Is The Witcher 3 Worth It On The Nintendo Switch?

Witcher 3 is considered one of the best games of all time, and Saber Interactive ported the MASSIVE game including all the DLC content on a 32GB Switch cartridge, but is it worth playing on the Nintendo Switch?

Witcher 3 on the Switch is a technical masterpiece, all content includeding DLC equals a staggering 230 hours of gameplay. It’s not as graphically powerful as other versions but still looks gorgeous with a fantastic storyline with open-world gameplay, it is one of the best games on the Switch.

I bought Witcher 3 on the Switch, despite it being free on Xbox Game Pass and I’m in LOVE with it! It is one of the best games ever made for a reason.

I will explain what makes it so good, and if the PS4 or Switch version is better, read on to find out!.

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Why Witcher 3 Is Worth It On Nintendo Switch

Witcher 3 on the Switch on the Switch is or the ‘switcher’ is not the prettiest place to enjoy the game, but I have my Xbox Series S in my room yet I STILL chose to buy it on the Switch.

It still looks beautiful whilst playing on a handheld, despite coming out in 2015 I still am amazed by the beautiful sunrises, music, and immersion the game offers, because of immersive gameplay, the lower quality graphics don’t diminish its breath-taking open-world experience.

The frame rate is around 30 FPS, but it may drop to 20. The portable version of the game does quite well to achieve the FPS target and meet the standards.

You CAN improve the frame rate problems and boost performance by unclocking your Switch, find out how to do it in my post here.

Overall, Witcher 3 is about immersive game play, an amazing storyline and above all real believable characters and deep side quests, what makes the Witcher 3 a gaming masterpiece does not get impacted by this Switch port.

It’s a BIG game with all the DLC you’re looking at 230 hours to complete everything! Having a Switch gives easy access to this wonderful experience, want to slay monsters during your morning commute? Now you can

Why It Isn’t Worth Buying Witcher 3 On Nintendo Switch

There’s no denial to the argument that Witcher 3 has issues when running on Nintendo Switch. The switch’s lack of power causes performance and graphical issues compared to the same experience on consoles and PC.

However, it is MIRACLE Saber Interactive ported the game to work so well in the first place, as of October 22 2020 they released another update(link) to make it run even better!

Foliage like trees look a little strange on the Switch, and in bigger more busty areas you will see some texture pop ins. I highly recommend playing the Switch version exclusively in hand held as the small screen is so packed with detail you won’t notice any issues.

Do not play the game in docked, as this showcases the lack of power the Switch has, your better off buying it on Xbox or PlayStation/PC. I bought it to play in hand held whilst relaying in bed or on the move, it’s my first experience playing the Witcher and I am LOVING my time so far.

How to Make Witcher 3 Run Better on Switch?

Running Witcher 3 on Switch is uncomplicated and smooth, but graphics can be a headache sometimes. Don’t worry; I have a few settings to share that increase the visuals up to a certain degree.

It is SUPER important you make these changes, I couldn’t play the Witcher 3 with the initial settings.

Keep these settings to optimize Witcher 3 for the switch:

  • Depth of field (DOF) ‘OFF.’
  • Sharpness set to High
  • Anti-Aliasing (AA) ‘OFF’
  • Foliage set to High
  • Bloom ‘ON’
  • Turn HUD to smallest settings
  • Turn sensitivity to 0.5 (lowest)

In an ideal situation, these settings would match yours, but it’s never the case every time. Although there are no best options for your game’s optimization settings, these steps will help you get started on making your game look better on Nintendo Switch.

You may pick a combination of settings, whichever suits you best.

Is The Witcher 3 Better on PS4 or Switch?

PS4 is a more powerful console than Switch, offering better graphics for Witcher 3. Instead, the Switch version is preferable for the portability and docking ability if you’re a fan of play on the go.

It seems entirely a personal choice to play Witcher 3 on PS4 or Switch based on your preferences and likings.

To see how how the port stands up to the PS4 version, see the video above.

Does the Witcher 3 Run Well on PS4?

Witcher 3 runs well and smoothly on PS4 with extremely sharp and precise graphics. You’ll rarely encounter a bug because of extensive technical updates, on the Xbox Series consoles and the PS5 Saber Interactive is working on further technical overhauls for the game.

Most PC gurus exaggerate the problems related to consoles, and it results in making the situation even worse.

The PS4 pro is around 4 times more powerful than the Switch, so if the Witcher runs perfectly on the Switch you better believe it runs even better on the PS4!

How Can I Make Witcher 3 Run Better on PS4?

To get the most out of Witcher 3 on PS4 in terms of performance, follow these settings precisely:

  • Go to Options
  • Select Display
  • Turn Blur ‘OFF’
  • Turn Motion Blur ‘ON’

It will reduce lagging and will overcome several performance issues.

What Console/System is Best for Witcher 3?

Are you planning to buy Witcher 3? The most important thing to consider is the ‘system’ that would be running your game.

Games like Witcher 3 work perfectly on PC – There’s no replacement to PC when it comes to high FPS and graphic quality. It is totally worth your money to build a PC system for it. They say ‘every game works better on PC’ for a reason.

The modding community is just beautiful and talented, creating new mods now and then for Witcher and other games. You’ll enjoy premium mods for Witcher 3 on PC, including:

  • No inventory limit
  • Green screen for toxicity
  • Lots of display mods

Now, let’s consider the PC out of choice. We are left with consoles.

As we have discussed PS4 and Nintendo Switch in detail on how they perform for Witcher 3, only one powerful console is left behind, that is Xbox One.

If you already have Xbox One, that’s okay, but we won’t recommend buying a separate one for Witcher 3 only. The specifications and gameplay are almost the same as PS4.