Nokaxus YK-6008 Gaming Chair Review (Is It A Bargain?)

Are you looking for a high-quality budget gaming chair full of useful features that will last a long time? Or maybe you just want a super comfortable high-quality chair for office use?

The Nokaxus YK-6008 certainly fits this description, but is it right for you? Don’t worry I will discuss all the features of the chair so you can decide if it’s the right chair for you.

Nokaxus YK-6008
Seat StyleRacing/Bucket Seat
Recommend Height5’9-6-8′ (180cm-207cm)
Recommend Weight220-396 LBS (99.7kg-179kg)
UpholsteryBreathable PU Leather
ColorsBlack/Red/White, Pink/White, Black/Red, Black/Blue, Black/White, Black, Blue/White/Red
DimensionsBackrest Width 22in, Backrest height 36.2in, seat height 19in-22in, seat width 16in, armrest height 11-14 in
Price$199-$250 (Cheaper with $ 20 off discount)

Nokaxus YK-6008 Gaming Chair Review (Is It A Bargain?)


Is The Nokaxus YK-600 Good For Big & Tall People?

Are you a bigger taller person looking for a gaming chair that is well made and will last you years? You’re in luck as the Nokaxus YK-600 can support up to 396 LBS of weight and its recommended height is 5’9-6-8′ so it can fit a wide variety of people!

Look at Wanna Buy It review of the chair above, he is 6’5 and can comfortably fit in the chair, whilst his girlfriend is 5’0 and her feet just about touch the floor.

If you buy other office chairs like from IKEA, you have to ask yourself will it hold it for 6 months+ as especially if you’re a bigger guy/girl as they are known to break chairs. Buying the Nokaxus YK-6008 chair gives you peace of mind knowing your purchase will last a long time. Sounds reassuring right?

NOKAXUS warranty covers up to 2 years for any product purchased from NOKAXUS but you will need proof of purchase whenever you claim replacement parts.

KEA actually has 10 years + warranty on all structural parts of the chair and the metal frame, but come on are you really trying to break your chair every couple of months only to have replaced again and again? Remember time is your most important asset and buying an IKEA chair is a big time-waster.

NOKAXUS removes the constant hassle of replacing your chair and the high quality gives you peace of mind.

Nokaxus YK-6008 Gaming Chair Features

  • PU leather: Same material used for high-end car seats, the high-quality breathable tear-proof letter will last a long time, unlike poor quality synthetic leather.
  • Has everything you need for a gaming chair. 360-degree swivel with large PU wheels for mobility across any surface. The chair can recline 90°-180° allowing you to take a nap when you feel like it! Read this gaming chair user manual by chairsfx for more info about how to position your chair, 100-110° is deal for working.
  • INSTALLATION AND AFTER SELL SERVICES: Super easy to install as the screws are already on the chair for installation, detailed instructions booklet showing everything you need to do, and all tools are provided
  • Neck and lumbar pillows for comfort. Neck and lower back pain are very common when gaming with a cheap chair, both chairs attack this issue with support pillows containing high-density shaping foam that adapt to your unique body shape whilst keeping shape, and your spine in natural alignment.
  • Sturdy Steel Construction & Eco-Friendly Material. The strong metal frame is built to last and covered in high-quality hand sowed PU leather with 5 inches of high-density foam for added comfort. It’s supported by a LANT gas cylinder with a high-quality mechanism that will last a long time.
  • Comes With A USB Massager! The backrest is fitted with a USB powered massager that although more of a gimmick, does offer a massaging sensation see the video above for more info
  • Fitted with a foldable leg rest! Every Nokaxus chair comes with a handy footrest that is completely foldable and makes it that more comfortable to rest your legs when taking a well-deserved nap from gaming!
  • 2D Handles. Unlike Anda Seats chairs the handles can only go up and down, still, it’s nice to have and there’s always the option of not installing them to get even more arm room.

Get the Nokaxus YK-6008 Gaming Chair for the best possible price straight from Nokaxus here, with FREE shipping worldwide and an extra $20 off with the code KA10! It’s often out of stock so you have to be lucky!

Is The Nokaxus YK-6008 Comfortable?

Nokaxus built quality is far better than GTRACING(my post) one of their main gaming seat competitors. Whilst it doesn’t offer as good back support as more expensive mesh chairs that mold to your back the seat cushion is a memory sponge and makes cheaper IKEA office chairs feel like your sitting on a rock!

If your a much heavier person the seats width only being 16 inches might be a problem but you can remedy this by not installing the arm rests but then you wouldn’t have anywhere for your arms!

I recommend getting the Assassin King by Andaseat if you’re heavier as the seat width is 21.65 inches giving you much more room. See my review of the Assassin King here.

Unlike the Assassin King the armrests are 2D, not 3D so they only can move vertically up and down whilst being 11-14 inches high, they are covered by comfortable plastic unlike the GTRACING chairs.

What makes gaming chairs special is the ability to recline back on it and whilst you play games, you can even take a nice nap whilst reclining in comfort! You don’t get this for traditional office chairs.

For a taller person, this chair truly shines as the backrest height is a huge 36.2 inches! If your a taller guy or girl you will know the pain of your head towering above the backrest of a chair, not with the Nokaxus! See Wanna Buy Its review above to see a 6’5′ man sit in his chair in total comfort!

If you’re used to sitting on any generic office chair, the Nokaxus will be like planting your butt on a beautiful soft cloud of comfort, with a foam density where everywhere feels like a cloud.

It comes with an adjustable head pillow and a lumbar support cushion for added comfort and protection to help you sit in the right posture, and not suffer horrible neck and back pain.

The biggest issue with traditional office chairs is the lack of support for the head and lumbar spine, having these cushion and pillows sets Nokaxust apart from other office chair manufactures, and if you don’t like them you can merely remove the strap and sit in the chair ‘naked’ so to speak.

If your a larger person these cushions whilst being very easy to install they use a simple snap system to piece the cushions together with a clip, they might push you out of the chair as they take up space.

Is The Nokaxus Easy To Assemble?

Are you terrible at DIY? Don’t worry Nokaxus chairs are designed to be as easy as possible to install, with all tools and unique for any chair company, the chairs have pre-installed screws for all the chair parts inside the box!

All you need is unscrew the screw find the part that goes in and screw it back. No wasting time finding screws or if you’re like me putting parts in the wrong place. Screams convenience right?

Both YouTube reviews above said it will take you around 30-40 minutes to install the chairs by yourself, depending on how familiar you are with building chairs. It’s better to do it with someone else, to speed the process up.

You will receive a detailed professional manual showing how to install the chair, but if you’re still not convinced see the above video for a guide on how to do it.

It comes with a HUGE mousepad, such a free gift is typical for a Chinese company. I remember living in China and getting a free Swiss army knife when I bought AA batteries at the supermarket!

Will Nokaxus YK-6008 Gaming Chair Last?

Unlike that IKEA chair, you had that broke within 6 months, Nokaxus chairs are designed to last as they are assembled in a steel frame with high-quality PVC leather and a thickened support 5-star base.

What is a chair that has a broken base? A piece of junk that’s what it is, Nokaxus as a company understands the quality and comfort that is required in a chair. I would like a warranty for more than 2 years but the parts should last more than that.

Unlike GTRACING the chair insides are packaged with tons of Styrofoam and plastic designed to get to you without any scratches or damage.

Only a few Amazon reviews mentioned the bolts started loosening and the quality of the hardware is low, but the reviewer who mentioned this is in the minority and most people are very happy with the puchase.

The Nokaxus YK-6008 Is A Great Gaming Chair


If you looking for the best gaming chair you can buy for a little over or under $200 the Nokaxus YK-6008 fits like a glove. It has similar high quality materials to more expensive brands like Anda Seat whilst still having many unique features like massaging and the foldable leg rest.

Nokaxus YK-6008 as a budget gaming chair what’s not to like?