Why Is My PlayStation Stuck In Rest Mode? (How To Fix)

PlayStation’s rest mode is a convenient feature to save power while performing actions like downloading files, charging controllers, etc. The PS4 rest mode as a problem it gets stuck in the rest mode and never comes back. What could be the reason for it?

Due to Sony’s v2.0 software update for the PlayStation console, few bugs were produced. One was PlayStation kept getting stuck in rest mode (also known as the standby mode.) Seeing an orange light blinking is a sign that your PlayStation is in rest mode.

Rest mode was introduced as a helping feature for the PS users, but it turned out to be a real headache for the gaming community. The software update caused several minor issues in the system, but luckily I have figured out many ways to eliminate them.

Don’t worry if your system is stuck in rest mode — I have got your back.

The PlayStation 4 takes time to get out of the rest mode, and your best bet is to take the system out by the standard and recommended method, i.e., pressing the power button for around 30 seconds.

I will discuss how you can get a PlayStation 4 out of the rest mode when it gets stuck and if the rest mode can cause damage to your PS console. Read on to find out.

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How Do You Get A PlayStation 4 Out Of Rest Mode?

Here is how you can get a PlayStation 4 out of the rest mode safely and quickly:

  1. Turn Your System ‘Off’ By Pressing the Power Button
  2. Again Press the Power Button and Hold it Until You Hear Two Beeps
  3. Press PS Button on DualShock 4 Controller
  4. After Entering Safe Mode, Select ‘Rebuild Database’

Looks like a piece of cake, doesn’t it?

Firstly, you need to shut down your console by pressing the power button for several seconds. When the light goes off, unplug the cable and replug after one or two minutes.

In the second step, you’ll be entering in PlayStation safe mode by pressing the power button for nearly 7 seconds.

Connect your DualShock 4 controller with the console by pressing the PS button. Also, make sure that the controller is connected to the console via USB cable.

In the final step, all you need is to select the ‘Update System Software’ option to get your system out of rest mode. 

Do NOT select initialize PS4, as this option will reset your PS4 to default settings and delete all the data stored in the system.

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Should I Unplug My PS4 To Get it Out of Rest Mode?

I have seen a lot of forums advising to unplug the AC adapter to fix the problem. But in any circumstances, do NOT unplug your PS4 console if it gets stuck in the rest mode. 

Even if your console isn’t responding to the controller or the power button taps, don’t go for the unplugging option. You’ll immediately see a warning as soon as you turn ‘on’ the system, and it can severely damage the system software.

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Does Leaving Your PS4 On Rest Mode Damage It?

Sony designed the PS4 for rest mode. It’s safe and consumes low power when you’re downloading update files, games, or charging controllers. Keeping your PS4 on rest mode for too long won’t cause any damage to it.

Sony manufacturers designed the PS4 in such a way that it can continue to be in rest mode for days. Unless there are frequent power breakages and cutoffs, you shouldn’t worry about using the rest mode feature.

It’s not a smart idea to keep your PS4 ‘on’ for hours when downloading a game — This will make your PS4’s life shorter due to overheating and excessive usage. 

Don’t listen to other gamers shouting, ‘rest mode is made to damage PlayStation consoles.’ Rest mode is actually made to facilitate you,

It really turned me off several times when I tried to play a game and saw a huge update is mocking on the screen. So then I had to wait for hours to let the update complete so that I could finally play the game. By that time, the buzz was killed entirely. 

I’m sure you wouldn’t like it too. Therefore, rest mode is the best bet against those annoying updates that take away your playing time.

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What Can Go Wrong With Using PS4 Rest Mode?

Although rest mode is not a bad feature causing damage to your PlayStation 4, it can still be a problem when accompanied by several issues. 

The PlayStation VR doesn’t like rest mode, apparently. Sometimes, the camera tracking goes wrong, and several issues arise with time. When using a VR set, it’s better to shut down the PS4 instead of using the rest mode.

If you live in an area where power outages are normal, rest mode is strongly NOT recommended. Power breakages will mess up the rest mode settings, and your console might be stuck until fixing it. 

If you, your friend, family member, or pet frequently unplugs the system, it will result in the console’s potential data corruption. Unless you have a battery backup, avoid using rest mode on a PS4 console.

Can a PS4 Console Overheat in Rest Mode?

You use the PS4 rest mode to save energy and avoid heating the temperatures in the system. But can overheating occur in rest mode too?

As far as I saw, I haven’t faced any overheating problem in the rest mode.

It can still be a real problem for some users, and I have seen that on the internet. Here are some options you can try out on your own to avoid overheating problem in the PS4 rest mode feature:

  • Close the running games.
  • Keep your PS4 away from the wall or other objects.
  • Avoid placing your console in a heated or humid environment.

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