What Can You Do With Gamerscore On Xbox (Can You Buy Games?)

Wondering what you

do with Gamerscore on Xbox? My first Xbox was way back in 2006 with the Xbox 360 so I’ve known about gamerscore for a long time and can answer all questions you have.

Xbox accounts gamerscore is a measurement of all Xbox achievements an Xbox account has completed, the harder the challenge the higher Gamerscore rewarded It is the same as PlayStations trophy system. Games have at least 1000 gamerscore. Xbox users can see your gamerscore via your Xbox account.

I still love collecting Xbox achievements and think the system is way better than PlayStations trophy system, I will explain if you can

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Can You Buy Games With Gamerscore?

You cannot buy games with gamerscore, gamerscore points are a recognition of completing specific objectives in games, with harder objectives giving more points. Every game has 1000 gamerscore, with DLC adding more gamerscore to the game.

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Whilst you cannot buy games with gamerscore, you CAN buy games with the Microsoft FANTASTIC rewards program! Click here to access it.

Microsoft Rewards is a loyalty program from Microsoft that earns you rewards for doing things you already love doing, whenever you search from Bing or download apps or buy games from Xbox you earn points.

You can see my explanation of rewards in my above YouTube video I start every morning with Microsoft rewards and green tea.

Better still, you can complete daily challenges(see above) that give a LOT of points and only take around 3 minutes to complete. I do them religiously every morning as I drink my morning green tea.

Unlike Gamerscore these rewards actually earn you money! Recently I spent 35,000 points on 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate normally costing $29.99! These points can be exchanged for Microsoft store credit, and numerous big supermarket gift cards depending on where you live.

You OWE it to yourself to use Microsoft rewards, as why not? You’re throwing away free money! Also, the more consistent you are with the daily challenges the more points you get.

I enjoy my daily routine with Microsoft Rewards, you learn interesting factors about the world and current events as you rack up those points.

What Is The Average Gamerscore On Xbox?

Average Gamerscore according to Vulture beat is 8538 but I remember seeing accounts with far fewer Gamerscore. Mine has around 30,000 if I remember correctly.

When Xbox One released Microsoft honored the player with the most achievements points for Xbox 360 games his name is Ray Cox a player with more than 950,000 Gamerscore! Remember that’s a LOT of games around 950 if we assume most games have 1000 gamerscore and assumed he completed every single one to 100%!

He got given a limited edition Xbox One and LIFETIME Xbox gold subscription, see the video here way back in 2013.

However, that is NOTHING compared to when Roy Cox earned a RIDICULOUS 2 million Gamerscore in 2018! I cannot even imagine how many games he has it is at least 20,000 possibly a lot more as it is difficult to 100% games.

Hopefully Microsoft rewarded him for tons of free games for this amazing gaming achievement!

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