Can You Wall Mount A PS5? (How To Do It)

The PS5 is a HUGE console and if you are a minimalist like me, you would hate all the clutter that this console creates around your gaming setup. Wall mounting your PS5 might be a solution. But can you really wall mount a PS5? Let’s find out! 

PS5 does not come with a wall mount of its own but you can purchase a floating Grip wall mount specially designed for PS5 that makes it easy for you to mount or hide the PS5 on a wall. 

The floating grip is specficly designed for the PS5, so you can mount it on your wall next to your TV or monitor to save space and keep your setup clean.

Keep reading to know how you can mount your PS5 to a wall, and why the PS5 is so big. Read on to find out.

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How To Mount PS5 To A Wall

Use Floating Grip’s Wall Mount for PS5 to mount your console. Follow the instructions manual to screw in the mounting parts using the screws and wall plugs that come with the package. Hang the handmade strings on the wall mounts as indicated in the manual and hang the PS5 on strings carefully.

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to learn how you can mount a PS5 to the wall:

Floating Grip Wall Mount Contents

  • A note from the Floating Grip’s team. 
  • Two manuals; one for how to mount the PS5 console and one for how to mount the controller. 
  • A packet containing the screws and wall plugs needed to install the wall mount .
  • A packet containing the wall mounting bits and the handmade string

Step 1: Empty the contents in the Floating Grip’s Wall Mount package.

Step 2: Open the manual for PS5 and find the wall mount indicators marked on top sides of the manual. The top of the manual indicates the spot where your console will be placed.  

Step 3: Carefully put the screws into the wall as indicated in the markings on the manual (or as shown in the diagram below).

Note: Insert the screws EXACTLY as guided in the manual as the wall mounts won’t fix if you have not put them in a specific way.

Step 4: Install the wall mounts into the screws.

Step 5: First, place the longer string below the white wall mount and continue placing it above the two black mounts.

Step 6: Next, do the same with the shorter strong. 

Note: Make sure that the plastic bits on the two strings are hanging at the bottom center so they can support your console. 

Step 7: Slide the longer string from underneath the PS5 console’s white casing until the string is holding it.

Note: Make sure that the back of the PS5 (the one with the ports) is facing your TV so it’s easier to connect all the wires. 

Step 8: Now place the shorter string in a way that it supports the console from the top. Place it to hold the white outer shell of the console which is adjacent to the wall. 

Refer to the video tutorial above for better understanding. 

Congratulations, you have successfully wall mounted the PS5. You can rest assured that these strings are handmade to be strong enough to hold the weight of your console. They can support upto 10 kgs of weight whereas the PS5 console is only about 4.5 kgs. So your console is in safe hands (strings, to be exact). 

Please note that this wall mount does not block any entrance, ports or the air vents of your console.  

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The new PS5 is really big which makes it difficult for any wall mounts to hold it. But the Floating Grip’s wall mount is SPECIALLY designed for PS5 to keep it safe and secure. Keep reading to find out why PS5 is actually that big.

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Why Is The PS5 So Big?

PS5 is big because of its cooling fan. PS5 is equipped with a 120mm diameter and 45mm thickness cooling fan. This huge fan keeps the mainboard cool by providing cool air on both sides whilst making the console thicker. 

With more and more complex games coming out that require a lot of CPU and GPU power, your gaming console needs a seamless flow of air to keep it from overheating. The PS5 uses various methods to manage that heat and keep the console cool. These include a liquid metal thermal conductor, a 120mm fan, numerous dust collector holes and a huge heatsink.  

All of these components work with the huge fan of the PS5 to keep the PS5 performing without any of the jet engine sounds of the PS4, if the PS5 was smaller it could be just as loud as the PS4.

Such a huge fan and size of the console is key for the PS5 to perform as it does, but as Sony gets better at producing the PS5 without a doubt PS5 slim version will be released but that’s a long way away.

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