Why Does PS5 Turn Itself On? (How To Stop It)

If you’re a PS5 user, you might have faced a technical problem when your P54 turns on by itself. What’s exactly the reason behind it, and how can you fix it?

Your PS5 is turning itself on because ‘HDMI device link enabled.’, this setting makes the PS5 automatically turn on as soon as you power on the connected TV without pressing the PlayStation power button, or there is a problem with the PS5s rest mode.

There can be other reasons for that as well — One of them occurs when your PS5 is in the rest mode. When your PS5 is in this low-powered state, you’ll see the orange light glowing. You will be able to turn on the PS device through a PlayStation app or remote play.

Your PS5 can also turn on itself if ‘update files’ are needed or for uploading saved data to the cloud storage.

I will explain how you can stop PS5 from turning on itself and how you can turn it off through controllers. Furthermore, I will discuss how you can close apps or games on the PlayStation 5 console — Read on the find out.

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How Do I Stop My PS5 From Turning On?

  1. Turn PS5 ‘On’ and Sign In To a User Profile
  2. Go To ‘Home’ Screen
  3. Select ‘Settings’ (Gear Icon)
  4. Select ‘System’
  5. Select ‘HDMI’
  6. Disable ‘Enable HDMI Device Link’

If the problem persists with your PS5, you might want to check if it’s the rest mode that keeps turning your PS5 on automatically.

I wonder what exactly Sony did to make the ‘rest mode’ this bad in PS5 consoles. This feature is not new for PlayStation users, but it was never that much problematic, until Sony releases an update for the fix, we don’t see any other options for using ‘rest mode’ without issues happening.

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How To Turn Rest Off On PS5

  1. Turn PS5 ‘On’
  2. Go to ‘Settings’
  3. Select ‘Power Saving’
  4. Go to ‘Rest Mode Settings’
  5. Choose ‘Don’t Put in Rest Mode,’ and Your PS5 won’t go to rest mode anymore.

You can also turn the PS5’s rest mode off by holding the console’s power button for a few seconds. When the console beeps twice, it will mean your console is no more in rest mode.

There is another way to disable rest mode on your PS5 console — Hold the PS5 button on PS5’s DualSense Controller. As soon as you go to ‘Power’ settings, you can turn the rest mode off on your device.

Although there is no harm in using any of the three methods to turn rest mode off, I personally like holding the power button because it’s easy, less time-consuming, and it saves you from a few controller button taps.

Suppose your PS5 is turning on continuously without you even using it. In that case, the issue needs to be fixed as early as possible as this situation can lead to many problems such as game freezing, crashes, overheating, and bricking.

Let’s see how you can turn the PS5 off using the controller.

Can You Turn The PS5 Off With The Controller?

  1. Press the‘ PlayStation’ button on the controller
  2. Scroll Down to the Bottom of the ‘Main Menu’
  3. Go To ‘Power Options’
  4. Choose ‘Turn Off PS5’
  5. Your PS5 Console Will Turn Off

There are also options for ‘restarting the console’ and ‘entering rest mode’ in the same menu. However, I would not recommend the ‘rest mode’ for PS5 users, and it does more harm than good for the console.

It’s a little frustrating experience for old PlayStation fans as in the previous consoles; the option was right in front of us when we hit the PlayStation button on the controller.

Turning PS5 off was just a piece of cake before PS5 launched. Now Sony doesn’t seem to like our action of ‘turning PS5 off’ and leaving it. Therefore, they have come up with a different UI and buried the turning off option down at the bottom.

Now, when you press the ‘PlayStation’ button on the controller, you mostly see the PlayStation Store, apps, and other game options.

You can also shut the PS5 down when you log out from the console. But both processes are cumbersome and consume more time than usual.

PS5 How To Close Apps

Here is how you can manually close apps on the PS5 console:

  1. Open ‘Home’ Screen By Pressing and Holding the PlayStation Button
  2. Highlight the App You Want to Close
  3. Press ‘Options’ on the DualSense Controller
  4. Select ‘Close App’ to Close the Active Application

I know it’s hard to understand the new PS5 interface, and closing apps and games can sometimes be confusing. 

One more handy feature PS5 introduced is the separation of media apps and games on the menu. It can be annoying to some gamers who are used to switch between games and apps frequently.

Don’t worry — The method of closing games is roughly the same.

PS5 How to Close Games

You can close games on your PS5 by following the below steps:

  1. Open ‘Home’ Screen By Pressing and Holding the PlayStation Button
  2. Highlight the Game You Want to Close
  3. Press ‘Options’ on the DualSense Controller
  4. Select ‘Close Game’ to Close the Active Application

If the ‘close game’ option is not visible, it’s probably because you have selected the wrong game or the desired game is already closed.

When playing a particular game, launching another one will make the previous one closed automatically.

It’s unclear how long it will take for Sony to fix this PS5 issue in which it turns on itself. We might see some updates in this regard in the future. Till then, these tips will hopefully fix most of your related problems.

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