PS5 How To Change Refresh Rate (It’s So Easy)

Being a PS5 player, you would want to experience the best graphical settings to enjoy to the fullest. The PS5 refresh rate is one of the factors affecting graphics. How exactly do you change the refresh rate of the PS5 console?

  1. Turn the PS5 On
  2. Go To ‘Settings’
  3. Select ‘Saved Data and Game/App Settings’
  4. Go To ‘Game Presets’
  5. Select ‘Performace Mode or Resolution Mode’
  6. Pick Up ‘Performance Mode,’ and You’ll Be Able to Setup Refresh Rate After Opening the Game.

Since the refresh rate depends on the game itself, you would need to change each game’s refresh rate manually by going to its settings and changing the default entries.

There is no universal way of selecting a default refresh rate on the PS5 console for all of the games.

Occupied with all the next-gen features, PS5 is able to level-up your gaming experience. And you need the best possible graphics to have a good time with your next-generation console.

I will discuss how you can enable 120 FPS on PS5 and if the PS5 can run on 144Hz or 120Hz. Read on to find out.

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How Do I Enable 120 FPS On PS5?

Here’s how you can enable 120 FPS on PS5 games:

  1. Turn the PS5 On
  2. Go to the Console ‘Settings’
  3. Select ‘Saved Data and Game/App Settings’
  4. Set Your Game Presets to ‘Performance Mode’
  5. Launch the Desired Game
  6. Go to its ‘Settings’
  7. Check the FPS in the Game Settings

4K gaming is evolved a lot recently, and PS5 brings even more excitement and advancement to it by offering 120 FPS on a 4K resolution, everything in this article is based on Sony’s 4K Resolution Guide.

Make sure that you have changed the game presets settings from ‘resolution mode’ to ‘performance mode’ before changing the FPS of the game.

If your system is running on resolution mode, you won’t be able to change the frames per second.

Why Can’t I Get 120Hz On PS5?

Your TV or monitor may not support 120Hz or your HDMI cable is not HDMI 2.1, or the game itself does not support 120Hz.

Anything less than the 120 FPS isn’t tolerable for gaming geeks — I know that, but unfortunately, there are some restrictions that might come in your way to do that.

Since most TVs aren’t capable of running on 120 Hz or 4K resolution, you should check yours if it supports 120 FPS of your PS5 console.

To play PS5 games on 120 FPS, you’ll need a 120 Hz monitor. If you don’t have a monitor with this capability, you’ll have to settle down to a lower frame rate. Even with low FPS, you will still love what PS5 can produce out of that quality.

Another thing to take care of is the HDMI cable connecting the monitor and the PS5 console. To get the maximum potential of the graphics, you will need an HDMI 2.1 cable.

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Will The PS5 Ray-Tracing Oppose FPS Settings?

Before you change the FPS of your game, note that the PlayStation’s ray-tracing capabilities could cause issues. In some cases, you will need to turn the ray-tracing off for a game if the FPS settings don’t work out.

I don’t recommend turning ray-tracing off completely because it’s an exceptional rendering technique giving life to the computer-generated world. Turning it off can seriously affect the graphics of an open-world or a shooting game.

It will be the last resort to turn the ray-tracing feature off if your game messes up with the current FPS settings.

Can PS5 Run At 144Hz?

The PS5 console does not support 144Hz and cannot run on 144 FPS. Some of the PS5 games can reach up to 120 FPS if you toggle between the settings, but there is no such PS5 title that can exceed these frames per second limit.

Why does PS5 can’t handle 144 Hz? Is it because of the hardware? No, that’s not the reason, actually.

The FPS of a game significantly depends on how the developer optimized the gaming title. Development and designing costs are extremely high, even for achieving 120 FPS. You can imagine how much time, budget, and effort it will take to develop a game that can support 144 FPS on a PS5 console.

Therefore, most game development companies strive for 120 FPS/Hz, and that too requires a hefty budget.

Also, common televisions in the household don’t support over 120 Hz frequency. A 60 Hz monitor cannot give you 100 FPS for a game. The maximum frames per second it can offer is 60 that is exactly equal to the Hertz.

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Sony might release 144Hz compatibility with future updates, so time will tell if the PS5 can run 144Hz, but do you even want 144Hz?

More frame rates mean more game lag — The amount of hardware performance required in higher frame rates is substantially more than in the low frames.

Even if Sony decides to go over 120 Hz, I highly doubt that the gameplay smoothness will remain the same. 

Does PS5 Do 120Hz?

PS5 Consoles are able to handle 120 Hz frequency and 4K resolution with the help of an HDMI 2.1 cable. You can use a 4K monitor or television with 120Hz capability to play 120Hz PS5 gaming.

Although Sony PlayStation 5 supports 120 Hz and 4K resolution, such TVs aren’t very common in most householders. Sony Interactive Entertainment is keen to penetrate these televisions into the market and make 4K 120 Hz more accessible to every gamer.

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Remember that the default settings for FPS are set to 60 in the PS5. But you can always change them through the settings if you really need to switch the resolution and frame rates.

For the time being, you might face some issues with 120 Hz gaming, and it is not a fully rolled out feature. Sony is still up to it, and I hope they find a good solution for it.