PS5 How To Access Messages (Easy Guide)

Despite the PlayStation 5’s new features and impressive hardware upgrades, its boring and unimaginative User Interface (UI) has made it difficult for players to navigate to its messaging platform.

It seems to be a step back from the PS4, so how exactly do you make your way through the home screen to access chats and private messages?

  1. While holding your PS5 Dual-Sense controller, press the PlayStation logo button (on the lower part of the controller).
  2. A small lined-up menu will appear on the bottom of the console screen.
  3. Scroll to ‘Game Base’, and click on it (press X)
  4. The Game Base window will appear, showing you the list of recent party messages as well as current online friends.
  5. Click (press x) on any of the corresponding people/ party tabs, and select ‘View Messages’ to open up the specific message window for the selected person/ party.

Many PS5 have been annoyed how long this process is, in the near future Sony may update future updates to make the process more simple.

To see how you send messages on PS5, how to find your friends list and how to start a party on PS5 don’t go anywhere!

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How Do You Send Messages On PS5?

  1. Click on the PlayStation logo on the PS5 controller, and choose ‘Game Base’ from the on-screen menu.
  2. Under ‘Game Base’, scroll down the list of ‘Online Friends’ and click (press [X]) on the intended friend’s name.
  3. Select ‘Messages’ from the new pop up window.
  4. Press ‘View Messages’ to open up the chat window.
  5. 5. Type your intended message into the empty chat bar available, and send

Remember that things might be different if your messaging someone depending on these circumstances.

  • Messaging an offline friend (name can only be found under the overall Friends list, in the complete Game Base overview panel)
  • Messaging a player outside of your Friends list (through the ‘Search Player’ tab)
  • Messaging a recent party member, earlier in-game (via ‘Recent Parties’ or ‘Played Together’)

You will need to fiddle around with the PS5’s interface for a couple of days, to finally get a hang of things sufficiently. Still, wouldn’t it be easier if you had a keyboard to use for chatting?

Fret not! There are many gaming keyboards currently compatible with the PS5, grab the KLIM Light V2 wireless keyboard fora bargain on Amazon.

This PSU guide may provide some invaluable info on how to properly connect a gaming keyboard to your PS5 console.

How Do I Find Friends List On PS5?

  1. Press the PlayStation logo button on your PS5 Dual-Sense controller, and access ‘Game Base’ again.
  2. From the brief ‘Game Base’ menu, click ‘Options’ (press the Start button on the controller) to open up another small window.
  3. Choose ‘Go to Game Base’.
  4. Cycle to ‘Friends’ from the tabs presented to see all your friends in your current Friends list.

Now you can view every person registered under your Friends list, both online and offline.

You can decide to create a party with them, engage in social chat, or even visit their PS5 gamer profile to know more about their present gaming exploits and activities.

If you are looking to find certain hidden features of the PS5 that have gone under the radar, Mystic’s video details some of the best accessibility options that the PS5 currently has on offer.

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How Do You Start A Party On PS5?

  1. Press the PlayStation logo button on the PS5 Dual-Sense controller.
  2. From the menu, scroll and click (press [X]) on ‘Game Base’.
  3. Under the small ‘Game Base’ menu, press [Square] to ‘Create Party’
  4. Under the ‘Friends’ tab, select your desired friends to be invited to your party.
  5. Press ‘Ok’ to begin.
  6. A party chat window will now open (together with the current member’s list), allowing you to decide what to do next.

Now that you are able to create a gaming party, it is worth mentioning that the PS5 also allows up to 99 member slots for a given party (allowing guild/ faction wars to be initiated for certain other games!).

Rather than inviting other players into your game, why not have a friend nearby visit you instead.

Both of you can enjoy some much-needed game time from any unwanted interruptions (power cuts, connection issues, etc.), all under the same roof!

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