS4? If it’s around 6 first-party PS4 games and a few indie games then 825GB should be enough considering Demon Souls takes 66GB of space and is a true next-generation game.

However with my 500GB PS4 which wasn’t enough even back in 2016 when I first bought a PS4, I always deleted games to make space and I guarantee you will do the same after a few years of owning the PS5.

You always have the option of purchasing expandable storage for the PS5 but it will NOT come cheap. It will cost roughly $115 for only 500GB of storage! Let me explain why it’s so expensive

The PS5’s SSD is what sets it apart from the Xbox as it is LIGHTENING quick and allows seamless loading between games. To understand just why the PS5 SSD is so fast check out tweakdowns article here.

You won’t be able to use any random HDD to play PS5 games either, as they are not as fast as the PS5 insane SSD that isn’t even matched by PCs yet.

You CAN store the games to free up space but they won’t be playable unless you transfer them to the PS5’s internal drive which should be a lot quicker process on the PS5 than the PS4.

To see if you should even buy the PS5 or wait for the PS5 pro check out my post here.

Why 825GB Is Not Enough For PS5

Spiderman Morales Morales edition see it on Amazon here having a WHOPPING 105GB of space for the ultimate edition is reason enough why 825GB is not enough.

As gaming technology advances, game files were supposed to get smaller due to improved rendering and compression but do you seriously think that will be the case?

If you buy both Demon Souls and Spider-Man ultimate edition that takes up 20% of the SSD by themselves! That’s isn’t too many games more and your hard drive is approaching fully capacity!

Whilst yes, you could buy an HDD like the fantastic 2TB Seagate(get from Amazon here) you still need to move games to the internal storage to play them, you cannot play them off the hard drive as the PS5 SSD is too quick for an external hard drive to read.

Who knows how awkward this would be? Probably not too time consuming but it’s a still an extra expense you have to pay, especially after buying the PS5 and all the games at full price!

Yes, you can use expandable SSD that will cost around 1/4 the cost of the PS5 by themselves! The 1TB storage expansion card for the Xbox Series X is confirmed to cost a massive $219.99, nearly half the price of the entire console! Expect a similar price with PS5 expandable storage

I believe as newer bigger new generational games come out the game files whilst optimized will STILL be huge, so expandable storage for the PS5 is a necessity if your a gamer that wants to play more than 4-6 first-party titles at one time

The PS5 Usable Memory Is Actually 664GB

The worst thing is you won’t be able to use all 825GB PS5 memory to store games! Why not you ask?

Because all operating systems, whether a PS5 or computer reserves a certain amount of it’s internal storage to work correctly, you ever have a computer with little memory and it starts working all funny? That’s why

The PlayStation 5 reserves around 20% of its internal SSD for the PS5 operation system leaving around 664GB for usable storage! This is only 10 full sized PS5 games for storage space, not a lot at all.

This figure closely matches the 200GB of the  Xbox Series X reserves of its 1TB SSD for OS functions, so expect the PS5 storage to be even less than you thought!

How Many Games Can PS5 Hold?

Demon souls a PS5 launch title is 66GB making the PS5 hold around 10 full PS5 games, as the PlayStation 5 reserves around 20% of its internal SSD for the PS5 operation system leaving around 664GB for usable storage.

Why does The PS5 Only Have 825GB?

Mark Cerny Sonys lead designer said 825 GB is the natural storage size to meet Sony’s target of 5 gigabytes a second transfer speed using a 12 channel interface. This allows PS5 to instantly load several elements of a game at the same time, more storage would make PS5 too expensive for mass market.

I know this sounds like tech jargon (that’s because it is) but I will explain it in simple people terms.

Sony wanted to rich a bandwidth target of 5 gigabytes a second which is SUPER fast they needed a 12 channel flash controller this is designed to stock technical problems that hurt the performance of modern SSDs

Sony beat its target and achieved 5.5 gigabytes a second, but something unexpected happened. With this unique interface, the only natural size of the PS5 SSD was you guessed it 825GB!

Cerny admitted that is was ‘tempting’ add to add more memory it ‘certainly doesn’t come cheap, and we have a responsibility to our gaming audience to be cost-effective with regards to what we put in the console.”

Gaming consoles are already expensive, and game companies like Sony always lose money on hardware sales, see the reasons in my post here, like the PS3 costing $805 to make!

But with the PS5 costing $399/$499 respectively for the digital and disc editions, if Sony had a bigger SSD it would be way more expensive and not cost-effective both produce and sell in the mass market.

Sony analyzed many gamers habits and saw what they would play over a weekend, a week, or a month and if these games would fit on the 825GB SSD, Sony worked out the friction caused by reinstalled or read downloads would be quite low so they settled on the 825GB

It’s all about winning the console war, and as Xbox lost the last one so badly (see reasons why here) it was paramount for SONY to price the PS5 well which they have done to stop the average consumer settling for the Series X instead.

Only a serious gamer really knows or cares about the difference between 1TB and 825GB, price is what matters and this is why the PS5 is 825GB to keep it price competitive and a good consumer option for consumers to buy,