Can I Leave My PS5 On Overnight? ( Why It Depends)

Some PS5 users who bought the consoles right after release have reported a few bugs, which has gotten people worried about whether they can leave their PS5 consoles turned on overnight. Here’s what I suggest:

PS5 players can leave their console on overnight without encountering any problems. Although there were a few rest mode issues in PS5 after the release, the latest update patches released by Sony have resolved the issue.

The new generation of consoles is designed to last years. So if you have placed your PS5 console in a properly ventilated area, you can rest assured that your console will last years even if you leave it on overnight. But like every other console, you should turn your PS5 off every once in a while to ensure a long life. 

To know why it is okay to leave the PS5 in rest mode, and if the PS5 overheats, and how you turn off the PS5 without a controller please read on.

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Is It Okay To Leave PS5 In Rest Mode Overnight?

The PS5 is designed to be in Rest Mode overnight for updates, game downloads, or charging your DualSense controller. However, be careful not to unplug your console while in Rest Mode, as it might damage the game or system data. 

The PS5 rest mode or standby mode puts your console in a suspended state where it is turned on but does not draw too much power. Instead of completely turning off your PS5 console, you can put it in the Rest Mode to perform various background functions so that whenever you are back, you would be all set to play your favorite games!

Leaving the console in Rest Mode is not an issue. Even though there were some bugs with the Rest Mode when PS5 was released, they were fixed by the following update patches.

So you can rest assured that leaving the console in Rest Mode wouldn’t damage anything if it is placed in a properly ventilated area. Just make sure that the console is not covered in dust and that it is at least 10 cm away from a wall to ensure proper ventilation

You can get a lot of things done while your PS5 is in Rest Mode, such as charging your PS5 controllers as the console continues to supply power to the USB ports in rest mode, never pick up a dead controller again!

Maybe you don’t want to always supply the PS5 USB ports with power, here’s how you can adjust the amount of time the USB ports receive.

How To Change PS5 Usb Ports Power Settings

Go to Settings > System > Power Saving > Features Available in Rest Mode.

You can select from three options; “Always”, “Three Hours” or “Off”.

  • Update your games in the background.
  • Upload your game saves to the cloud. 
  • Install and play games remotely.
  • Keep your games suspended.

So you can get a lot of things done on your PS5 in Rest Mode without worrying about anything. 

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Does PS5 Overheat?

When placed in a perfectly ventilated area and on a solid surface, PS5 will not ever overheat. The new console comes with enough vents to keep the air flow running. So if you have placed it in an ideal environment, you can rest assured that your PS5 will never overheat. 

PS5 is a next-gen console with a cool design to ensure enough ventilation. Additionally, Sony has shared some important tips for users to prevent it from overheating. 

How To Stop PS5 Overheating

  1. Keep all sides of your PS5 console at least 10 cm (4 inches) away from a surface.
  2. Do not keep the console on a rug, carpet, or a surface with long fibers that might block the airflow.
  3. Do not place the console at a congested spot. 
  4. Do not cover your console with a cloth or anything else. 
  5. Make sure there is no dust on or near the vents of your console. Keep cleaning the vents every once in a while.

Follow these tips and your PS5 will never overheat.

How Do You Turn Off A PS5 Without A Controller?

Press and hold the power button on your PS5 until you hear two beeps. After the beeps, the power indicator lights on your PS5 console will blink for 8 seconds until your PS5 is completely powered off. 

Apart from turning off your PS5 via the controller, you can also power it off or put it in the Rest Mode manually by using the power button on the console. 

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How To Put Your PS5 Into Rest Mode?

Press and hold the power button on your console until you hear one beep. Let go of the button and your PS5 will be put in the Rest Mode in ten seconds. The power indicator lights on your PS5 will start blinking in orange color to indicate that it is in the Rest Mode. 

How To Manually Turn Off Your PS5

Press and hold the power button on your console until you hear two beeps. Let go of the button and your PS5 will start switching off. The power indicator lights on your PS5 will start blinking in white color for 8 seconds, indicating that the console is switching off

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