PS5 Remote Play Bad Quality (How To Fix It)

PS5 feature ‘remote play’ allows you to play games through other devices like a PC, mobile phone, or tablets. While many enjoy the feature some people are reporting bad quality when using remote play.

PS5 remote play suffers from graphical quality and blurriness depending on your internet speed and ping quality. When it works it has no latency and no input delay.

Unfortunately,s with every new feature introduced, there are various bugs that happen For example, failed controller connection, frequent disruptions, sound problems, etc.

I will explain how you can fix every technical problem related to PS5 remote play, such as controllers not working, connection issues, and no sound playing Read on to find out.

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PS5 Remote Play Controller Not Working

PS5 DualSense controllers only work with Windows PC and Mac for remote playing. If you’re using android devices, iPhone, or iPad, you’ll need to use DualShock. Try connecting the PS5 controller via USB cable for a smooth connection.

As stated on the PS website, DualSense controllers do not support mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The fans are still waiting for a compatibility update, and there is no quick fix to date.

DualShock controllers are the alternatives to connect on any device and enjoy a PS5 remote playing experience.

PS5 Remote Play Disconnecting (How To Fix)

  1. Check Sony PlayStation Network Services Status.
  2. Get Internet Connection With Minimum 15 MBPS Speed. 
  3. Use Wired Connection Instead of WiFi
  4. Update Your PS5 Software
  5. Restart Remote Play for Troubleshooting
  6. Restart Your PC

These methods can get your remote play services going, but if the problem persists and it gets disconnected, again and again, I have found some other fixes for that.

Sometimes, antivirus or firewall messes up the remote play experience and won’t let you connect. If you are using any antivirus, make sure it’s OFF when experiencing problems with the remote play connection. Check your antivirus settings to turn off its protection.

Another thing to do is refreshing your internet router/modem by rebooting it after turning it off for more than 30 seconds. It will make sure that all the unnecessary devices are disconnected when your remote play device is connected.

To give your remote play the best chance to connect correctly increase your PS5 internet speed, see my post here on how to do this.

Why is PS5 Remote Play Not Connecting?

Your PS5 must have a stable connection with the device it’s trying to access, they must be connected to the same network for the best connection and your PS5 console cannot be used by anyone else, and your game must be compatible with remote play

For a stable connection, you’ll have to manually pair your remote play device with the PS5 you’re trying to access. Make sure that both of your devices are connected to the same network for minimum latency difference.

There may be some reasons due to which the remote play connection cannot be established between your device and PS5. Some restrictions stated on the PS5 website can play a role in disconnecting your remote play connection:

  1. When you’re broadcasting from your PS5 Console.
  2. Your PS5 Console is being used by someone else.
  3. When the game has no compatibility with the remote play feature.

What to Do When the Remote Play Can’t Find a PS5 Device?

  1. Go to PS5 Console ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘System’
  3. Select ‘Remote Play’
  4. Select ‘Link Device’
  5. Enter the Number In Remote Play App Displayed On the PS5 Host Console.

For a stable connection, you’ll have to manually pair your remote play device with the PS5 you’re trying to access. Make sure that both of your devices are connected to the same network for minimum latency difference.

Reduce the amount of devices connected to your Wi-Fi (like your phone) to improve remote plays performance.

PS5 Remote Play No Sound (How To Fix)

If you’re experiencing no sound or less sound bug in PS5 remote play, check your default sound device after connecting the controller. Windows and other operating systems will likely switch the sound to the headset jack present on the controller.

If this fix doesn’t help with your sound problem, then the issue is in the hardware/software that can’t be fixed until Sony releases an update for that.

We can only hope they improve the remote play experience in the upcoming days by lessening the bugs.

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How Good Is PS5 Remote Play?

PS5 remote play almost yields the same experience as playing games on the original PS5. It’s a great alternative for those who don’t have television access and gives much better results than the PS4 remote play.

PS5 remote play surely offers much more than the previous experience on PS4 consoles. The windows client is much more capable and efficient, supporting HDR and scaling up to 1080p for streams.

Since the resolution heavily puts a burden on the internet connection, you need to reduce how many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi.

You can remote play on your PC at 1080p without any hassle, there might be some screen macroblocking and small input delay. But apart from that, the games look quite good.

The PS5 remote play experience also relies on the game you’re about to play. Some require more bandwidth, while some demand higher resolutions.

For example, if you’re playing Fifa 21, you’ll rarely experience any lag or input delays in ultimate team (which is an online multiplayer mode.)

There are other advantages too of using remote play than just playing games. Accessing messages are now extremely easy by just hopping on to your computer instead of sending messages through the PS5 console on-screen keyboard.

If you are confused about how to access and send messages on your PS5 see my handy guide.

This shows that Sony has given all of its efforts to come up with the best possible remote play experience. And they’re constantly trying to make it better.

The only demerit of using a remote play app is that it makes the client device hot — sooner than I actually anticipated. The device gets heated up even when streaming a low-resolution game, and it’s a big bummer in the whole remote play gaming — We can only wait for Sony to fix it up as quickly as possible.

Disregarding the heating factor, remote play is good enough to spend hours playing favorite games without the need to switch the television on.

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